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The Saint Vincent Chapel is located on the Kapelleberg (Chapel Mountain), north of the parish of Maarke (part of the village of Maarke-Kerkem in the town of Maarkedal, Belgium). Though the chapel was a popular pelgrimage place, it never developed into an autonomous parish church.

The first chapel established on the Kapelleberg was a one nave building. It was erected at the end of the 11th century or the beginning of the 12th. Its material was a mixture of crack stone from Tournai, local iron sandstone and green sandstone.

The west facade, nave and the square shaped choir retained their original shape, even after the west and north facades were heightened in 1765. In the same year, segmental arch windows were placed in the nave and a blue stone portal added. In 1857, a wooden fleche was added, followed by a sacristy.

The Saint Vincent Chapel was classified as an important national treasure by the Government of Belgium on November 9, 1976.

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(English translation: Architectural Guide of South-East-Flanders. Romanesque Architecture (1000-1225).)