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From 1839 to 1842, the parish of Sint-Maria-Lierde (now part of the Town of Lierde, Belgium) constructed a new church in so-called "Troubadour Gothic" style.

For that purpose, 800,000 stones were baked in a field oven ; 1.8 million liters of plaster were used for the inside walls and 850 square meters of slates to cover the roof.

Total costs added up to 37,500 Belgian francs.

The name of the architect has not been discovered yet.

Acknowledgement to : Architectuurgids Zuid-Oost-Vlaanderen

From the 1880s on, the furnishing of the church interior took shape.

Sculptures were bought from Van Biesbroeck in 1884, and Matthias Zens in 1886 and 1890, both residing in the City of Gent, Belgium. In 1886, an organ was purchased from the company De Campenaere, located in the City of Mechelen. Stations of the Cross were made by Alphons Van Den Eijcken from the City of Geraardsbergen in 1887. Th. De Bruycker from the City of Gent delivered an altar, a communion rail and pews in 1888-90. A reading desk and confessional boxes were coming from Prosper Verloo, resident of the City of Zottegem, in 1892-1906. Jean-Baptiste de Bethune made a design for a stained-glass window, but this project was not executed.

As a result, the church of Sint-Maria-Lierde got a late-neo-Gothic interior. Pictures can be seen at the website of Lierde Vierkerkendorp.

Source: Koenraad DE WOLF, Architectuurgids Zuid-Oost-Vlaanderen. Van Empire tot Art Noveau. De 19de-eeuwse Neostijlen (1800-1918), 1999, pp. 45-46.
(English translation: Architectural Guide of South-East-Flanders. From Empire to Art Nouveau, the 19th Century Neo-Styles (1800 - 1918).)

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