Announcing "Gun Toddler Products". A new company that fosters safe gun attitudes and handling at an early age. Today the issue of "guns and kids" is a volatile one. As we see it at "Gun Toddler", these problems can be avoided by teaching gun safety and handling at an early age. Most of the problems arise from ignorance and fear of guns.

Now you can rest assured that you can be safe, and still have access to your weapon in a time of crisis. Having to wait until you find your key...unlock your gun...and finally load your gun can leave you at a disadvantage. But we still want to be safe. The answer?... "GUN BINKY"!!

Now Mom can keep baby quiet and happy and still be ready to defend herself. "Gun Binky" fits into any size handgun and unlike other gun safety products, your gun can stay loaded. You and baby rest quietly... and ready for what ever comes your way.

In an emergency situation, "Gun Binky" can be fired while still inserted if nescessary. It will not obstruct the barrel. Made of the finest all natural rubber products, the "Gun Binky" can easily be cleaned with soap and water. And studies show that babies that use "Gun Binky" are more likely to grow up with a fondness for guns and not a fear of guns. This familiarity at an early age will discourage experimentation at a later age when ignorance coupled with curiosity can create a nasty situation. Kids grow up knowing that the gun has been with them all their lives and poses not threat, and older children will not ususally pick up a gun with the "Gun Binky" in it, as "It's for Babies".

And for Toddlers..."Talking Mr. Gun"!!

Kids love "Mr. Gun." His silly voice, but wise advice will capture the imagination of toddlers and the hearts of adults. Just pull the trigger and "Mr. Gun" will give sage advice. Over 20 different warnings and other sayings give toddlers hours of fun. And kids grow up with the fondness of guns that we all have deep inside. With "Mr. Gun" drilling in gun safety saying after saying...year after year... Your child will develop that reflex gun safety we all need in today's world. No fear...No ignorance...No bad habits formed.

Squeeze the trigger and hear "Mr. Gun" say...

Don't look down the barrel until you check to see if I am loaded!

Don't put me in the baby's mouth!

If I go off pointed there, you'll always be a soprano!

Don't point me at the TV!

Put me back under Daddy's pillow, I'm sleepy!

Put me back in the cookie jar, I'm hiding!

Careful!! Even a clean flesh wound will hurt real bad!

If you just heard a bang, call 911!

Ok, I met your friends, now put me back!

"Mr Gun" can even be used to teach adults. Everyone loves "Talking Mr. Gun". Just attach "Mr. Gun" on any handgun. Comes with easy to follow instructions. The on-board computer chip sensing device knows when a finger is on the trigger and will randomly give a warning or instruction. As with "Gun Binky", your gun stays loaded for use. Our studies show that kids will listen to "Mr. Gun" immediately and will follow the instructions to the letter. Now with "Gun Binky and Talking Mr. Gun", gun safety and instruction is fun and teaches a lifetime of good gun habits.


Simulated "Math Book" hide-away for handguns...discourages pre-teens and teens from picking up your guns when you're not around. Most teens won't go near it, much less, pick it up! Never needs locking and you can keep you gun at the ready!!



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