Kimber and Jerrica have a major blowout causing Kimber to leave Jem and the Holograms and join up  with Stormer and The Misfits. 

Jem and the Holograms find a stand-in keyboardist for the Holograms - Amethyste, aka Amy Javan, who previously worked with Starlight Music as a recording engineer/producer. 

Three new acts appear;  Hard Candy, (Peach, Diamond and Zhana) a trio of african-american R&B singers, Stryke (Bass and Treble)-a mainstream male rock group, and Magenta pop's newest princess. 

Eric Raymond has a falling out with Riot and buys back Stingers Sound, re-naming it once again "Misfits' Music." 
Riot re-opens Stinger’s Sound in a new location, with the dream of making it an artists’ label, where their dreams and desires come first. Eventually, the company becomes one of the largest in the industry. 

A high-tech artificially-intelligent computer, with holographic capabilities, is built by Techrat for Minx is soon discovered to be able to control people’s minds through music.  Its desires are unknown, but it takes control of Minx’s mental capacities leading her to frame Riot and send him to prison for the attempted murder of Bass, while Entropy and the brainwashed Minx take over Stingers Sound. 

Jerrica is driven away by Rio's inability to make a commitment to either Jem or Jerrica, and begins seeing Bass, of Stryke who accidentally learns her secret. 

Eric Raymond’s manipulation of Hard Candy ends when the girls sign with Starlight Music. 

Two more additions arrive in the Like A Dream world; Steele a heavy metal rock goddess is signed with Starlight Music, and  Damion an ex-gang leader with rock and roll dreams, who is trying to reform by working with Danse at Haven House. 

Kimber and Jerrica reconcile, but Kimber still harbors feelings of resentment toward Amethyste for trying to take her place. Eventually when Kimber overcomes her jealousy, the two become close friends. Kimber also discovers that her necklace, which once belonged to the late Jacqui Benton contains a link to Synergy similar to Jerrica's Jemstar earrings. 

Another newcomer begins to terrorize the world of Like A Dream; Vixen a mysterious, and crazy woman with secret ties to the Benton sisters.  Her targets concentrate on Magenta at first, but her major plan is kept under wraps. 

Tragedy strikes Hard Candy after experiencing the death of Peach’s father and the antics of Jade, Diamond's evil sister who will stop at nothing to try and come between the ladies of Hard Candy. 

Riot is freed from prison after Bass reluctantly testifies on his behalf. Riot begins to use Entropy for his own desires to recruit new musical acts for Stingers Sound. 

Vixen soon puts her ultimate plan into action, kidnapping Jerrica Benton and making the world believe that she is murdered, with Damion being the prime suspect. 

Kimber takes over as Jem, until Jerrica ultimately returns several months later. 
Bass is manipulated by Riot’s newlywed bride and becomes entangled in a relationship with the woman. When Riot finds out about this, the feud between the two men becomes even stronger, and Ambrosia dies accidentally at the hands of Riot himself, also killing Bass’ unborn child. 

Shana and Anthony Julian wed in a hurricane of events on Rainbow Island. The couple move into the newly restored former Starlight House. A year or so later, Shana gives birth to their daughter Jacqui, named after Jacqui Benton. 

Jerrica reclaims the Jem mantle 

Jewel thieves Connell Della Rocha, and his mother the Countessa Della Rocha, aristocrats who fund the family fortune through theft are out to capture the Jemstar earrings and necklace. 

Jerrica’s return is revealed to the public and is riddled with controversy when Eric Raymond claims it to be a publicity stunt for Starlight Music. 

Jerrica’s relationship with Bass ends with complications, but Jem finds solace in the arms of Fire, a pop-singer from Australia. 
Stormer quits The Misfits, eventually leading them into falling out. Jetta is next to leave and finally Roxy.  Pizzazz, disgruntled, forms a new band of Misfits and recruits Clash and Roulette (daughter of Countessa Della Rocha) as new band members. 
Roulette, using her mother’s money, purchases Misfits Music from Eric Raymond, and proceeds to boss Pizzazz. But the chaos ends when the Countessa steps in and sells the company. 

Jerrica and the Holograms begin to receive mysterious phone calls from an ex-accomplice of Vixen, trying to warn the girls of Vixen's next evil plan.  Unfortunately, it is too late, as Jem and the Holograms fall right into Vixen's clutches while in Bermuda. Luckily they manage to escape, but Vixen is left for dead. 

