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Investment Tips:

1. Research,research,research! 2. Don't invest if you can't take the loss- you are better off with a CD from a bank.

"I`m off to DreamHost!"

"I'm off to DreamHost!"

I`m off to DreamHost!

I'm off to DreamHost!

Investment Picks:
I'll give my own stock pick of the month for those interested. There are no guarantees in the stock market, so don't put all your eggs in one basket!
March '97- This month I am picking a buy on Johnson and Johnson.
Last month's tip was a buy on GE. If you bought it you would have made almost 10% on your money in under a month! Two months ago my tip was a buy on AT&T.

June 22 1997- I have been watching the following stocks recently. Integrated Health Services (IHS), Royal Appliance Manufacturing (RAM), and Nynex (NYN). Based on what I have seen, all three deserve a buy! Also, stay away from cigarette company stocks for now. They are too risky.

December 8 1997- I was apparently wrong about RAM, as they haven't gone anywhere, but IHS and NYN have been o.k., NYNEX merging with Bell Atlantic. I am now watching and recommending Comdisco (CDO).

February 16 1998- I hope someone out there is listening to these tips. Comdisco (CDO) has made a great surge recently, and AT&T has as well. IHS is doing ok, but it won't make you millions just yet. Look out for Johnson and Johnson!

March 22 1998- I was right about Johnson and Johnson making a move. They are up to the $75 per share mark. IHS is up to $38 already. I am feeling bold, so here are two stocks I am reccomending for people to buy. Compaq Computers (CPW) and Walgreens (WAG).

July 7 1998- I followed my own advice and bought Compaq (CPQ), but it turns out that Walgreens (WAG) has done better over the last few months. I had also harbored private hopes about Zenith making a surprise recovery, but they crashed and went bankrupt. Currently I am taking a wait and see position on most stocks. I have begun watching Hershey (HSY). I hope someone bought Walgreens (WAG), as they have made a huge surge to push past the $45 per share mark.

New! January 3 2000- After losing badly with Integrated Health Services (IHS), I will now try some mututal funds. The one I like best is the Janus Mercury fund. Check them out at http://www.janus.com.

I am working on an ambitious project of putting up the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet as used by a Sofer. It is almost done. Please visit to follow its progress! Click on the Little Aleph!


Another project that I am involved in is THE TORAH RADIO NETWORK INC. Torah Radio Network is a Jewish radio program in Chicago. Click on the logo for the homepage!


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