Curriculum Vitæ

Fernando Lamigueiro-Ramírez

3400 SW 69th Avenue

Miami, FL 33155-3741

786-268-8092 (voice)

530-348-7852 (fax and voicemail)




Knowledge and Education

Mother tongue: Spanish (Hispanic-American).

Source languages: American English, Brazilian Portuguese.

Specialties: Evangelical Christian Education and Theology, Computer & IT Terminology, Cuban Sociology.

Graduate of Open Bible Institute, Cuba, 1962.
Extensive empirical, continuing self-education.

Professional Experience

Editor in charge of final translation/revision of Life Publishers' Spanish Thompson-Chain Bible (1986).

Technical Editor/Vice President of Macrobit Corp. (publishers of Computer Books in Spanish; main title: "Cómo usar Lotus 1-2-3 [Using Lotus 1-2-3]"), under CEO Ing. Jorge Tamayo []. Extensive use of CAT programs (1986-1990).

Writer, Editor and DTP of Sunday School Curricula: "Senda de Vida" (1985-2000) [; attention: CEO Marco T. Calderón].

Translator/Editor that collaborated with Guillermo "Willy" Martinez, a formerly Miami-based independent translator and consultant, in numerous projects on technical issues, marketing and corporate training (1995-99) [].

Designer and former webmaster of the Florida Chapter of the American Translators Association Web site from 1997-2000.

Translator/Localizer into Spanish of Logos Library System's DLL of "CompuBiblia" interface [] under an agreement with the United Bible Societies, Miami Regional Offices (April-July, 1997).

DTP and translations for FLET ( from 1999-2000.

DTP and various tasks for independent Spanish Sunday School lessons' writer and Church of God (Cleveland, TN) Pastor Rev. Wilfredo Calderón, Founder and President of SEBINEX, independent distance education evangelical seminar (305-621-6041), with close ties to the aforementioned denomination.

DTP and translations for UNILIT/Spanish House ( from 1999 until present.

Editor/proofreader for Dan Mac Dougall's Spanish Unlimited agency (843-525-1724), from August 2001 until present.

Computer Equipment

Hardware: eTower (from eMachines) Computer (IBM clone); 64 Mb RAM; 44+ Gb (in 2 hard disks); CD-Rom and 3.5-inch diskette drives; Multimedia capabilities (sound speakers; micro- and earphone); Iomega ZIP Drive (100 Mb, Lpt1 Port); 56k bps modem and ADSL bridge; 20-minute (+/-) UPS Backup Unit (APC brand). 300 + DPI NEC Laser Printer. Flatbed Scanner.

Windows 98 (2nd Edition); Norton Anti-virus 2001and Norton Firewall; MS-Office ’97; WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS; PageMaker 6.5; Corel Ventura 8; MS Internet Explorer 5.5; Acrobat Plus 5; WinZip; WordFisher: computer aided translation tool.

Permanent Earthlink ADSL Internet connection and a tcp/ip account with AOL.

Work Capacity, Price, Availability and Self-Evaluation

Output varies between 1,000 and 5,000 words per day. FB: Depending on the complexity of the source terminology, from U.S. $0.70 to U.S. $1.00 per 60-character line (i.e., from U.S. $0.07 to U.S. $0.10 per word). Neither a sworn translator nor a notary public. Available for long-term projects. The fact that I have been accomplishing very difficult technical translations/revisions (e.g. Thompson-Chain Bible, Logos Library System/CompuBiblia's interface), as well as simple ones (Sunday School Curricula), makes me a very excellent candidate, with God's help, for whatever the interested party may ask me to undertake in the areas of theological/educational/sociological/technical translation and/or revision (either with IT as well as manually)!