What can I say about her. I remember surfing her page with something like Netscape 2.0. How I came about her site, I believe it was through URNOTALONE . She is a frequent updater, on average at least monthly, and always has a few themes for her pic sets. Gorgeous and with a sense of humor, I suspect the babe has some computer skills. Heartbreakingly, she's married.

NEW: After months of absence, the lovely Nicole has explained the lack  of updates on her website. The babe joined a startup-- I'm assuming in the tech sector. Go Nicole--- make a million for me! Good luck.

TAWNY_BABEApril24: Her B-Day
 These pics are but a sample, a poor sample, of a Lady I came across late last year. Tawny is in her second iteration, with a new website. Her pics are gorgeous and show new development.  Even in the ones depicting that "baaaaad habit" (one I share) she displays lips which could keep this poor soul content all the days of his life :)

NEW: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Any guy who puts on a dress and walks around in stilettos need's a shrink. Right? Right? WRONG. It ain't that simple, gomer. Click on over to Tawny's and check out her bio (you know, the page with all them words, and no pictures). She's on the move to Atlanta to HEAD (LEAD, DIRECT, MANAGE, RUN) a company. Not bad. 

      Ahh, the women of Sweden. So close to the Artic Circle, so generating of warmth. Patricia is also, for moi, a newbie. I stumbled, as it were, upon her site whilst raiding the Pretty T-Girls site. And well surprised I was. She has loads of pics, a stunning smile, and brings new meaning to the overwhelming, ideological, spiritual, socio-politico meaning of the Little Black Dress. And with gloves, none the less. Many of her pics are huge, a veritable Downloaders Delight. Love her.
.........and her lovely gallery. She has jumped URLs a bit over the last few years, but just when I've given up hope, she emerges with a new and different page. She updated in Jan 2000 with better (read: technically better, the beauty shines as before) pictures. From New York, she shares that city's love of fashion and has, on display, a variety of looks and appearances.


Gigi Tan
   A lovely young lady from Asia. She's redone her page at the beginning of the year and added some new pics. Of Gigi, I can say this... if not from the consistency of her pictures, the dedication of her site, I'd scream FAKE or GG. As it is, she is of a type that makes me say, " there is love, there is beauty, in OUR world. And it is good."
 Yes, she does stand up. These pictures of her reflect only my singular obsession....legs, legs, and, sometimes, legs. Natasha's from England, originally, but now resides in the Netherlands with her girlfriend, Revena. So taken by her photos, it was several return visits before I explored the rest of her site... and her fantastic galleries of gorgeous babes. Well worth the visit.

  And speaking of legs, does this girl have some? Though I'm not a mathematician, I'd estimate at least two. And what a delectable twosome they are. Heels, hose and short skirts expose legs which could wrap welcomingly around even the most hetero of us ( a title I do not claim :)

Nadja Cunard




  My job gets harder and harder. Like the Ladies on the first page, picking and choosing the pictures to put here is, well, downright HARD. Nadja is no different. I picked the first pic because, I am, first and foremost, a leg man. Love them. Can't do without them, use them alot for walking and standing. And Nadja has a great pair. The second pic is just so @#$%&*$% DEMUR! I love the way she seems to be fidgeting with the blanket as her beauty is captured, immortal. And the last pic puts me in the mind of coming out of my apartment, arms filled with packages, stopping, shocked, as this vision comes up the stairs and gives the look: "may I help you?". I don't know too much about her, her page being in German. But that whole thing, you know, about pictures, a thousand words and whatnot---- well this girl's a million.






Didi is a pre-op transexual in Tampa Bay, FL. I kinda debated about putting her here since it seems as if her site has remained static since OCT 99. But there are so few good sites (clear pics, clean design etc) of Women of Color that I thought she deserved some space here.

Though I do have my eye on a few others.






ATTENTION, ATTENCION, ACHTUNG!!! Lancomme, L'Oreal and all you other make- up companies out there. Look to the far left and you see a face worthy of your endorsement contracts. Hajnalka, of Hungary has many pics and a variety of looks. 


  ...........Is about a cutey pie. Again, a new find for myself, I came across Jessica this very day. She has an interesting story, about being transformed by a GG friend of hers. A fantasy come true, I'd imagine. I look forward to watching her future development.

Claudia Crystal
........"If you're slinky and you know it clap your hands" --clap. clap--- " If you're slinky and you know it and you really wanna show it...."   Okay, okay. Enuff silliness. Claudia Crystal, a Princess Extraordinaire, has got this absolute THING for slinky outfits and the look to carry it off. From England, her photosets also include shots of her and her friends at London area Clubs, like the WayOut and Ron Stormes. Go on over and check out her T-Party. 

Pasha Melani
Now here's a gorgeous girl from Texas in the US. You know the saying " You don't throw out the baby with the bath water"? Well, if Pasha was my baby, that bath water wouldn't be going ANYWHERE! The second pic is from a  lovely set showing some lovely legs. And the last pic--- well that one's about an all time fav for me. Have a look at my latest PASSION

Toyra Corsetant
Anybody say Jackie Kennedy? With the glasses, the scarves, well, this babe's got grace and aplomb. Long legged and with many looks, this German Barbie definetely needs a mention here.

Two Babes from Sweden......


The first pic is as I remembered Louise, when I visited her site a couple of years ago. She was as formative to my taste, as Nicole on page one. The second pic I like as a sort of relaxing at home one. See my ABOUT page :). The third? Well, I've written that caption, and it's private... so write your own :) 
P.S. I'm linking you to Louise's most recent pics. Scroll to the bottom (oh... the bottom!) for her original site.


and Michelle

The first picture is easy. Me Michelle, You Camera! The second I put here because of my Beaver Heritage. I just can't pass up something shiny and slinky. The third picture has gloves, glasses and the short black dress--- couldn't leave it  out. 


Quality control?? You want Quality Control???
Do you KNOW how much Sweden invests in it's TG forces? If not, read here, at theIHT.
Quality control.... please! With these two babes, that's near impossible. Their sites are so large, so impressive, that one can only immerse themselves and enjoy. Unless you have a good data mining software (If Louise, While[Hot&Sexy] and (Brunette), Then [return.picture], answer={to many@#$^&* pictures}, End Program), then be prepared to spend at least several visits here. They've got great (separate-- Louise and Michelle) sites and make Stockholm a must see on the TG World Tour. If they don't update enough for you, then you are spending WAAAAAAAY to much time on the net. Try some Inline Skating. 

So whose on the bed with Claudia
on page the second? None other than Kim! Hailing in c-space from her TVHeaven, this angel comes to earth to grace Ron Storme's and London with her presence. Her site also has fantastic links to some great babes in the UK area. I love the Angels concept they have. And the third pic, though a mix is included because it shows lovely legs on parade (or should it be display, seeing as they're not moving?) See what the IHT has to say. Now, go check her out She's updated!

Now here's a girl the represents the best of both worlds. Huh? What? No, no, I mean she's got English and Italian heritage... the vacation potentials are huge :). She also has some lovely legs, and I think these pictures show those deliciously. Currently from Northern Italy, her page has gone from a few smallish pics to, like, this huge showcase for her beauty. Check her out.

The irony of the WWW is that every home has so many doors. So, it's with a sort of Doh! -Slap to the forehead that I present the lovely Cindy. She's one of the UK Angel's featured on Kim's TV/Heaven, and has a wonderful site. But, I came upon it through, sort of a European Union response to all the other link sites out there. 
That first pic has me in the mind of my second grade teacher (don't get me wrong, I luvved my second grade teacher). The second pic is, like, what she did after all us bratty kids went home. And the third, well, I just thought it was cute.


What can I say about her. At first, I didn't want to put her here, because of the limited number of pics and lack of info. But when I started downloading her pics, I definetely said wow. What I do know is that she's gorgeous, and from Northern Germany. I'll let that little bit suffice for now.