Aja is kidnapped by Connell Della Rocha and taken to Italy where she is forced to become his bride.  But when Aja falls in love with Connell it is to the dismay of her friends. 

The girls soon find Starlight Music in financial trouble.  The immense Maiden Music, run by Desmond Lynche, and his venomous daughter Gwynneth, has been stealing all of Starlight Music’s acts. It's bad news for Starlight Music as more and more backers decide to pull out.  Their only hope is in the likes of Seraphim's Wings, a new goth/industrial band with enough money to finance their own record on Starlight's label.  Unfortunately, with their mostly-underground fanbase the album isn't enough to save Starlight Music from financial bankruptcy. 

Riot generously offers to purchase Starlight Music and but secretly dismantles the company, selling contracts to the highest bidder. 

DIVA, being a cross between the egotistical Riot, and spoiled brat Pizzazz issues a challenge to Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits to compete in a contest to see who can sell the most albums in the shortest amount of time.  The Misfits and Jem and the Holograms accept the challenge, even without a music company. 

Jem's career and planned comeback tour are put on hold as she decides to star in Howard Sands’ new film with the devilish DIVA as her costar. But due to a computer virus unleashed by Techrat, Jem is unable to complete the film, as Synergy’s memory is erased. Jem is out of commission for weeks and the movie filming must go on.  Howard Sands loses millions and is forced to replace Jem's leading role with Astral. Howard Sands is poisoned against her, despite Jem’s best efforts to get back in his good graces. Luckily, however, Jerrica manages to restore Synergy thanks to the help of an artificial intelligence of Emmett Benton discovered at the Starlight Drive-In. Jerrica also manages to upgrade Synergy, finishing Emmett’s work and allowing Synergy’s holograms to use photon-based light energy, giving them substance and feel. 

Bass befriends Samhain, a pagan nomad, who joins Stryke, much to the dismay of Treble. It takes a while for Treble to warm up to the new member, and initially he fears that Samhain will steal his spotlight. 

Owen Beech ups DIVA's challenge by turning it into the Platinum Ice competition, where the winner receives a fully sponsored world tour!  The winner must be the first to sell 1-million copies of their single, with the proceeds going to charity. 

Jem and the Holograms, along with most of their friends join with Michael Du Voisin's new record company, WildStar, to produce their new album. In the midst of recording the album, Jerrica is whisked off with many other celebrities to Scottland to participate in Xanthos' annual charity event. 

Pizzazz takes new rock group B*Guil'd under her wing at Misfits Music and tries to pit them against various WildStar acts, especially Stryke. 

The Holograms win Platinum Ice and embark on their world tour. The Misfits also find great success with a top selling album and multiple awards.  The two bands battle for the top spot while The Stingers quietly plot their next assault in secrecy. 

While on tour, Danse is finally re-united with her mother, and finds out that she's been closer than she thought all these years. But in a sad turn of events for Aja, her husband Connell is brutally murdered before her eyes by his older brother Gregor. 

Riot’s plot turns out to be an attempt to stop Jem and the Holograms from ever forming by going back in time. His plot is foiled, however, when Jerrica, Kimber and Aja venture into the past to stop him. 

Stryke breaks up, as Bass decides that the life of a rock-star isn’t really what he hoped for. 

Steele discovers she is pregnant with Treble’s child, but loses the baby in a car accident, which raises new questions about her relationship with Treble who is dating Diamond at the time. 

The Misfits make another unsuccessful attempt at re-grouping, leaving Clash and Jetta out of the picture who form an all-new group, Shatter, much to Jem and the Holograms' dismay. Meanwhile, Steele becomes engaged to Storm, and Damion to Danse. 

Hard Candy is given a reality TV series, which probes into the personal lives of Peach, Diamond and Zhana, plus the rowdy Vybe who is added by the producers to spice up the girls’ lives. 

Paige Westley a model/entrepreneur from New York City, arrives and befriends Jerrica. Jem and the Holograms often model for her clothing company, Body SoXxX, and Paige becomes bitter enemies with Pizzazz and finds love in Riot. 

Pizzazz manipulates Bass into falling for her, and together the two make trouble for everyone. 

Paige’s assistant, Euthanasia, strikes a deal with Stingers Sound and a friendship with Bass. When she is accused of stealing by a racist department store, Jem and the Holograms, Paige Westley and Stryke band together to help her, also helping to overcome a teen prostitution ring in the process. 

