KIANGAN is known to be the sit of civilization in Ifugao.It got it's name from a small village lying on the plain of Ibulao River called "Kiyangan". According to mythology, this was the place where the first couple sent  by "maknongan" (God) from heaven lived. They have believed to be the first parents  of the Ifugao descendants.  


      It is a lake situated an top of a hill at the eastern direction of the municipality particularly at Barangay Ambabag. Legend says this lake was once a village inhabited by a headhunting group. It became a lake on account of an unguarded curse by a woman against a leech which bit her child. The lake is deep and is good for swimming and boating. The shaded surrounding serve as picnic sites. It is about 3 kilometers from the town center and can be reached by vehicles.

        This water fall is located at the western side of the municipality at barangay Julongan. It stands at the hieght at which measures more than a hundred meters. This has been loomed as a potential for electric power source when developed.
          The beauty of the water falling from a toering hieght contribute to the grandeur of the water fall. the fall can be reached by hiking about a kilometer. During summer , Julongan  is accessible to transport facilities.

        It is another wtare fall located at sitio Ba-ay, barangay Ambabag. It has an approximate hieght of about less than 100 meters. Like that of Numbongog, when developed can serve as a tourist attraction and picnic area.

            The Nagacadan Rice Terraces is located at the western direction at Barangay Nagacadan. It can be viewed from a portion of the road at Bilong, Nagacadan.
             the attraction consists of rice paddies carved from mountain slopes are stonewalled and are beautifully placed one after the other like a stairway to heaven.
             The place can be reached by hiking about 20 minutes from the road at Bilong.

             On the Northern side of the municipality at barangay Bokiawan lies another beautiful rice terraces with stonewalled rice paddies beautifully carved  on mountain slopes. At the bottom of the terraces are villages representative of the old ifugao culture.Houses within the area consist of native houses. These structures reflect the Ifugao Engineering feat/skill in building construction.

          About a kilometer away from the municipal hall stands the Million Dollar Hill at the tip of Poblacion. It is a hill which can be developed into parks and view center. It is overlooking Poblacion, the Nagacadan rice Terraces and the capital town of Lagawe.

          It is called Million Dollar Hill because it was this hill where the Allied forces particularly the Unitted States Armed Forces in the Philippines ,Northern Luzon(USAFP-NL) together with the Filipino counterparts, spent million of dollars in terms of amunitions to clear the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers holed up in the hill during the Second World War. Penetration of the area paved the way to the capitulation of General Tomuyoki Yamashita at a place in Hungduan. The site can be reached by vehicle transport from town.