Kerrie hails from Cleveland, Ohio... in the USA. You know, I almost landed a job in Cleveland, but turned it down. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!! I was once hanging around Donna's TG Chat when Kerrie showed up (this was years ago), I complimented her, and she pointed me to her updated site. Kerrie had started off small, whith only a few hundred pics--- poor thing. Now she regales the world with thousands of great pics, goings ons in Cleveland and whatnot. She's also recently started an Adult Erotica version of her site which has depictions of [******] and [****] doing [*******************],[*****] but not [*****] without a casual reference to [*******]. You get the point. It's an adult site, but her all hands site is by no means shabby. Check her out.

.....Is a friend of Kerrie's. She's also from the Cleveland area. When I first went to her site, I thought, "Oh, a GG friend." Well, she is a GG, but not a genetic girl, but rather a lovely gendered gifted girl. A quick peek at her page, and you can see how I was confused. She is such the cutey pie. She update her email in FEB 2000, so maybe we can looked forward to finding out what she's been up to in the new century........

Tennis anyone? If Vanessa showed up as my doubles partner in the skirt she's wearing in the first pic, I'd be dropping tennis balls all over the place :). In the second pic, well--- if that what she's gonna wear to dinner, I best keep a sharp eye on that leering Maitre'D. The third pic presents the age old dilemma. What do you do if you come home, and find the woman of your dreams in bed with the woman of her dreams? Well, if you're any kind of a man--- you go get a camera :). Seriously, Vanessa knows she has fans and appreciates them by updating regularly.

.... is FANTASTIC. I was only on the second page of her photos when I knew she was getting some space here. She's fantastic looking. But no bio, so other than a suspicion that she hales from the U.K., the kid knows nothing about her. Enjoy.

Suzi is another London TG scene regular. She's got more outfits than you can shake a stick at, as someone on TV (tele-vision, that is) once said. Shiny stockings seem to be a fav of hers, making her good people, in my book. She's another girl whose page I've quiet awhile, so I'm somewhat remiss in putting her on the fourth page. But here she is.....

Don't be alarmed by that loud BOOM sound-- that was simply my mind being blown. A member of MENSA, Ms. Reyes has graced the world with a fantastic site. Gorgeous pics are but a bit--- she's also packed her site with plenty of info: opinions, things to do in Atlanta (my dream city), advice to the lovelorn and plenty more. I'm eternally greatful to her for the link to Charlie Brown's a TG club in ATL. If you own a club, and want to know how to put out a website, well CB's is it.

So what do you do on one of those cold Minnesota nights? Well, if you're anything like Tess.... you look good. I think Tess can account for Nylon's record year in sales. With a definite luv of nylons, this girl shows off some great legs. Check her out.

The lovely Cindy Young. Another lost and found. For about four months, her site remained dormant. But evidence submitted to the Select Senate Committee On TG WebPages has exonerated this babe. See, she's been in a relationship, all this while. And let me tell you, if given a babe like her, my computer would find it's way into a river. Cindy's got about a load of pictures, inside and outside shots, with fans, and by her lovely self. Asian babes have always been a fave of mine (along with black, white, latino... pretty much all of them, so maybe this comment doesn't signify) and Cindy is just another reason why. Visit her site and enjoy.

Okay. Alexa is a leggy babe from Italy, the land which gives us Sarah Morgan of a previous page. She's got the look of a girl who would enjoy a day of skating, sporting and hanging out at the pub...... followed by extraordinary pleasures not covered in Human Sexuality 101, taught by some old Phys Ed teacher. Be forewarned, she's on Xoom.Com and some her pics link to ghraphic displays of her P*nis.
EDITOR'S NOTE: While the writers of these pages do not condone the manufacture, possesion, distribution or use of P*nis', it is a sad fact of life that the continued use, holding, and regrettably, distribution of P*nis' do sometimes occur. Readers are urged to use their own discretions in these matters. :)

If you've got to make ends meet, this kind of part time work can't be beat :) Meet Anita, the Part-Time Girl. In her forties, she doesn't look a day over delicious. I love the first picture-- " Mirror, mirror on the floor... This is what you've been waiting for!" The second, well I'm a sucker for outdoor pics... "Hey, Boss, I'd like you to meet...." Visit her site and see what she's all about. (Or Aboot if you're Canadian :)

Ahhhh... Janine. She's another lady from my internet past. Back when all there was on the web were sites offering NewsGroup pics for $4.95 a month, and scanner technology was in it's infancy. Janine stood out then, as she stands out now. She brought me to such great sites as AndiTV's, which was like the 49er Goldrush for me, back then. Even though I was in my " Oh, I'm looking into TG sites to, um, you know, write a term paper or something... no personal reasons, this is just a study... um, well, I'm of to Yahoo..." phase, Janine was a delight.  Enjoy.


        For some reason, I haven't come across many French Babes. Maybe my search patterns, maybe the fact that my French is limited to asking the time of day, "how are you" or "where is the library?". Honestly, I don't know. But Erica, ah, Erica, more than makes up for my shortcomings. From Paris, Erica shimmies and shines across my screen with a variety of pictures, a variety of looks and a variety of friends. If sexy is your byword, Erica and her many pages of friends will provide it.
         Again with the disclaimer. Erica owns her own URL, and as such, some of the pictures are of an adult, "girls just wanna have fun" nature. There are plenty of non explicit pics, but you will encounter some mixed in with her galleries. Enjoy. I did.

           Suzy of Greece. She's been around for a few years. Again, for me, an early implementer. I have delighted in her pics, and when I rediscovered her site recently, was even more pleased. She's still putting out some wonderful pictures. Alas, some of her original one's are gone--- but, we can't have everything. I can say this, her site was one that taught me the futility of diskettes as a storage medium (believe or not, there was a day before zip drives and CD-Rewritables).


The lovely Cheryl. Found her through Kim's page (see below) and she appears here first because of the way my files are stored :). A Malaysian of Gorgeous Extraction, Cheryl has some high quality pics on her page and there's enough of them there for some pleasant viewing. Even though I didn't put one here, her oversized T-Shirt and thigh highs are definetly a fav for me. Check out her metamorphosis.

            Well, well. Panda Bears aren't the only wonders to come from China to the United States.  Kim is a recent transplant, both to the US and to the World Wide Web.  Much of her page is Chinese, but her pics are universal and lovely. This long legged beauty has definitely made an impression on yours truly. 


            I can't lie.  Finding Danni wasn't the result of an advanced boolean search with looks and content parsing; one day I just sort of looked at Claudia Crystal's links and thought, wow. And Danni is a wow. Check out her pics, and her out and about page. It was several visits before I got to those, and I regret my haste. I'm thinking she's part of the heavan pack they've got going in London--- lovely babes, all of them. 


           Boston. An easy city to have a good time in. View it from the top of the John Hancock Tower, sleep in luxury at the Copley, see wonderful exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts or the New England Aquarium. Get there in the summer, and enjoy a Swan Ride on the Commons, or a shopping trip through Fanuel (sic?) Hall. But if you don't do two things, your trip is wasted. One is to make reservations at Legal Seafood and enjoy a bucket of steamers (clams) dipped in butter and sea water and the other is to beat feet over to Jacques, where, if you're good and eat your veggies, you may encounter the lovely Tara. Of course, she may just as easily be in London or New York. Tara's Tease Page is delivered as advertised. Seductive, artful, tasteful (or tasty), Tara slips easily between Playboy bunny and Victorian Lady. She's been on the web for awhile, but there's not much info, just one or two---- hundred?--- pics galore. 

               Now here's a girl I like the most. One whose First Attempt is not one of fits and starts, of server page holders and just moving in signs. Darlene delights the world with looks from Corporate Chic to Diva extraordinaire. These pics are from her earlier sets, but I chose them for several, well thought reasons. Legs. 
               Okay, Legs are not several, nor well thought out :), but they're enough for the kid. The little black dress will always be a fav of mines, and purple--- well Prince (he's changed his name back) doesn't have to be the only one to enjoy purple. Especially when used to dress such a delight. The lovely Darlene.

