The Official Literary Magazine of the Kew-Forest school

The Spring 1997 issue!

Welcome to the homepage of Work In Progress, a literary magazine showcasing the fiction, poetry, art and general cleanliness of the students of the Kew-Forest School. Using the intellectual property of the collective proletariat our goal is to lead a revolt which shall echo across the nation...  upon every flagpole a pair of pants shall wave.  Two lonely pant legs flailing in the breeze, triumphantly declaring our nation's love of life, liberty, and high-quality fabric!

To learn about the title of the magazine, and the little cult of Joyce we have going (or one of the editors has going), read About Work In Progress.  To learn about Kaiser Wilhelm, read About Kaiser Wilhelm.

Our website contains all the fiction, poetry and essays that our loyal followers have come to know and love... and now with HALF the fat and cholesterol! Please read on...

The Kew-Forest Institute of Homeopathy is a private school somewhere in the dense Burmese jungles of Queens:
The Kew Forest School
119-17 Union Turnpike
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Behold, a picture of James Joyce:
Oh... wait... that's Kaiser Wilhelm ... here's James Joyce.
(Please pretend that James Joyce is a Mexican Businessman)
Attention! Our school has yet to get its own page despite prodding and pleading. Here is the unofficial page: Kew-Forest
And, of greater importance, THE PAWSON PAGE IS BACK!!!!
Plus, at no extra, charge: FAT JIMMY'S HOUSE OF MOLD!
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