Sunset At Chaopraya

Birdo as Koborisan Koo-Kum


Sunset at Chaopraya(Koo-Kum) 1996
Directed by Euthana Mukdasanit
Movie Soundtrack compose by Anuwat Suebsuwan
Theme song is Ter-Kon-Deaw(Eternal) lyric by Seefa


During the Japanese occupation of Thailand in World War II. "Kobori" a Japanese navy captain meets and falls in love with Ungsumalin. As events throw Kobori and Ungsumalin together, they each wrestle with their sense of duty. Kobori to his job and his country's aims in Thailand and Ungsumalin to her country's struggle to overthrow the invaders in the face of a growing concern for each other.

( Rate 4/5 )


  1. Ter Kon Deaw ( Thai Version )

  2. Kum-Deaw Kor Roo

  3. Ter Kon Deaw (Flanger Mix)

  4. Ter Kon Deaw (Japanese Version)

  5. Jun-Jao-Kar

  6. Ter Kon Deaw (Japanese-Thai Mix)

  7. Song-Kram

  8. Kid-Tueng Ban

  9. Dokino

  10. Tai Ton Lum-Poo

  11. Long-Tode

  12. Trouj Hong

  13. Tud-Jai




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