Pat Phantasia

         An unusual name, for a babe whose here for the usual reason--- she looks good. I found her site by chasing the white rabbit down the hole. Her Adventures on Genderland are wonderful, with her pics divided into Main, Fetish and Bondage. But nothing HC--- just delightful. Enjoy. 



      Believe it or not, there are people of courage in this world. Here's a sissy who has become, in her fullness, a true "walking revenge" (no, I'm not being an A**hole, read her bio!!). From Louisville, KY ( U of L has a great Debate Camp, by the way--- you don't have to send your kids to Emory, or up north, for a good High School Level Debate Camp--- just some inside info), Jamie's a lovely girl, living on her own terms. Oh, by the way, she's a hottie :). 
       Check out her pics, and her other site. As an entertainer, she does a Wonderful Wonder Woman. Not to date myself, but Lynda Carter as WW was not great TV, but it was fantastic Eye Candy.

Amerigo Vespusci (sic?), well, he didn't know from mapmaking. Sure, he got all the continents down, and those ocean things, but I tell you, no where did he lay out where all the hot TG's were. As I try to reconstruct this ere of the ages, I find myself returning again and again to Cleveland. Which is where the stunning Monika chooses to grace our humble orb. A model, she has recently redesigned her website to showcase her wonderful smile, penetrating eyes and gorgeous legs. Have a look.

Dazzling. Elegant. Desirable. Lovely. I'm sure even a thesaurus would give out in trying to reduce Ms. Marks to mere words. Her choice of outfits are inspired, the outfits choice of model, equally so. Ready for an evening of dance, in the first picture. And afternoon of shopping in the second. And the third is  a definitive first date pic where the cad (I volunteer!!) attempts to impress her with his culinary skills. Her site's just getting up, so give her some encouragement. Ellie, hurrah!!!

What can one say about Nicole that her photos don't already reveal. I'd almost swear she was the twin sister of Michelle from Sweden, some pages back. They both share a face of infinite cuteness, and they both bring life to fabric and stitches. In the first pic, Nicole definitely fills with beauty that spaghetti strapped slip of a dress. Her Phenomenal legs carry over into the second, with her diffident hands on hips pose. And the last-- well, here's why "gentleman prefer blonds."
Enjoy her site. I did.

If you haven't been to Karen's site, well, my friends, you're just not trying. This Texas Girl carries into her site the Texan Attitude-- don't do it small!! She has a huge presence, from studio pictures to those chronicling her life, in the "life". Her wonderfully muscled legs cause minor palpitations in this poor writters heart. Her every update, a delight.

(NOTE TO SELF: Be restrained, calm and collected) Next we have Rachael, WHO IS AN ABSOLUTE GODDESS!!! (NOTE TO SELF: You blew it!). Given my absolute lust for legs, Rachael ranks high up in my Pantheon of TG's. I would crawl a thousand miles over broken strudels to dust her DVD collection (I have no idea what that means). I came across her site a few months ago when she had a lovely pic and a place holder saying her site was unavailable. She returned to the WWW this month with four and three quarter tons of pictures. I love the way she deconstructs an outfit--- pealing layer after layer, revealing the loveliness beneath. This Seattle Babe is a definite must see.

Tiffany is like a pillar of the community, if I may be allowed to humbly opine. Her site has been up at least as long as my interest in you wonderful ladies. I'm talking a few years here. As sites come and go, it's heartening to see someone last. The lovely Tiffany gets  better with every evolution. And her love of bridal wear and cheerleading could strike a spark in even the most jaded of us. Great job, Ms. Michelle.

Ms. Lauren. Her first picture is from a set entitled "would you date this Lady". Yes, yes and yes. She's from Tampa/St. Pete, in Florida, which anchors the U.S. south as Cleveland seems to do its north. Her pics get sexier with every new set. From my readings and her pictures, especially the out and abouts, she is lady who seems to be enjoying life. To Ms. Lauren herself, I say:Hoo-Ah.

Definitely the water. After years of exhaustive studies, with funding from the RAND Corporation, the Babe Luver Center For Trangendered Studies has concluded that there is definitely something in the water of Jolly Old England which allows it to be the home of so many lovely girls. Kim's first to couch pictures are certainly my favourite. She looks so relaxed, home from work, ready for a nite of movies and popcorn with her SO (Plus, there be legs, there). Even though the last pic isn't a solo shot, I included it become the kid just loves the way her face lights up. An all around treat. Check her out, here.

Andrea hails from mitung Deuschtland. I love the first pic--- is she viewing my page through an siemens WAP enabled phone? One can only hope. As an absolute pantyhose "freak" (I love 'em), I can find much to appreciate in Andrea's homepage. Be respectful when you visit--- leering boors (well, like me :) are not on the dance card. Enjoy.

Electra, in my humble opinion, is a name which belongs with the Carmen to my left. A Brazilian (I really need to get a job there), this beauty is not shy about her, well, her beauty. She's in a variety of pics, out and about, hanging out with friends, dancing and hugging guys who, evidently, were born more fortunate into this world than I :).

Okay. If I ever had a separated at birth section, Rachel and Chrissie (from a few pages back) would be lead candidates. I'm generally enamored of the little black dress, but in filling out the long red dress, Ms. Ye exudes an incredible amount of sensuality. Her legs are magnifique, her face gorgeous. Seemingly, I can't put together a page without saying this--- but I'm in love.

Ahhh, the incredibly cute Aubrey. She reminds me of a girl I wish I had dated. The lovely Aubrey runs the looks from formal, to short skirts to duck pants. An she brings life to them all. Generally, I'm a legs man, but some of her portrait shots are just breathtaking. There's one where her hair seems to be wafting about the most interesting smile--- what, that pics not here? Well, go to her site and discover.

Attention MOBY--- here is the Body ROX!! Miss Malone is one of those Cleveland babes who, well, bring much to the city (Okay, okay---- A job in Brazil, A home in Cleveland and an Office in London-- if I could swing it, I would). Miss Malone has an adult site, but again, is generous with her free picks. Looking over her pics, I begin to develop a story. In the first pic, I figure I'm saying something wholly inappropriate (like Planck doesn't know from Constants) and receive a well deserved smack. Recovering at home, I find that this vision is my HMO Approved home nurse. While recovering, I slowly reveal that I'm not such a buttocks and, viola, our honeymoon :) 

From the top of the world (or a least a mile above it) we have another Roxy--- a Roxy of the World, by the World, and for the World. She maintains a wonderful site with links to so many "hotties" that it's not a surprise that she is one herself. Always the leg man (usually) I can say that Roxy doesn't disappoint. 

My soul mate. She likes 'puters, and looks devastating in heels. Barbara is an original page one girl on URNOTALONE.COM. I remember when her pic appeared there, I bemoaned the lack of more. Well, this girl doesn't disappoint. An AOL homesteader, this latintv is from my old haunt, Boston, MA. She's got a bunch of pics, and looks good in them all. Enjoy her site.

With the advent of the internet, It can be said that the sun never sets on U.K. trannies. They're everywhere, And looking good doing it. Mattie here, is no exception to the rule, with her boots and short skirt. She also has a collection of uniform pics that are sure to delight. 

Look, Up in the Sky! Its a bird, it's Plane! No, it's a horrible simile you should ignore. The self titled Supersanna earns the name and more. She's great. A student from Finland, Ms. Sanna makes me wonder what I was doing wrong in college (heck, my roommate barely bathed!). I was definitely hanging out with the wrong crowd :). Sanna has pics which can only be described as sexy. Check her out.

