Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Scott Frank-
Scott Frank toJane Curtin in Tad
Jane Curtin toChris Farley in Coneheads
Chris Farley toMike Myers in Waynes World
Mike Myers toNancy Travis in So I Married an Axe Murderer
Nancy Travis toKiefer Sutherland in The Vanishing
Kiefer Sutherland toKevin Bacon in She's having A Baby

Here's another, even shorter one:
Scott Frank-
Scott Frank toJane Curtin in Tad
Jane Curtin toDan Ackroyd in Coneheads
Dan Ackroyd toJohn Belushi in The Blues Brothers
John Belushi toKevin Bacon in Animal House

And one more, just 'cause I want to:

Scott Frank-
Scott Frank toKris Kristofferson in Tad
Kris Kristofferson toBarbra Streisand in A Star Is Born
Barbra Streisand toJeff Bridges in The Mirror Has Two Faces
Jeff Bridges toKevin Bacon in A Few Good Men

All of the above degrees were discovered by Dana Allen who has no connection to anyone famous except the psychic one she seems to share with Tino Martinez, and the vague resemblance she bears to Posh Spice in this photograph (except she's smiling WAAAAYYY to much). She lives life vicariously through friends like me. She's cool, though.

Here's one for her.
Dana tothe Statler Brothers
because she has actually
talked with them
The Statler Brothers toBurt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit II
Burt Reynolds toDemi Moore in Striptease
Demi Moore toKevin Bacon in A Few Good Men

And I couldn't do one for her without doing one for Cathy.
Cathy Gayda toLinda Hamilton in Beauty and the Beast
Linda Hamilton toArnold Swarzenegger in Terminator
Arnold Swarzenegger toDanny DeVito in Twins
Danny DeVito toRhea Perlman in Matilda
Rhea Perlman toGeorge Wendt in Cheers
George Wendt tothe Spice Girls in Spice World
...oops, I guess that doesn't go to Kevin Bacon. Oh well.

OK, A serious one for Cathy, courtesy of Dana.

Cathy Gayda toRon Perlman in Beauty and the Beast
Ron Perlman toSigourney Weaver in Alien 4: Resurrection
Sigourney Weaver toHarrison Ford in Working Girl
Harrison Ford toAnne Heche in Six Days & Seven Nights
Anne Heche toDemi Moore in The Juror
Demi Moore toKevin Bacon in A Few Good Men

And, last, my wife Julie with the lowest "Bacon number" of any of us-

Julie Frank-
Julie Frank toJames Whitmore in Great Campaigns of the Civil War
James Whitmore toAlec Baldwin in Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick
Alec Baldwin toKevin Bacon in She's Having a Baby
I needed help with that one. I got it from: The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia I am so proud to be a UVa graduate. This is the wonderful sort of thing we learn there.