Given name : Arwiyanto Asrori 
Sex : Male 
Place And Date of birth : Jakarta, May 14, 1974 
Nationality : Indonesian
Address : Stiftstr. 14, 64287 Darmstadt, Germany
Phone : +49 -160 - 5421135
E-mail :
Marital Status : Married


Higher School Education :

Name of qualification obtained : Senior High School Diploma
School attended : SMAN 38 Jakarta
Country : Indonesia
Year Completed : 1989-1992

Post-secondary Education :

Name of qualification obtained : Technik Informatic, Sarjana/BSc of Computer Science (5 years Study)
School attended : University Gunadarma
Country : Indonesia
Year Completed : 1992-1997

Details of other vocational or technical subject

Original Researches and Contributions Languages

English fluently, German good knowledge writing and speaking, Indonesian mother tongue


WORK EXPERIENCE Summary of experience

Familiar with PC, very good knowledge using UNIX/Linux, good knowledge in C++/PASCAL/HTML programming, good experiences in CISCO ROUTERS (7500s and 4000s series) and installing and maintenance Internet network, TCP/IP and also security management in the internet computer network (LAN or Internet Service Providers), Good ability in TCP/IP connection and Network Management.

Aachen, July 4th, 2001

Arwiyanto Asrori