Aaaaah, but to be within dating distance of Penn's Woods (or Pennsylvania). The exquisite Desiree (root word: DESIRE) would do any man proud. Her first pic is the perfect Honeymoon outfit, yummy. The second is for a night out of dancing--- she knows how she looks, and is proud to show it. The last pic is for a casual nite out, maybe dinner and a movie. With her long legs, cute button nose (I'd love to put a quick peck on it) and just absolutely penetrating eyes Desiree is the type of woman who, when I'm all "growed" up, I'd love to make a life with. Enjoy her site.

Anja is from Germany. I'm not sure she's updated in quite awhile (okay, okay, pot calling the kettle black, et al), but I do love the short skirt blonde look. Check out her site, her lovely pics--- and if you speak German, tell me something about her :).

Maybe_Kira? Definitely Kira!! Here's a girl with absolute PHOTOSETS, huge, clear pictures and wonderful themes.  Kira has two things which always capture the kid's eyes--- legs. Whether the short black dress, or lingerie pics (of which she has plenty) Kira is a sight (site) to see.

Ms. Kelly hails from the U.K. and her site is just in it's beginning stage. In fact, the pictures here represent about half her collection, last time I checked. But two things are in her favor. One, she looks awesome. Two, she's from the UK and if the other UK girls sprinkled here and about the web are any indication, she is going to be a Olympic caliber stunner!

This last picture, posted here, was the first one I'd seen of the lovely Heike. My mind was, qiute simply, blown. Heike, a lovely Munchen babe is, in short, a HOTTIE! Following those lovely heels, up those long slender legs, past the cutest buttocks and slim waist--- this girl is a dream come true. Her first pic is here because, I've always loved the way  boots compliment and counterpoint a lady in a short skirt. The second picture is a natural selection--- it brings, unbidden, lacivious thoughts into my innocent mind :)

Legs? Legs! Cathrin has some of the most lovely, muscled legs I've seen. She's definetly got what's been called the swimmers bod (as opposed to yours truly, who has what's been called, a wading pool bod :). Cathrin certainly takes the little black dress and just wears it! On her site, there's a pic which just absolutely qualifies as my fav. I didn't but it here because, well, it's a little direct. But if you're interested, its on her fifth pic page, at the top. Enjoy.

On her links section, Raphaela compliments one of the babes and seems to sort of wished she looked as well. Raphaela, babe, you do! Her site, herself, are both visually pleasing. She has a lovely set of smallish pics (but look who's talkling; an appropriately sized picture for me would be life-sized, three dimensional, and sitting across from me in a quite restaurant). I'm definetely liking Raphaela as a brunette and again, here a re the boots---- oh the boots. Babe_Luver is definetly the kind of guy you could walk all over--- with boots like that!!

I fall worshipfully to my knees. And you can see why. Ms Dupree, is a Model, Entertainer, and Hottie (really, it says Hottie, right there on her resume). In this first pic, your resident silver tongued diablo, has got her convinced her Xmas present is right on the door sill. Keep looking baby, puh-leeese. The second picture draws an automatic, "Just what are looking at, " from Lisa. And this last one? Well, I'm caught. She owns me.


If you want to put a face with a name, well Her Royal Highness is definitely a great place to start. Lala has a variety of wigs all with one thing in common, they look great on her. Her cute, pouty lips are an immediate draw, and her sexy outfits a quick follow through. She's also, I think, a Sci-Fi fan, which makes her excellent people in my book. Enjoy.

I got a bone to pic with Erika--- not enough pictures. Kidding, and when you surf on over to her site, you'll see why. Now Eirka is a dish, just out there showing off. And if you look to the left, you'll see why. Satisfying my biological need for great legs, Erika's pics dash from in the home, at the club to resupply visits to her local, friendly, shop. I love the last pic here, because, I swear, she's just inviting me to play "this little piggy went to market", and then work my way up. "But Erika, my dear, we're in public!!" I exclaim, "Yes, Babe_Luver, but it's my public," she rejoins. Enjoy.

Really, Daniela should be on page eleven, to continue the line of stunners from Deustchland (sic?). But I'm lazy, and hate to redo pages. My laziness is such a striking contrast to Daniela, who is definitely "web ready." You know the problem my primitive self had with her site? Well, it's simple. I'm a leg man (yes, I'm pretty far down on Maslow's Hierarchy of Trangendered Needs) and I can see she has some great ones. But what she also has is a cornucopia of portrait shots--- and, guess what, she has a beautiful face (woops, just climbed a rung on Maslow's Hierarchy). One of the other things she has is a great collection of TG stars from the past (including some shots from a TV Catalogue I now regret "purging"). Other than a mutual respect for THE MAN, Bob (check out her friends section) I don't know much about her. But I present Daniela, submitted for your approval.

Can you believe it. I'm twelve pages into this thing and I'm just getting around to Winni--- well beat me silly with a strudel and call me shirley. Winni, I'm sorry. That little red dress pic over to the left was one of the very first picture I'd come across on the web. Seriously. It was on the Way Out Club's website when they had an open gallery. Winni is a transitioning girl from Taiwan, who moved to London for her studies. I was looking for vintage TV pictures (those from the fifties and sixties) that I remembered Winni's Beauty House. She's got a great selection. But in addition to her well designed, lovingly put together site, Winni is absolutely a cutie pie. I'd love to snuggle with her around a warm fire. Go check her out.

Can you believe she farms? Getting up at four in the morning is not on the kids agenda (is there even a four AM on the standard clock?-- I wouldn't know). Kaja, by her site, is pretty open about her other self. She from Norway, and well known there. She doesn't have many pics, but what's there are fantastic. From this first, sassy, " I double dare you" look to the last "Off to my job with Norway Air," Kaja is a stunner.

Here I am, in the first little piccy,  trying to convince my baby that "Yes, I really am enjoying the sights". Breathtaking. Rebecca, you can find her site over on the edge of the web, where there be dragons, is an absolute phenom from America. Got you! She is from America,  the Canadian part--- you know, North North America (not a repeated word, Mister Spellchecker!). Rebecca's been around for awhile, but I haven't seen her new look until just recently. She also has her Bio in Real Media, which I think is pretty neat. Of course, not as neat as her.I don't know how she does it, but this girl has proportions. Finishing my date metaphor (hint, hint), the lovely Rebecca is determined to keep my eyes on the horizon, in the last two pics. But the view there is great, too.

Her self titled site is, in a word, an "Experience" (well, two words). Ms. Davies hails from, and continues, a long line of gorgeous UK babes. She's got these great, themed sets, but my favourite has got to be her tiger set. I mean, who can resist her come hither look in the first pic (were you going for that babe?). The second pic I'll leave alone, on account of I'm a gentleman (had to look that up in a dictionary). The third pic simply rounds out this lovely lady. Have fun, and let her know I said hi.


Et de France, si vous plaît--- Where I Get The Opportunity To Use All My Hackneyed French Pick Up Lines

Mon Dieu! Virginie is a bit of loveliness from France. Again, my language skills are reduced to butchering english, my mother tongue, so I don't know much about her. She's a student in informatique, which I'm guessing is information systems. Cool, me too. Virignie has a look best described as sultry. Tall and slim (those with eyes, let them see!!) she has a look of a lady you just want to pamper. Check her out.

Sacre Bleu! Lisa has one of what I call, a "jumping off site". She links to so many lovely babes. But before you leap into the ether, stop and look, first. Specifically, stop and look at her. I feel like that Regean/Mondale debate in '84. "Well, now there you go again." Well, here I go go again. Legs. She's got two of them And they are lovely. Love the couch picture, in particular. Enjoy.

Ou est le biblioteque (sic?--- sorry, I'm  flat out of French phrases)
WARNING: Prepare to spend a bunch of time on her site. As you can see from the first pic, Victoria is a friend of another Hottie, Erica, of Erica TV fame. But her own site is not an appendage, but an absolute wonderful stand alone. Victoria's long legs are fabulous. Victoria's long legs are fabulous. Victoria's long legs are--- oooops, slipped into an infinite loop, there. But they are. Fabulous. And long. Be sure to check out her pics from the Munich Gay Pride parade. Some great examples of German Babes.

