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Are you too angst-ridden to write your own bad gothic poetry?
Visit these humanitarians who've been nice enough to automate expressing your horribly spooky emotions.

Tiesel Haxan's Goth Poem Generator Instantly generate your own gothic poem and spooky psuedonym. He says: "Not only does it save time, but it's really stupid too."
Random Goth Lyric Generator Instantly generate your own goth lyrics and devastingly dark stagename.
The Goth-O-Matic Poem Generator Along with a Mad-Lib style poem generator, which comes in 5 distinct gothic poetry genres [wow, that's 5 too many], he also includes a 13 Step guide to gothier poetry. He says: "Don't try to create a darkly gothic poem at 2:15 on a sunny Friday afternoon in a hip artsy coffee house drinking a decaf mocha espresso" and "occasionally stopping and reaching your arms out in the stigmata position helps stretch those creative muscles."
Endeneu P-Libs The P stands for poetry. 10 templates, of which gothy poems is one, with 8 different dictionaries to plug from [and one of those is MonkeyLove--imagine generating lines like "my anguished soul makes me throw poop."]
Endeneu Filter Collection A handful of filters for webpages and inputted text; make any page/poem gothic [or piratey, amongst other things.]

Other collections of bad gothic poetry:
Bad Goth Haiku of Polar Beast Selection of purposely bad gothic haiku. He says: "each haiku commented upon by the Darkly Gothic Poetry-Mastah Gothhei SmithCure, who is ancient and is in no way perky!" [I'm afraid of the links to Star Wars haiku, even as a joke.]
Chock Full O' Angst Selection of Mansonite poetry, some of which is really just about Marilyn himself, and how he just can't catch a break. The host ranks poems with an Angst-O-Meter.
Worst Verse:
Truly awful poetry from the internet
Selection of bad poetry in 5 categories: teenage, granny, Christian, weird and emotional. You've got to respect a host that is actually searching out poetry by old people and mocking it. Gothic poems are in the teenage section, but the gem is the weird section. She says "reading other people's poems is like looking at photos of a stranger's family.   In this case the photos are out of focus, with the thumb over the lens."

Some helpful advice:
Why Your Poetry Sucks Article that spells out why these types of gothic poems suck. He says: "No one should ever use the word maunder more than once in their entire lives, and this prick has felt compelled to use it in two poems." I wish I had time to pick apart the poems on this site the way he does his examples. So much crap, so little time...
How to Relate your Profound feelings
in a written manner
Guide to writing bad gothic poetry. He says: "by the end of this primer, you'll be able to produce reams and reams of the most god-awful poetry known to Mankind."

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Dark Side of the Net:
Gothic and Dark Poetry
If after all this, you can still view gothic poetry in a serious manner, this site lists a plethora of collections to choose from.