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the Zak McKracken archive

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the REAL Zak McKracken

Zak through the ages

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Zak 4 ('and the alien rockstars')

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About this site:

Zak McKracken was the best game I ever played. But last time I looked, my favorite Zak fan sites had changed or disappeared. So I decided to open a gallery, an archive of all things McKracken. I don't want to infringe anyone's copyright. I just want to offer a little sanctuary in this quiet corner of the Web.
Chris Tolworthy

You won't find illegal copies of Zak here. I urge you to buy Zak McKracken from If the link does not work, do a Google search for 'Classic Adventures', or try eBay. In 'Classic Adventures' you get Zak plus four other classics for the bargain price of just $19.95! Then run over to ScummVM (the SCUMM virtual machine) and find out how to play Zak on your PC, or MAC, or Palm, or Linux, or Xbox, or just about anything. Enjoy!

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