The last of the women of France (for now), I give you elegance, I give you beauty, I give you Marie Claude. I'm just blown away by by her short skirt, with the daring slit. Marie Claude has some almost life sized pictures of her face, which I'm sure you'll enjoy. This last shot, though a long one, makes my heart pitter-patter. "Where is she going, does she mean me to follow?" Enjoy.

Don't just plan to fly into DFW, plan to stay. Why, for the lovely Mistress Helen. From the riding crop in the first picture, you can see she has a bit of a domineering side. Cool. From the rest of her pictures on her site, you can also discover she has a buttocks for which the word "tush" was probably first coined. Sexy legs are an obvious theme in her second picture, followed by this last lovely, portrait shot. So, in short, she has some very high quality pictures of beautiful tush, sexy legs and a lovely face. But to be honest, in visiting her site, my "you had me at hello" point was when she described looking for someone to curl up with and watch movies with. Yum. If I could leap and ocean in a single bound, I'd be there. (I'd also be in the olympics.)


Just as I was about to write this I was hit by a sort of, "Wait a minute, surely I've already got her on my site!!" After due diligence- spot checking of older pages and a quick check on my email- the answer was "Nope, she's not there. And don't call me Shirley." So, now, I get to correct an injustice and place the lovely Tiffany. If you haven't guessed yet, Ms. Tiffany best feature by far are her legs. I'm pretty sure her site will cause a few double takes, but this Minneapolis babe is the genuine article. Even though it has been forever since she updated, the pictures she has on her site border on extraordinary, and more than make up for it. Check out her swimsuit pics, if you will, but my favorites are the short skirt ones---- which short skirt? Any of them. All of them.


Ms Nadia's page is in German, and given my lack of fluency in that language, I can confess to knowing very little about her. I can say she's been active since at least 1972 (her oldest picture :) and that she's not afraid to take in some theater, en femme, gracing Nordrhein-Westfalen with her beauty. There are pictures from Pride Parades, and one where she's signing autographs. Is she famous? I don't know, but like many of the girls on these pages, she should be! I'm enamored of her two, demur couch pictures here. Oh yes, and her legs :). The last picture is great, I can just imagine heading out to the cafe, some Sunday afternoon, for a cup of coffee and conversation.


I've got to editorialize here, a bit. It seems the "take back vermonters" did not achieve total victory in that state. The Governor was reelected. Cool. Now that has to do with civil unions, common in Europe, but controversial in America. I am by no means a radical on the issue, but any time people talk about turning the clock, I get the willies. (Good, old days? What good old days--- listen to Baz's CD, "something for everybody" the "sunscreen song" for a reality check). So what does that to do with Elayne. Nada, as far as civil unions are concerned. She is from Vermont but she's hetero. Which in no way hinders my admiration of her. Many of the girls here are, some are not, some are flexible. So?
You've got to check out Elayne's website. Usually, when I come across the geocities default homepages, I brace myself for disappointment. But not with Elayne, no sir, unh-unh. My first hint was the time it took for her page to download. It was absolutely packed with pics of this lovely, leggy, babe. And there was more. A veritable feast---- did I mention she was leggy? I did? Okay. Check her out.


Lisa's site was a delight to visit. Lisa's person was a delight to view. Her page was all in English, so I really don't know a lot about---- just kidding. 

Rick Engfore's is a professional, who used to tour with the now defunct Jurassic Divas. Her page is in Swedish, so, again, I'm at a loss. But she's definitely in the see to believe category.


Hey, it's okay to to elegant, it's okay to beautiful, it's okay to be classy. You won't find Maricella precariously balancing in six inch heels--- see, this classy babe is a lady. A pretty one, to boot. When I first started out, in April, hers were among the first words of encouragement. And I'm thankful. Her purple skirt suit (there's another on her site) is fantastic. She also has some wedding pics that are wonderful.  Stop by, say hello, and discover a wonderful person. Hugs, Maricella.

Kara from Philly is another case of separated at birth. Remember Tawny Babe (my original inspiration) from page one? Well, here's her little sister. Kara's page is getting started, and she has a lovely holiday surprise for you. As you can see from the pics I've put up, the girl has a lovely face. Gorgeous would perhaps be more appropriate. Check her out and send some (polite) encouragement.

I could almost cut and paste my description of Maricella above. Class. Got to love it. Dayna has a neat homepage (design wise) and a "go to work, everyday" classiness that I find irresistible. From the UK, Dayna would be a delight to work with, day in and day na (sorry, 'nother bad pun)

Good Gosh and Butter, this girl is cute. Amanda, she of the San Fran Bay Area. Forget Fisherman's Wharf, ignore Alcatraz, a day in the city where the fog roles in, sets up a tent, and stays!, could not be complete without at least one sighting if this CUTEY PIE. Did I mention, SHE'S GOTS DIMPLES, and lovely ones at that. Love the Gap sweater picture over to the left, in which Amanda pulls off the perfect "co-ed" look. 

Kinda backed into Kimberly's page. The link was to her photo page. But by toggling up, I got to her HP. She's here under the "duh" category--- I mean look at those legs! And she's got a new dining room set :). Check her out.

Don't get mad at Estee. She's upfront about what she does. Huh? Her gallery, it's all photo shopped. But if you read, see, you'll learn that. Estee is a great graphic designer-- the photos are huge, and well done. But you know the old staying, " come for the pics, and stay for the pics?" (Okay, I just made that up) but if you use the little clicky thing (um, mouse pointer) and explore the information about Estee (about, bio, me--- something like that) you'll find these pictures to the left. Yum. She's even got the little gold dress Kim Angel has--- great taste finds it's level. Although you can't tell, she's got on a Lt Uhura mini in the first pic. As a die hard Star Trek fan (ST beats SW any day!!!), that makes her good people. Check her out.

Bringing the elegance of the Fifties, along comes Christina. Long gowns, boas, and elaborate hair styles, the lovely Christina definitely projects the aura of that by gone era. Ever the fan of the wedding dress, my personal favourite has got to be the second pic--- the long black dress with but the merest hint of ankle. Give her a visit. 


I remember watching an episode of the Simpson's, when the geeky scientist guy confidently predicted that one day "computers will be as big as a house, ten times faster and owned by only the five richest people in the world" Or something like that. Well, that was before Professor Conway. I've had to study RISC architecture---- can't stand Assembly Languages, by the way--- but I'd never heard of Lynn Conway. Until this month, when I picked up a copy of Scientific American ( and George, and a pack of gummi bears, if you must know). Waiting at a light, I flipped through the magazine, saw this, sorry Ma'am, leggy lady under the Profile Section. Words like computer scientist, and the title "Completing the Circuit" made it a must read. When I got home, it was like, "wow. unbelievable. good for her." Without recapitulating the article, I'll link the web version  article. I'm still taken aback, and then to read an article in George about a TG Race car driver called J.T. Hayes---- what are the chances of that??!. December issues, both.
So here's your first clue, Professor Lynn Conway.

It's not all about pictures. It isn't, really, so don't go to Dr. Becky's looking for them. What you'll find is infinitely better--- her story. She chronicles her transition, from a competent Cardiologist to, well, a competent Cardiologists. Oh yes, she has transitioned. Her story has the pain in it, it has the happy points. Read it. She is my second clue. Have you guessed the mystery theme yet?


When I first came upon Kelli's page, let's just say I was intimidated. She has put so much of herself into her page that, my goodness, add a chatter bot and that page is gonna jump a point or two on the turing scale and take on a life of it's own. Everything is here. Pay particular attention to her Diary entries. There were 86 last time (today) I checked. She's got kids, a loving wife, a mustang, likes seafood, pities lobsters, been to Vegas (I didn't know Viper's came in Silver), works in computers, has friends, people who love her--- sorry, this is all stream of consciousness. Her page is so packed with info and pictures that every time I point my browser her way, my little 56K modem hiccups, and says, "you're kidding, right?"


