Dickson County Adult Education Programs

The Computer Lab
Open Tuesday and Thursday - 4 to 6:30 PM *

The Computer Lab at the Burns Adult Learning Center was opened in July 1998 to enhance the learning opportunities of GED students, adult high school students, and Families First students by providing them with additional tools with which to improve their skills, not only in the basic education area but in elective subject matter as well. The software available on the computers covers a broad range of materials: Keyboarding, computer concepts, GED practice tests in the five areas of competence, and employment-related skills. The Lab is staffed at all times by a certified teacher who has a working knowledge of the computers and the software.


Adult High School

           Mavis Beacon
           Microsoft Works 4.5


Computer Concepts:
          Application Programs

GED Preparation

Five Study Areas:
          Writing Skills
           Social Studies
           Literature and the Arts

Math Software

Basic to Advanced Math:
          Whole Numbers
          Algebra I and II

Desktop Publishing

Employment-Related Software

Steck-Vaughn Software Series:
Resumes Made Easy
Filling Out a Job Application
The Job Interview
First Day on the Job
Looking Good
Job Attitudes
Personal Habits
Work Habits

Data Processing
The Computer Lab will be open for students to work on GED materials and a few adult high school courses. Only students currently enrolled in the Dickson County Adult Education Program are allowed to use the Computer Lab.

* Computer Lab is open on these days and at these times during regular school attendance days.

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