Dear colleagues, plate collectors and enthusiasts,

It is time to say goodbye..., which has been my free provider for this website, is going to be closed on October 26, 2009. With this closure this site will also vanish. Thank you all for your interest to the site, to letters you have written to me during all these 7.5 (!) years - that was really important to me and I do value every your visit and every your message.

When this website was opened, it was indeed the first one and, for some time, the most complete resource on current Russian registration plates on the Web. However, the time has changed and there are new portals today - professionally-made, providing a wealth of information, visited by hundreds if not thousands users, which is amazing for such a specific interest. They are:
RC Forum (best place for previous generation series), and (best places for current series) and the Marked Power Forum. They are all in Russian but I do advise you to visit them at least for the sake of pictures - they are sometimes astonishing in terms of quality or type.

As before, I still collect plates and if you have anything for sale or trade, please let me know. And, in general, if you have any questions or comments, just drop me a line at and I will do my best to help you.

Once again, thank you for your being with the site these years and hope to meet you again!


Alexander Vladimirov