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You can search my pages by surname or an index of individuals. Each individual lists their parents, children and includes a brief pedigree chart. The files were generated by GED2HTML: A GEDCOM to HTML Translator written by Eugene W. Stark.

I'm just an amateur genealogist, but like others, I'm curious about my ethnic make-up. So far, it looks like mine is mostly English with a drop or two of German blood. Write me a line if you think we have common ancestors or if you know more about my mine. Not all my data is here so it never hurts to ask.

It's interesting to dig up your ancestors (no, not with a shovel!). I've discovered that my paternal ancestors were pioneers of Eaton County, MI--which just happens to be my current residence. My great uncle was the county sheriff shortly after the turn of the 20th century. A fact that none of my relatives knew!

Most of my ancestors have been in America for a long time. I've traced my FULLER line back to 1796 (NY). I've found American TYLER's in 1800. The PETTIBONE's have been here since around 1640 (CT)! Four generations ago the FREY's came to America from Germany.

Currently, I'm focusing on the FULLER's. They moved from western New York (circa 1825), to Ohio (circa 1840), to Van Buren Co., MI (1850), to Wisconsin (1861), then to Eaton Co., MI (1867).

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