Love Camp 7 are a 3 piece Perth band who are a bit of a mixed bag, including funk, metal, pop and punk in their music. They are regular giggers on the Perth scene since their debut in May 97 and have supported such bands as Rancid, No Fun At All, MXPX, Sprung Monkey, Custard, The Porkers, Pollyanna and Frenzal Rhomb. They have also played at Warped 99 (local stage), Yac It Up '99 plus supported local Perthites Three Orange Whips and Wax Tadpole for their respective cd launches. They shared their own cd launch in Nov 98 (for Oddly Slightway) with buddies Cochineal even though the cd wasn't ready until two weeks later.

During 99 they have played a huge amount of gigs considering they have been in the studio recording their debut album Clean 'Em All, an 16 tracker plus also a split 7" with the Three Orange Whips. Played a heap of local Kiss My Wami gigs at the end of July. Mid year Yianni (from fellow Perth band, Billings Method) filled in for vocalist/guitarist Ant as he was studying and this didn't harm LC7 one bit.

They supported Bordello for their album launch in early December and played a big festival type thing at City Farm on December 19th. Their long awaited debut will be launched to coincide with Three Orange Whips' release, with 100 or so albums released early in December before the proper release in early 2000. Ant returned to the band in 2000 and they played at the Seekret Army cassette launch aswell as on the green stage of the Perth Big Day Out. Unfortunately in mid February drummer Chris decided to quit the band as he wanted to start playing the guitar again. In March supported 28 Days at the City Of Stirling Festival. The guys split up in late 2000 when Mike decided to head to Melbourne.

Band Members

Anthony Laurino (vocals/guitar)
Mike Wafer (bass/vocals)
Chris Agostini (drums/vocals)


November 97 'Chicha' demo
1.Chicha, 2.Cheap Shot, 3.The Road To Elephantine, 4.Your Mother Poses Nude In My Art Class, 5.Y.M.P.N.I.M.A.C (reprise), 6.Break & Enter, 7.Box Collection, 8.I Fuck Animals, 9.Everything Stops, 10.Suspicious Minds, 11.Boing, 12.I Wanna Be Like Chris, 13.Dave, 14.Johan's Maintenance, 15.Jeff...Your A Fuckhead, 16.I Know, 17.Yokohama, 18.Why Ask Why?

January 98 'Split with The White Trash' 7"

December 98 'Oddly Slightway' ep
1.Chicha, 2.I'd Love To See Him Go 20 Rounds With Satan In A Fistfight, 3.I Like It That Way, 4.Le-Smash-O-Mani-Acqu-Es (It's French For Smashomaniac), 5.Where's Me...Um..?

January 2000 'Clean 'Em All' cd
1.Wrestling Is Real...How Could 20 Million Americans Be Wrong?, 2.If This Is Hell...Then Hell's A Mighty Rockin' Place, 3.Your Mother Poses Nude In My Art Class, 4.The Road To Elephantine, 5.Me Shiela Likes To Fuck To Death Metal, 6.Box Collection, 7.Weekends Are For Communists, 8.Funkmeister Phil (He's A Steamin' French Demon), 9.Johan's Maintenance, 10.Boing, 11.French Movie, 12.Everything Stops, 13.The One-Note Song, 14.I Like It That Way (Caribbean Version), 15.Cheap Shot, 16.I Don't Need No Friends 'Cos I Got Jack Daniels

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