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Station Chronicles - True and Consequences
What motivated John Danziger to join the Eden Advance team? Find out how John's life was to forever change with the birth of his daughter, True.

Two True (August 1995)
True was only playing in VR, however her play takes on a serious tone when her personality is split by the program.

Danziger's Ghost (August 1995)
A tragic accident kills Danziger and the group is forced to move on. But why is he haunting their dreams? True insists her father is trying to send a message.

Forgiveness (September 1995)
Everyone is hurting in the aftermath of Survival of the Fittest. True decides to help a grendler in need and Morgan finds he has a paternal instinct. (Note: written before I had a chance to see SOTF)

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In the Beginning (1995)
Devon and Danziger admit they have feelings for each other.

Promise of Tomorrow (1995)
A continuation of In the Beginning.

Thawing Devon Trilogy

Faith and Illusions (1995)

Hope in Visions (1995)

Charity of the Enemy (1995)


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