Nobody knows for sure what race Noah belong to. But right after the flood, his family migrated from Ararat to southern Mesopotamia and established the first city... Babel. Right after a failed construction of the tower, they spawned the races we know of today. Here's a list of Noah's children and their descendants, and the races (or Y-DNA Haplogroups) they were when the great migration started:

Noah's son Shem

Semitic Race, Haplogroup J

Noah's son Ham's son Canaan

Australoid Race, Haplogroup C

Ham's son Cush

Black Race

Ham's son Mizraim

Pygmy Race, Haplogroup B

Ham's son Phut

Atlanto-Mediterranean Race, Haplogroup E3b

Noah's son Japheth's son Gomer

Brunn Race, Haplogroup R1b

Japheth's son Tiras

Nordic Race, Haplogroup I

Japheth's son Magog

Mongoloid Race, haplogroups N & O

Japheth's son Tubal

Dinaric Race

Japheth's son Meshech

Alpine Race, Haplogroup G

Japheth's son Madai

Irano-Afghan Race, Haplogroup R1a

Japheth's son Javan

Eastern Mediterranean Race, Haplogroup K


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