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Lincoln Conspiracy

Was Lincoln the First Amish President??

Recent new information suggests that Abraham Lincoln, one of the most respected presidents of the United States, may have been the first Amish president. Old letters that are being examined as this is written, may reveal that Lincoln was an Amish Mole. Much evidence has surfaced supporting this theory. First and most obvious is the beard. Many stories abound that it was suggested to Lincoln that he grow the beard to improve his cosmetic appearance. But evidence shows that after Lincoln became president, that he revealed his true Amish roots and bravely sported the beard. Photos that were until recently unknown show Lincoln not only without the beard, but also appearing with the Amish during the Civil War. (See Below)

It has been suggested that the Civil War was fought to hide the fact that the Amish had their eyes on the Southern Plantations as future Amish farming communes. Most feared, was the "Cotton Gin". The Amish knew that the cotton gin would negate any strong hold the Amish had as superior farmers.

The Amish knew that sooner or later the issue of slavery would be resolved. With the advent of the cotton gin, that would negate the need for slaves. Using the states rights and slavery issues as smoke screens, the war began. The Amish struck pitting the North and South against one another using these issues as a wedge to divide the nation with the hope that they would reap the benefits of the turmoil. They were poised to provide the answer to the nation's need for all agriculture after the expected devastation of most of the male population.

The war however ended quicker than expected and though very costly to both sides, the U.S. was once again united but now as a more centralized nation. Though the Amish did not achieve the desired results, they instilled the idea of the United States being a "singular" term, a more centralized, federal controlled government. Rather than United States plural, with a less central, more state oriented government. Since then the U.S. has been slowly eroding the states rights and personal rights a little at a time.

John Wilkes Booth

With the war over, and at least part of their plan entrenched, Lincoln was prepared to give the Amish the "Gettysburg Battlefield" as prime farming area. Plans were made for Lincoln to give greater control of the agricultural complex to the Amish, however, Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Some say Booth acted on his own accord and because of his own prejudices. But now with this new information, he may have known about the plan that the Amish were implementing. If this is true, then Booth may actually be the patriot, and Lincoln just a puppet of the Amish. Is it a coincidence that Booth's death was suspicious. It is reported he died in a barn. Now who do we know that uses a barn more than anyone else? Now you see...The AMISH!! Did the Amish catch and kill Booth and then let the federal troops have him? Some say nonsense, that Booth killed Lincoln and that's it. But it may have been the Amish themselves for his failure to prolong the war and bring the Amish States of America into being. Others however, maintain that the Amish had more to gain by leaving Lincoln in control.

Why then did Lincoln not wear the "stove-pipe hat" he was so found of, the night of the play? Rumor has it that Lincoln's hat was really designed to withstand gunfire, and Booth's plan was well known in advance. There is a report of a bearded, but mustache-free individual wearing a coat with no buttons, talking to Lincoln before the play and pointing to the hat. After which, Lincoln was then seen without his hat. Could the Amish have set up Lincoln, now that their plans had been realized? It was rumored his successor, Johnson, was easily influenced, and without the charisma Lincoln had, would not risk being a threat as an individual popular president that could seize control from them, with the people behind him.

We may never know the truth, but we will continue to report, as new information unfolds.

To the left: A "to do" list believed to be from Lincoln's desk. When compared to his other handwriting examples, the experts say it did not match up.

But this could be because Lincoln either disguised his handwriting, or dictated the message to a secretary.

Carbon 14 dating shows that it is probably from the 19th or 20th centuries, verifying that it could be genuine. Just who is "Brother J"?... Perhaps, Brother Jacob, a common Amish name. No way to confirm this.

Further testing is needed to confirm authenticity. We will update as information is received.





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