Trek Games

Just click and play :-)

Trektare It's a Trek solitare game, the graphics look poor in 256 color but look great in 16 bit color. I don't know alot about this game but my friends say it's good, it will ask you lots of trivia.

More comming soon

Misc Trek Stuff

These are little programs we've found over the years on the internet, hopefully you'll find one you like :-)

Klingon Klock It's a Klingon clock for Windows, it has a help file with it to get you started.
The LCARS - Calculator The name pretty much says it all, it's a LCARS calculator.
The LCARS-Help Display Again, the name says it all :-)
The LCARS-MediaPlayer ummm, just read the description above.
The LCARS-Zip This program will let you unzip files through a LCARS frontend You can fire a phaser at different levels of power and it will tell you the amount of damage it would do.
StarDate It will convert Earth dates into Stardates.
Trek-Tech-Talk It can randomly choose fictional words from Star Trek, very effective for double talk.
Warp Speed Calculator You can scan through warp values with this program.

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