Diane, I'm sure, has many a surprised friend. Her story can not be described as classic, because above all, the decision to transition is an intensely personal, and unique story. Her story is also on her HP, and her gallery is lavishly illustrated--- with pictures of her, of course. This Tennessee gal, I mean Val, seems to enjoy her decision, and I wish her luck.

Figured out the mystery theme, yet?

There is a saying I've heard, "if you're gonna do wrong, be quite about it". Under that standard, Dana international is doing no wrong. She first came to the spotlight by entering-- and WINNING-- the Eurovision song competition. Her music has been banned, her name reviled, and yet she's still here. To sing is, I think, one of the most fundamental instinct in the human being--- we all do it, either by humming, or in the shower, or even in our heads. To sing, to laugh, to be human. Well Dana denies herself not that instinct, nor the instinct to be who she is. Well Dana doesn't have an internet presence, I've linked to a massive info site about her. That's a first, for me.


Jenny Hiloudaki
Man, I always say, you can't separate a Fashion Model from scandal--- especially if that FM was  formerly a man. JennyX, of Greece, has graced more fashion cover's than yours truly (okay, okay, if she was on only one cover, that's still more than me). I think it was on my second visit before I really investigated her home page. To be honest, I thought it was one of those pro-internet-can-I-pcik-your-pocket-pages. I could not have been more wrong. Her page is an expression of herself, her history, and above all, her attitude. Enjoy.

Oh yes, The answer to the mystery theme is......................


One Last Note Before The New Millennium

Growing up, I hated faggots. Or so I thought. I could make  jokes with the best of them ( my friends). I laughed when they (lez, gay, bi, TG) came on shows like "Jerry Springer"  or "Rikki Lake" and for lack of a better word, humiliated themselves. But I also had a fascination. One I kept to myself. Watching more sensitive, adult stories on shows like Donahue. Thumbing through a book on TGs at the library, when I was supposed to be researching for Debate Class.
As I grew out of my teens, I guess the influences of my father's teachings began to reshape the way I thought, though perhaps not in the way he imagined. He was, and is, a preacher. One of the lessons he taught me was that hate was easy, love was hard. At the time, I don't think I really appreciated what he was telling me. After all, I loved my family, I loved God, I loved my girlfriend. Love seemed easy enough. But "love thine enemy" was not something my young self had ever been challenged with. When I surveyed my limited inventory of hate, I defined the one group which had never done me wrong-- yet I hated. I decided then that hate was the tool of that which is evil, a weapon that could never be picked up and used in the service of that which is good. A double edged sword, a misfired gun, was hate--- able to do damage against those it is directed, and those who would wield it.  So I went from homo-hating to "mere" homophobic. I spent college pretty much successful in that regard, save the one semester I was assigned an openly gay roommate--- we did not speak much. When I graduated college, I began the process which has led me to where I am today. I've learned to be more honest, more open about who I am. The internet has allowed me, and others, the opportunity, to see "around the corner" of our own emotional neighborhoods. I can't say I'm all the way there yet--- at least publicly. But as I incubate more and more within the womb that is my homepage, I see more and more where I want to be. The irony, for me, is that I want to be free--- free of definitions, of labels, of hate. 
    When I look at our world, today, I'm struck by another irony. Those who would most readily wrap themselves in the cloth of fundamentalism, who would claim to have God's email--- they are the ones from whom so much misery arises. I've yet to click over to CNN and see the headline "Transsexual Terrorists take more Hostages," or "Ten were killed today, at a bombing in a straight disco." Yet under the strict interpretation of the faith of my father, I'm to be punished, ultimately.
    Of course, not everyone on this site is gay, bi, straight or whatever. They are family men, single, committed---occasional dressers to transsexual women. They are rich, and not so rich. They are young, and young plus. They are different. But they're all people.
    I don't know many things. A simple person, with simple ideas. They're the easiest to defend. 
    Hate is wrong. Killing is wrong. With Love, well, then you have it all.

Enjoy the Millennium, eat plenty of rice and black-eyed peas, be happy and love.




If I wanted to take the cheap way out, I'd say something like "Wow, you have got to see Sandra Love's site." I mean, there'd be no analysis. I'd totally bypass any in-depth discussion of her gallery. Of seemingly hundreds of little Sandra's showcased beneath the spotlight. Of a girl who only buys outfits for one reason--- they look good on her. Ignored would be commentary on her legs, or how the shimmering little slip dress (third pic on the left) was designed by little elven folk for her wear alone. No thought would be given to her collection of evening/night/day wear, if I wanted to take the cheap way out. But I'm better than that, I'm.... who am I kidding?  Wow, you have got to see Sandra Love's site!!!!!!!!!!

And along comes Misty. I wonder, growing up, if she had to hear the "is it raining where you are" jokes. After all, she's six feet seven inches tall. I wonder if that's where her name comes from. What I don't wonder is that she's a sight to behold. Lovely and leggy, Misty presents us with a series of Boudoir (check her HP) makeover pictures (which reminds me of something, I'll get to in the next update). Give Misty a look see, and let her know what you think.


Tall. Long. Leggy. Chloe is all three. Check out her photos and tell me you agree. A little lite on the bio info, but it will be interesting to see how she develops.

It might just be me, but I could almost swear Shannah was flirting with me on her homepage.. hold on.............yeah, it was just me. You know, as I write, I'm confused how bombshell came to represent a gorgeous women. After all, the outer casing is for all intents inert. Is the explosive materials inside which truly cause the explosion. Right? So shouldn't it be Blonde Fissile Materials? Wouldn't that carry the same weight? No? I didn't think so either. Ladies and gents, the Blonde Bombshell Shannah!

This shameless tart to my left is none other the Ms. Cherry Tart, and English performer. She's one half of a duo named for people who procreate frequently and have a predilection for cashews. Huh? Go to her page. What I can can tell you about Ms. Tart is that her outfits consist mainly of the judicious application of paints. If the emperor had her new clothes, he'd still be empress. I am exaggerating, of course, but her love of tight fitting outfits synchs nicely with my love of observing her in them.  For your after dinner pleasure, Ms. Cherry Tart. 

The face. Definitely the face. Taru of Norway has such a striking, unique, attractive way about her, that I knew instantly that she'd have some space on these pages, even if I had to write on the back (didn't have to, though). Taru looks like someone I'd love to talk to, to read poetry with ( and I don't even like poetry, philistine that I am--- I could never comprehend the deeper meaning of that whole " Roses are red, Violets are blue" thing).Taru, she of that chilly north, is probably one of the main causes of global that most wise (read: non republican) scientist are worried about.

I think I've found my nominee for "Lips of the Year!" Steffi, has an extraordinarily supple pair of kissers (top and bottom). Her page is in German, so again, all I can go on are her looks. But, then, on those I can go on, and on, and on. When I first peeked at her page, I was impressed. Eighteen galleries later, I was exhausted, but in a delightful sort of way. She's got this athletic fraulein look, combining running shoes, pantyhose and skirts (second pic). Now that first picture is another fav. Love the natural look (okay, and the legs). I'm gonna try and buy that chair on Ebay :). Her last picture is a bit of a tease, so you'll have to check out her gallery for the rest. 

Shockingly, I'm not a fan of pants, slacks and whatnot. But it's pics like the third one here that can change one's mind. Monica, of Italy, can wear the hip huggers, and wear them to perfection. While her short skirt fotos are by no means shabby, something about the brown slacks and heels are very appealing. With a page entirely in Italian, I will wait with bated breath for her english version. Have fun, and learn something (for you Italian speaking folks).

The first thing your treated to, when you get to Renee's HP is a flash introduction.... I would have sworn this girl needed no introduction. She lists as inspiration Renee Reyes, the Atlanta babe a few pages back, and by just looking at the pictures, you can tell Renee is a diligent student. Been awhile since I've come across the hands in gloves type pictures, but they are a fashion accessory which deserves to be reintroduced. Have a look at Renee's site, it is as elegant, well designed, and beautiful as its creator. 

