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Hello, I am Muusu.Welcome to Zealsoft.

News 12\15\98\

Please welcome our new translator Zantagor! With his help (and if I can get with it) we can get some where with this! I'm still looking for an ASM Hacker who can help me with the 16*16 and general text compression.

New 11/27/98

Small update on Dq5. Starting a new project and dumping Maison Ikkoku (unless someone would like to take it) I need a translator. If you would like to translate the project mail me. (Project Name being withheld.)

News 9/11/98

New update on Dq5 patch. v0.082. Maison Ikkoku patch put on hold due to difficulty. If you can help mail us.

News 9/2/98

Got a new V3 url:


Please use this now!


Please welcome Zealsoft's Newest member: Macross002! To find out about him (and me) go to the bio page. Please welcome him with open arms!


Dragon Quest 5

Maison Ikkoku(NES)

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If I recieve e-mails about

Tenchi Muyo!

Marmalade Boy


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