My name is Warren Orhan Kuyululu

and I began this club in October 1993 after attending a most wonderful soiree, in July 1993,

to launch the Diva's "Back to Broadway" album, in Sydney, Australia.


I also had the great pleasure of meeting Barbra's first husband, Elliott Gould in 1988 in Sydney, Australia.

He came to my place for lunch and we were listening to the soundtrack of "I Can Get It For You Wholesale". He also autographed one of my books on Barbra.



The photos below show my collections of Barbra's records and CDs, made into a "bedspread",


and my collections of books about her.



This rag-doll was given to Barbra when she was performing "Funny Girl" on Broadway in 1964. She apparently did not like the doll. I wonder why!!!!! Ha Ha. Then the doll was given to Jill Perryman, an Australian actress who was performing in the Australian version of "Funny Girl" in 1965. She has kept it since and when she was invited to our Club's Launch in 1994, she unfortunately could not attend but she sent this doll to me. A wonderful collector's item.