I had some fits and starts with Ms. Leila's homepage. See I'm a Netscape man. My love for that flawed, javascript inept, browser is long and deep (the 4.7 version, not that new crap). So when I came across Ms. Leila's page awhile ago, I went through several browser crashes before finally cutting and pasting her address to Internet Explorer (IE is good, IE works, IE is perfect, all bow before IE). Liela is another case of separated at birth, putting me in mind of her country mate Hajnalka a few pages earlier. Check her out, and see what you think. Enjoy.

Again, with the the English! :). My greatest regret is going to London and looking at statues. Needs must, but now that my history trip has been checked off, the next time I get to London, it will be with a vengeance. The Girls of England are all through out these pages, and Sunny here is but another example (and not in a ho hum way, each girl only adds delight). By looking at these pics, you can tell what Sunny's most prominent feature is. Can't you? Right, it's that wee birthmark just above her left ear, right under her luxurious hair--- see it? I hope not, 'cause I'm kidding. It's her legs, both of them, take your pick. Enjoy.

I want to use that line, you know, the one from "Godfather", where the main character says something like "Just as I'm about to get out, they drag me back in." Something like that happened today. I was going through Kim Angel's page, just poking around, when I saw this face ...... .....looking out from Kim's Friends section. Amy has this gorgeous smile, see, so I had to go check out her site. And wow! Graphics heaven. Her "Sub-Rosa" site has a great collection, if your looking for some pics to spif up the old Desktop. For myself, I just clicked and "set as wallpaper" one of Amy's :) Go check out her site, it's well designed, clean and reveals mine for the slapdash effort it is. Enjoy. 

Continuing the theme, I give you Julia. We're nieghbors of a sort; we share the same continent. Julia is from Manheim, in Germany, and has begun her transitioning. I don't know much about her, her page seems new, and develping. But I think she earns a place here, and I look forward to watching her grow-- in cyberspace, and without. 

Now Jackie proves it's never too late-- to get your own Radio Show. I'm jealous. I'd like my own show too, dealing with politics or something. Beyond a lack of experience, skills or winning voice, I'm eminently qualified. Jackie's the host of L.A. based "The Sports Rage". While I haven't heard the show, or am even a big fan of sports, I say kudoos to Jackie. She joins a growing list of people (see Lynn Conway et al. a few pages back) choosing not to be defined as a collection of parts, but as a collection of accomplishments, of contributions. 

Now Mindy's, excuse me, Minderz little niche of the web seems to be a part of her very own growing process. Visually, it seems to change with her everyday. In the process of constant rediscovery that is loosing bookmarks, buying new PCs, corrupting and restoring hard drives, every time I've come across Mindy's page, it seemed different. And so does she. This North Georgia cutey has truly come into her own. 

Now Barbie's from Italy, and I can't understand her page. My diffiency. But that whole thing abot those with eyes, let them see and all? Well, Barbie has many opportunities on her HP to practice that. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, she' s cute too. Man, talk about running out of things to say :). Check her out. 

Chanel and I share one thing in common. See, we've got Chemistry. Or more precisely, she's got Chemistry. I spent about one week as a declared Chem Major before stumbling upon a fundamental truth--- Chemistry is hard or I am dumb---although it was probably a gentle blending of both. Well, Chanel here, taking time out from her schedule of looking devastating in lingerie, short skirts, long skirts, as a brunette, blonde, before cherry trees and all that entails is a grad student studying chemistry in Pennsylvania. She maintains reciprocal links with her phenotypically (learned that as a Bio Major, so there!) male site--- and is pleasant on the eyes on either. I wouldn't kick her away from the bunsen burner. 

Now Karen is going to do one of two things to you; fill you with feelings of lust, or feelings of jealousy, or both-- make that three things. Talk about curvaceous, 

This thing about Victoria, see, ain't so Secret. I don't know what she's trying to hide. A few minutes on her site and I already figured out her secret--- she's stunning. With a collection of at home pics, on stage pics and all, I can say she's not trying hard to keep her secret a secret. Check her, and let her know what you think.

Oh Lordy. This is bad. I don't know if I want to be with her, or be her. Joana is just on of the most beautiful girls on the net. I can't say anything about her, other than that she lives in Italy, because her site is one, no bullsweat, showcase of her beauty. In shops, at the beach, at home, it was a never ending download of gorgeous pic after gorgeous pic. I stumbled across her doing my daily check of Vicki Rene's POP, and my jaw just dropped (It's okay-- it is still under warranty). Before anyone can beat me to the punch, I want to be the first to tender my hand in marriage.

Jacqueline. A multimedia hottie. Again, my lack of German bars me from learning more about her. She's this athletic (well, she rollerblades), lanky beauty who fills out a swimsuit. She's been on TV, I think her company is involved in web media, a she is simply adorable.

I like cute. End of discussion. I like when someone named Katherine starts a site called Authentikate. I like the dictionary design of her site. It makes learning about her fun. 
I like cute. I like Kate.

Xandy from Malaysia. An unusual name for a usual girl. Attractive, leggy, and definitely worth a look.

Selfridge Cool? I have no idea what that is :) I think it's a store in the UK (God Bless the UK/England/Britain BTW). Caprice falls into the category of forgotten hottie. I've been meaning to add her for so long, but my file system  (I use a dart board and post-it notes) kept failing me. I think I'll replace it with a schroedinger cat box    I was surprised, as a did this update, these lovely photos of Miss Morgan. An elegant lady, in an elegant dress in an elegant setting--- the world needs no more.

I'm about to become a francophone. All due to the lovely Maria. Now her pictures are how desktop wallpapers are chosen. Clear, crisp and with a lovely subject. My Canadian neighbor, with her lovely legs, her smart glasses, and her demure posing. Love it. Especially the center picture. Definitely a fave of yours truly.

Madelaine. Girl from Florida. Lovely bob cut, lovely legs. She's gonna be a contender (insert Marlon Brando voice, here)

Okay, I'm starting to stumble around this webpage like an intoxicated man about town in a bar. I'm slinging compliments at the first attractive thing to catch my eye. My problem? They're all gorgeous, and english is only so flexible. I bring up the bar thing because this is where we find Maria, at least in these pictures. I'm a sucker for a pretty face, and Maria has pulled my hole card. Her smile, her cheeks, her laying across that couch (last picture) because she owns it, earn her a place here.

Having spent time around Dayton, I've never had much to say about Ohio. But along comes this "buckeye" babe who makes me take it all back. The lovely Erica is a graphic artists, both on the PC, and upon herself. See her.

Michelle is a cutie from the Baltimore/Washington DC area. She keeps threatening to bottleneck the net (by adding more pics and having the world que up to see them) and I look forward to that. From blonde to brunette, she gets me thinking of Kathleen Turner. She's got the look.

Corry is from Austria. Her page is in German. Not sure if she's fulltime-transitioned-happy-whatever, but she should be. Plenty of huge pictures on her site, showcasing her sometimes outdoorsy, sometimes erotic attitude. 

I remember Laura's site from when she had just leg shots, or cropped of body shots. Now she has graced us with full body-and-lovely-face shots. I'm surely a fan of her webcam pics, two of which find their way here. Check her out.

Woah. Woah. Jennifer White. I can't put my finger on it, I can't define it, but she absolutely does it for me. Maybe it's the different looks, maybe it's the different poses. Probably, it's just her. Scotland gives us Jennifer.

Just as my jaw gets back from the shop, "CRASH!!!" in walks Lisa. Or should I say slink, or sautés--- I can't imagine the lovely Lisa doing anything as mundane as walking. I love, can't not stress enough, that center pic. Here is a leg model par excellence. Enjoy her site.

