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    Welcome to Flip's Page, finally.  I have been trying to get my own page since 1997 and it took my mom, who has many pages, to tell me how to get it to work. So now you are wondering, who is Flip?  My nickname came from my Freshman year in College from a college friend.  Due to me being in gymnastics he just saw that it would fit me. My name is Michele and I was born on July 22, 1975 (A Leo) in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I am 5'5"(very petite) and 112 pounds, but still muscular even though I have not done any gymnastics in several years.  I started gymnastics when I was 6 years old.  I was very tiny and loved the sport to death.  I became very competitive but injuries kept me from my dreams of being in the Olympics.  I have recently moved back to Frankfort, KY, where I went to college. Please check out my diary to see the latest information. I also have a calico cat named Checkers, who is 14 years old and I love her to death.  She has the last say in an relationship of mine and will come before any of my friends. I have also two more cats in my apartment now besides Checkers. They are Sunshine and Emmy. When I get new pictures of them I will post them so you can see the whole group!
     Some of my greatest friends are from Yahoo Chat in the Ohio Room.  I have met some of the coolest people over the past 6 years.  Not only have they been from Ohio but also Kansas, Missouri, Texas, California, and Australia.  You guys make my days so much better when I get an email or see you online to talk.  Thanks! There is a list of my friends if you click on my name. I am in the process of adding another page about my friends, so check back. My best friend, Shelley, has just moved back to Michigan for her medical intern. We have been best friends since we were 11 years old and we were in gymnastics together. She and I stayed close even through a move to Kentucky and college.  She is the greatest though and I don't think I tell her enough either.  Thanks Shelley!
     Well have fun looking at all my links and pictures and all that great stuff.  I go into more detail throughout my site.  I also have a personal
diary about things that have been happening in my life.  Granted not too many of you people ever look at it, but it is there for you.  I have been trying to keep it outdated as much as possible...so bear with me.  Don't forget to sign my message board so I know you were here. :-)  You can also email me.  It is here!  I am trying to make it less confusing for you to look at my pages.  Let me know if I was successful this time.  Always updating so check back and will have a new look soon!  My newest pictures up, so check them out!
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