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The curriculum for Third Grade is challenging in many ways.  

The first challenge is finding it.  To help, descriptions of varying degrees of clarity may be found all or in part on these three different websites:

   Your first place to start since this is Cobb's own version of the standards. 

Georgia's official site for state standards 

Georgia's C. R. C. T. content descriptors

I personally use a combination of all three with the C.R.C.T. content descriptors explaining HOW the students will be assessed while using the Picasso standards Cobb county requires me to teach their version of Georgia's performance objectives.  

Confused?  Please come see me and I'll do my best to simplify what at first appears to be a muddled mess.  Call the school, write a note, or email me to setup a time where we can meet to further clarify what is expected of a third grade student.




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