Jem and the Holograms take Silhouette, a young pop-starlett into their lives as mentors, but are stunned when she is revealed to be the malicious Vixen in disguise. 

Treble, formerly of Stryke, joins a new band, Deviance who is as devious as the name suggests. They become enemies with new R&B singer, Donovan, often brutally attacking him. Treble, unhappy with the current state of things, begins to use artificial substances to find solace, and becomes addicted to drugs. 

Vixen threatens the life of a young rock singer Doc, when the media pegs her as the “anti-Jem.” 

Danse and Damion’s relationship is compromised when a former flame re-enters Danse’s life. 

Riot disappears from a concert, and the entire world thinks him dead. The media pegs him as a legend, but Paige Westley’s heart breaks in the process. Eventually she and Treble get together and find love in one another. But when Diamond finds out about their relationship, she leaves Hard Candy in anger and disappears forever. 

Pizzazz fakes a pregnancy and Bass proposes. But Bass doesn’t go through with it because he’s still in love with Jem. 
Damion is killed in a struggle with Vixen, but when he comes back from the dead he threatens Jerrica’s life. Fortunately, she sees through the hate and he manages to overcome his manipulations. 

Stormer leaves the Misfits for good, taking up with Clash, and another newcomer Nadine to form Whatcha Want. 
Samhain and Amethyste get married. 

Minx and Rapture befriend Rhapsody, a young woman with a musical mission, and together they form Siren, an all-new group, but Minx’s own agendas threaten the stability of the group. And Rapture deals with the consequences of stealing a book of shadows from Samhain. 

The Countessa Della Rocha steals Shana’s baby and and wants the Jemstar earrings as ransom. But her plot is foiled by a mysterious stranger who seems to be Riot returned from the missing. 

Devante, Paige Westley’s ex-boyfriend threatens to kill all of Paige’s friends on Halloween to ruin her new celebrity life. Bass temporarily loses his memory in the process and his relationship with once again Jem ends in disaster. It is only thanks to Chaylah Kret, an Australian agent, that the bands make it out alive. But Chaylah has a secret of her own. She is working undercover as the selfish popstar Electrica, to obtain information about Countessa Della Rocha’s evil schemes. 

Riot re-emerges into the public eye, and proposes to Jem on national television. Jem says yes, but her heart isn’t in it. Eventually Bass is led back to Jem, and he proposes to her himself, leaving Riot bitter and out for revenge. 

Damion and Nadine begin a relationship, leaving Danse wondering about her own feelings for the rocker. Danse also becomes the target of a plot against her mother by evil terrorists, but finds help in both Damion, and Caine, a private investigator and bounty hunter who previously worked with Chaylah Kret. 

Kimber discovers that her feelings for Rio are more than simply friendship. 

Samhain’s young daughter from a previous relationship comes to live with him and Amethyste  when the girl’s mother is killed in an accident. But revelations show that it may not be accidental, and Samhain may be the next target. 

Close to a mental breakdown from her visions, Rapture confronts Samhain with the theft of his book.  Samhain aids her anyway and it seems to have helped her stop seeing things. 

Minx, bent on revenge for Riot spurning the Stingers and focusing only on Jem, sets out to add every male significant other of the Holograms to her list of conquests. 

When Zhana is stricken with cancer, she gives up performing forever. Peach becomes the only original member of Hard Candy left, and begins a solo career, turning to Jem and the Holograms as mentors. 

After the reunion between Danse and her mother, she has learned that Nadia was working to hide secret documents from the government. An assassin was sent to stop her, but his life was taken in the process. Out for revenge, his beloved Diane DuViolette has taken up a personal grudge against Danse and will not rest until she is dead. This puts Haven House in jeopardy and causes Danse to lose her position. 

Stormer and Clash return to the Misfits leaving Whatcha Want in the cold, but giving Nadine the opportunity to front the band. 

Bass and Jem’s engagement party is in uproar when Pizzazz and the Misfits invade, and get involved with treasure hunters who steal Kimber’s necklace. Jem confronts Pizzazz, forcing her to take a look at her personal demons. 

Bhodi is revealed to be the third son of Countessa Della Rocha, but how this revelation will affect his relationship with Aja is yet to be determined. 

Eric Raymond, tired of Jem and the Holograms constantly interfering in his business, decides to take matters into his own hands once and for all, hiring Challenge Kret, an assassin to dispose of the singer. Jem fears for her life and the lives of her Starlight Girls, and has to decide if continuing to lead a double-life is in her best interest.