Dickson County Adult High School Facts

A Brief Summary of the Adult High School
Program Philosophy
Much of Tennessee's public education system operates from an old paradigm -- management of the system is based upon a calendar cycle; students progress through the system at the same rate; and, the teacher is the primary source of instruction. Educational theorists continue to search for a more effective and efficient instructional model that will fit the student regardless of his or her academic potential. Coming to terms with student diversity is old news in educational circles. The adult high school is an attempt to come to termswith student diversity and needs in a practical manner.

The adult high school program shifts the center of attention from the teacher to the student. Students devise an education schedule tailored to their individual needs and ambitions within a curriculum approved by the Tennessee State Board of Education. In addition, students are provided a personal educational plan bolstered by support team which includes counseling services. For those students who wish, vocational training can be a part of their plan.

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