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The characters of the Ranma universe are the creation and possession of the brilliant Rumiko Takahashi. They belong to Rumiko Takahashi and her licensees (Shogakukan Inc., Kitty-Fuji TV, Viz Communications Inc.) No copyright infringement is intended. The characters of Sailormoon are the creation and possession of the brilliant Takeuchi Naoko. They belong to Takeuchi Naoko, Bandai, Toei Animation, DIC, and all others associated with rights. No copyright infringement is intended. I would like to thank my pre-readers. Without their tireless efforts and endless patience this fanfiction would not exist. Angel de la Hoya: first to volunteer as pre-reader. It is solely due to his early and frequent encouragement that this story is in it's final form. Thiemo Guenther: should be co-creator due to his detailed and exhaustive analysis. Ken Wolfe:WOW. To have one of my favorite authors offer C&C. (Secrets . . .simply incredible) Dave Eddy: Another WOW.And another of my favorites. (go read Nekophobia, right now.) H-Packrat, who offered some telling criticism and corrected a blunder on the part of the author.(and convinced me that Akane's hands belonged in the "cookie jar". ^_^ ) Pre-readers are worth their weight in any precious metal you choose. Pre-reading is a voluntary action . . .but absolutely necessary to producing a readable work of fiction. And good C&C is harder than writing. Without their efforts this would be a much poorer story. I can not thank the above persons enough . . .so I wrote them into the story. ^_^ As always any errors and omissions are MINE. If you have read my "Love is a Battlefield" and "Bloodfist" you know what I mean by [dark/WAFFy]. The following story contains some scenes of violence. There are also some erotically suggestive portions. HOWEVER there is nothing in this story that is not integral to plot development. Plus I'm a sucker for a happy ending. BEGIN Furies Chapter 1-6 of 13 167Kb *************************************************************************

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