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Last updated 06-26-2004

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Dana's J3 Kitten (503DC, oil injected, IVO)

Mission Statement

This Web Page is for the owners and builders of Hipp's Superbirds. This Page is also to be a good source of information to those interested in these great aircraft. It is important that owners and builders participate so that this Web Site can grow. Your articles and feedback is needed.

Special Note:1998 Sun & Fun was as grand as ever. Three Hipp's J3 Kittens flew in. Each were converted to a fastback. All appeared to be well built and standing the test of time.


This is an unofficial web site for Jessie Anglin 's designs. All modifications must be approved by Hipp's Superbirds. This web page does not represent Hipp's Superbirds or any other manufacturer. The information contained in this page is based on a collection of opinions from different owners and first & second hand information from Hipp's Superbirds. The purpose of this web site is to provide a source of helpful information, tips, data, other owners ideas, and important safety up grades on Hipp's Superbirds products. This should be an excellent source for owners and potential owners. There is no way for the author to verify the accuracy, currency, completeness and safety of any modifications listed here. The author feels that networking the pilots who own Hipp's Superbirds planes will improve safety, performance, and fun. The original Jessie Anglin design from 1984 has undergone a few changes in its early years. Only the factory is known to have all the documentation for these changes. The author does not have access to this information. Even Cessna aircraft have shown to have design weaknesses that have AD's requiring a fix. Since all aircraft made show weaknesses with time, no body should frown upon the few minor upgrades required for older Hipp's Superbirds aircraft. Almost all the upgrades are on the tailwheel assembly. The structure and controls have withstood the test of time. They are excellent aircraft!

You are responsible for any conclusions you drawn from this web site. Only Hipp's Superbirds can authorize any modifications ... NOT me. YOU are the responsible party for any modifications to your aircraft/ultralight and for verifying all data with Hipp's Superbirds and or the manufacturer of the part, engine, or whatever. I am not an engineer. I am not Lord of these planes because I made a web page. I am just one of many happy owners. I will be happy to answer any questions E-mailed to me with my opinion. I do not sell planes, parts, or plans so do not ask. (ok, window/door seals are for sale) Contact Hipp's Superbirds at: (828) 749-9134 for your needs.

Be sure and tell Sharon or AG Hipp that you saw
Dana's "Unofficial Hipp's Superbirds Web Page"!!

What's so great about the J3 Kitten & Reliant?
Lots!Come and See!

1. Safety

2. Performance

3. Cost

4. Longtivity

5. Quick Building

6. Grade A+

Known Updates that Hipp's Superbirds Recommends.
Read and make sure your plane is SAFE!

This is mainly for older aircraft.

Pilot's & Builders Topics

1. Leading edge design

2. Hipp's Superbirds Header Vs Rotax's Header

3. Pull starter for 447 & 503

4. Oil injection for the 503DC
Photo of 503DC oil injected engine

5. Fuel supply limitations

6. Fastback VS J3 Kitten backbone


1. Factory Brakes

2. Instrument Failure Reduction

3. Fuel graph

4. Door and window gaps.


1. J3 Kitten & Super Kitten

2. Reliant & Super Reliant

3. Sportster & Super Sportster

4. Versions over the years

5. NSTB speaks out on illegal Ultralights

6. 103 FARs for Ultralights


1. Page 1 for Pictures of Hipp's Aircraft and others.

2. Page 2 for Pictures of Hipp's Aircraft and others.

3. Page 3 for Pictures of Hipp's Aircraft and others.

4. Page 4 for Pictures of Hipp's Aircraft and others.

4. Page 5 for Pictures of Hipp's Aircraft and others.

NEW!! You asked for it and you got it.
First Forum dedicated to Hipps' Superbirds.
Stop in and say hey, answer questions, ask questions, tell us about you latest flying trip, etc ...

Family Visits Hipp's Superbirds Factory

Story about touring the factory.

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