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I have a pretty amount of goodies for you in this section. A LARGE amount of pictures of Colorado Avalanche players, a 10-questions hockey trivia, a tribute to local heroes, etc. Down below is a huge list of links (updated regularly), and a search engine for your convenience. So here's what you can find here:

Join in!!!

Like hockey?

Think hockey players get paid too much? too little?
Do you like the two referee system?
Do you think Canadian teams should receive a tax break from the government?
Questions like these are what *YOU* can have input on.

There is a new organization starting up called the NHLFA - National Hockey League Fan's Association. The purpose of this organization is to give the fans a say in what goes on in the NHL. The organization is FREE to join. It been in place for a year and a half and as of this morning, there were more than 11,000 members.

Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the NHL, has challenged the NHLFA to reach 75,000 members by January 2000 if the organization is serious about representing the interest of hockey fans as a whole.

The NHLFA has a website at www.nhlfa.com which you should check out.

Pass this information on to family and friends - let's have a say in what goes on in the NHL!

I've joined, will you?

An now, the links!! They are mostly about the Avs and Peter Forsberg, but I also have some general sports page. If you know a GREAT site that just HAS to be on this list, please e-mail me at avsie@iname.com. I will review the site and let you know by e-mail when your site has been added. Also, please report any broken links!! (You can submit personal pages, but the content must be related to hockey or sports in general.)

Forsberg Links

Avalanche, NHL and sports links

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