Why? Why put Vicky on my pages? I mean, look, I like to put only the beautiful women (inside or out) on my pages. I only like high quality pictures, wonderful legs, a lovely smile, a sexy attitude, a comfort with her life, wonderful legs (yeah, I know I'm repeating myself) and rounddilicious (New word, Mister Webster--- and tell your buddy Skip Oxford). So, why Vicky? Look to the left, go to her homepage, open the flat part of my hand, and deliver a doh-splap. I mean, why not Vicky!!!! Incredible. Unbelievable. Check out her homepage, and find the way to her Yahoo's Club.

Three words. Cute College Chick. Four more words. Really cute college chick. She attends Wesleyan university but beyond that, I don't know much. Pity, I think she may have alot to say. Until then, lets just direct our eyes of admiration towards her. (I mean, really, really, cut college chick).

A transitioning babe from Texas. I've been to her page before, but catching it again is like wow. She's cute, I love the kitchen shots and the fact that she smiles. I know the first pic is kind of blurry, but, well, it was a really good leg shot. I couldn't let it pass.

Holy burnt out modem, Batman!!! I get to Ivana's site (up I-75, left on the farm on the right) read her info, clicked on her pics and....imediately... went...into slow...mode. I hear there are things like Cable and DSL out there, but I'm unfortunately limited to 56k. Downloading her pics was serious work. Like falling and staying in love. Like eating a gallon of Ben and Jerry's. Like sunning oneself on a tropic beach. Serious work, but well worth it. 

For some reason, I couldn't get her third pic to load. Didn't mean to short her, but, well, here's a girl that can stand well with two pics. Natalya (had to check her HP to make sure I spelled it right) hails from Wisconsin (Cheese, Green Bay). The tag on her link listed her a supermodel tall, and I clicked on it thinking, yeah, right, I bet---------WOW. Go see.

Got to have Isabella on board. She's a homegirl (former). We've both frozen in the same place-- Boston. Naturally, although she doesn't mention it, she must be a great fan of Seafood. Boston's the best place to get it. Otherwise, she's got, again with the smiles, a great smile, lovely legs---- basically what's advertised as the BL Special ($3.99). Check her out.

Ouch. Naomi. She sings, she poses, she looks (and on her contact page) she talks. Do you need more. Whoever took the pics, snapped soome great, model type poses. But given the subject matter, their job was easy. If you see Naomi, tell her I said hi.

Ah, Caitlyn. There's not alot which rhymes with Caitlyn. Or Brianna. So the epic poem I would have written about her  journey is on hold (plus, my poetry sucks). We have before us, the beginning of a wonderful journey. A lovely girl, I wish her luck, happiness, peace, love and low interest rates :)

Nothing. I've got nothing. No info, nada. But she is stunning, right. And, from time to time, I can allowed to be superficial (okay, maybe twenty-three hours out of the day).

I put Lori last. Intentionally. She is last. Usually, I never order the girls on my page. What you see is what you get. But this time, I put Lori last. Why, because she was first. A long time ago, in internet time, I met, in internet terms, Lori. I can't say with aboslute certainty that she was first, but she was close. I was living in KC at the time, and she was so close. So beautiful, and so open. I won't recapitulate her story, she hasn't on her web page, and I'll respect that. But I do, pedantic memory that I have, recall her. She's lovely, and it's hard to convey that with words, or even pictures. I was like a fan of the "Truman Show", watching her grow, develope and become what, and who, she is, and always was. 
I put Lori last. Because she was first.


Oh my. When I first came to Brandi's geo page, it was like "Oh great, another geo page builder with the requisite Cindy Crawford picture ( with the "not mines, but I wish it were" tag)". If you remember geocities from the early days (long, long before the Yahooian Invasion), transgendered sites like that abounded. I clicked on her pic pages just to see what---- and was totally blown away!! J. Godfrey, she's gorgeous!! I mean Brandi's got beautiful TS Adult Models on her page (She's a grooby fan, BTW), but in my opinion they're superfluous. Brandi's it. Sexy, leggy (you knew I'd mention that) and glamorous. That middle pic is a fav of mines. You'd have had to hit these pages (usually in frustration) for a long time to remember that is was Tawny Babe (page one, of course) who provided the initial inspiration for this site. But her second pic puts me in the mind of the lovely Tawny. I hope, and eagerly await, any future updates from Ta..., er, Brandi. Traveling about, I've come to realize that AOL must use a pretty specific page builder. If Brandi is looking for something better, I've got the HTML in my pocket, and the hosting service (angelfire) to make it happen :). Go to her site, be blown away................. what can be better?

Remember It? Ginger, It, the revolutionary product? Well before the new world, the old world was abuzz with Dean Kamen's next invention. I bring this up, because I used to slavishly visit the bulletin boards on several IT sites. Why is that important? Because Elizabeth, in her Dark Castle, has the same type of board. Okay, that's not important. But I thought it would be a good intro until I (and my Editor) realized that this is a longer intro than intended. So onto to Elizabeth. This leggy Texan has a great site. It doesn't hurt that she's a stunner, either. Admittedly, I've taken pics from her her earlier days. Sue me, I'm boring. But if you like ballet boots and a bit a light bondage, Elizabeth's the one for you (Heck, and me. I'm not that boring). She's got a great site, she's there often (judging from update) so forget the ether and enter the nether..............

One of these days, when I'm rich, I'm going to sponsor a week (end) or whatever, somewhere in Italy or the south of France, and I'm going to invite all the girls from my past to attend. Okay, my virtual past. Yeah, I'm talking about my browser history links :). We've talked about Nicole, Suzi, Lori (class, are we paying attention!) and now I've got to add Jenni. She used to have a much different site, with photoshopped pics (I think). Seeing this last one from her August update, I gotta wonder--- "Jenni, why bother. You've got it." Seriously, I enjoyed her previous site, I like her new site. As one of the few, perhaps, who remember her other site (you can bank on that) I'm enormously pleased to see Jenni still going strong.

Karen. The reasons she here are well, the third pic and because of ***** which ***** to **** *****, so there. She's got a simple site. Lived in America, returned to her native England and likes animals--- which means she'll like me, roooarhhh (oh Lord, that was bad). Enjoy

Soft, luscious, feminine and in love. This home repair woman caught my eye instantly. Kristen has that vulnerable, (uh, oh--- I've already used soft) soft look, that her story, and determination bring a lie too. She's softness, overlaying steel. Which in my book, is a good thing. She new what she wanted, and went out and got it. She's in love, happy and beautiful.

Would you believe, I've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

If there's an organization, if it's supportive, if it does good work, and if it's in San Francisco, this girls on it. Nicole was one of those surprise finds (and I'm sure there are untold thousands like that out there) that you just come across on a Saturday afternoon. Smart and lovely, the happily married Nicole has alot going for her. Read her resume, if you need a consultant. Yeah, she's one of them there smart people. 

I couldn't remember her name, so I kept calling her the Russian Girl, in my internal file system. Shows you that not only is my internal file system out of date, but so is my sense of recent geography. Lola's got a wonderful bio, at times funny, at times sad--- but at all times in Cyrillic, so I'm making this up. Honestly, I know little about her, save she's from Minsk, and looks great. 

Another lovely English Lass. Now I know why our boys were so anxious to go "over there." :) Cassandra, is the best there is: a fully representative, broad based government (sorry, I've got CNN on in the background). Her pics show the life of a country squiress (is that a word) the belies the hard work I'm sure she puts into being who she is. Don't get me wrong, it's not all white gloves and crumpet here, I also happen to think she's hot. Wouldn't mind a romp hunting snipes with her--- of course, her wife might :). Be gentle, be nice, and be impressed when you visit... Cassandra.

If you begin with an Oh my, end with an oh my. Oh my. Alison, web model, stunner and, in her free time, hottie, comes to us from England. She's been dressing since her late teens, and the hard work and effort shows. The best part is, guys, she's AVAILABLE AS AN ESCORT. Click HERE, to see what I mean. ***Grin, I'm being cheeky here, and I know it***