William Patrick Kinsella was born on May 25, 1935 in Edmonton, Alberta. He spent his childhood in a small farming community named Darwell, where there were no school. So, Kinsella took corespondance courcest and began writing in his spare time. In 1945, he moved to Edmonton where he played his first baseball game. In 1970 he endered the University of Victoria and became the editor of the university newspaper. In 1977, he published his first book entitled Dance Me Outside. He was granted a master's degree from the University of Iowa and met his wife Anne Knight. He began teaching English at the University of Calgary in 1978.

Throughout his career, Kinsella has been recognized by several litterary prizes. For example, in 1987 he won the Stephen Leacock Medal and also sold the sceenrights for Shoeless Joe to Universal Studios to be filmed as Field of Dreams. He published his third novel in 1991 called Box Socials. He currently resides in resides Calgary and enjoys touring baseball capitals throughout the U.S.


  • Dance Me Outside
  • Scars
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa
  • Born Indian
  • Shoeless Joe
  • The Moccasin Telegraph and Other Stories
  • The Thrill of the Grass
  • The Alligator Report
  • The Iowa Baseball Confederacy
  • The Fencepost Cronicles
  • Red Wolf, Red Wolf
  • Chapter One of a Work in Progress
  • The Further Adventures of Slugger McBatt
  • Box Socials