Trek Screen Savers

Trek Family's Screen Savers

It's quite easy to install screen savers, You will need Pkunzip (where you can get at your local bbs board or Winzip (where you can get at If the zip contains a .exe file you just have to run the exe file. If the zip contains a file that ends in .scr just right click and click install. For both kinds the screen saver should be moved to C:\Windows\System You can make them come up at any time by going to control panel, then display, then the screen savers tab. Click the screen saver you want and then click settings. We hope you find some you like, Enjoy!

FileSizeDescription 372Kb A borg ship flies across your screen.(Site Down) 28Kb Watch the Enterprise-A warp accross your screen. The zip was called 20kb Watch voyager warp across your screen. 282Kb. This is the holodeck 3 screen saver. I would recomend running your computer at 16 bit colors to view this screen saver.

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