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Name: Pearlene Lim

School: Bishan Park

Level: In 1999, I'll be
       in Secondary
       3E1 !!

Email add: Feel free
             to email
             me at

pearlnro1.jpg (28019 bytes) Name: Rowena Khoo

School: Bishan Park

Level: I'll also be in
       Secondary 3 in
       1999 !!

Email add: You guys
             can email
             me at

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why did we design the webpage for?

well ... this webpage on Romeo + Juliet is actually part of our literature assignment cÚz in 1999, we'll be studying this classic by ... you-know-who(William Shakespeare). Also, we did for our fabulous numero uno lit teacher, MIZ AHMAD !!

ClicK HeRe!!

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