Plot Summary

 The story is set on a farm in Iowa during the mid 1980's. It is about a young man named Ray Kinsella and his quest to find more spontaneity in his life. To do this, Ray destroys a large portion of his crops and builds a baseball field. He believes that by doing so, Shoeless Joe Jackson will return to the game that he had been banished from.

He claims his creation was inspired by a voice he heard in his corn field. It said, "If you build it, he will come." Soon after the field was completed, many of the expelled White Sox players began to practice and play on his farm. As the story progresses he hears the same voice giving him new instructions that will help achieve his goal. For example, he is compelled to charge about America in search of Jerry Salinger, a world renowned yet controversial writer. Ray believes that Salinger is a wholehearted baseball fan and invites Mr. Salinger to a Boston Red Sox game. There they get another message. This time it is the lifetime statistics of a little known player named Archibald "Moonlight" Graham come up on the scoreboard. The voice tells them to "Go the distance." They then travel to Chisholm, Minnesota, the final resting place of the mystery ballplayer. When they arrive they discover that Graham had died in the seventies, so they think all is lost. However, the night before their departure, Ray cannot go to sleep so he goes for a walk. He quickly notices that he has traveled back in time and finds himself talking to Moonlight Graham! The next day, Ray and Jerry pick up a hitchhiker who is a youthful Archibald Graham.

They return to the farm where Graham joins the other players on the field. They are joined by Eddie Scissons, who claims to be the oldest living Chicago Cub. One night, after the games were over, Ray sees a familiar face i=on the diamond. It was his father except dressed in a catchers outfit, and looking much younger then he had ever remembered him. Finally, Ray feels he has achieved his goal which was to reunite him with his late father and play catch one more time.