Logo of the President Casino/Broadwater Resort, letterhead stationery found in the ruins of the hotel

An historic Biloxi Landmark takes the brunt of Hurricane Katrina-
And We Lurk It, Summer 2006!!

April, 2006:The Dominoes After-Midnight Club was respectfully restrained & cautious during the months immediately following the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Except for the old Tivoli (which was in a critical situation and now gone), the DAMC abstained from any lurking of the devastated ruins for the entire year following the most horrific storm to strike our region ever. Meantime, Alert Club fans wrote in to find out in what condition the Hurricane left all these historic buildings. The Broadwater Beach resort on Biloxi's beachfront (left) was a perennial favorite for vacationers - and, as you can see here, totally whacked by the storm. Two daytime visits demonstrated the difficulty of extensively lurking inside the place; The building was easy to get to - only the first floor was literally carpeted with huge bricks and other dangerous debris, and the mid-landing for the only accesible stairs up was washed out in the storm - only clever and dangerous acrobatics would get a Lurker to the upper floors. The daylight pictures presented here make it obvious that a nighttime lurk of the Broadwater would have been entirely hazardous if not deadly.

A few of us did hazard the stairs, and were rewarded for our reckless antics. Like other abandoned buildings in our past, the upper floors contain a virtual treasure trove inventory of left-behind odds and ends. This building is barely 100 yards from the shore of the Gulf. One might estimate the surge of water which came in was easily twenty feet high - the carpet on the enclosed second floor had been thoroughly saturated. At any rate, the damage demonstrated in these photos speaks for itself.

October, 2006: The same fate brought to the Tivoli Hotel has been handed to the Broadwater - demolition and removal. So the Dominoes After-Midnight Club was left only one choice - LURK IT before it's GONE!!! Our Eleventh Anniversary Lurk was mid-September and it was in the remains of the Broadwater Resort building -- Top to Bottom!! Our pictures from the Lurk post later this month - check back!!

With little regard for this building's history or the architectural period it represents from Biloxi's history, opportunistic business and entertainment (read: gaming) investors already planned to destroy this building even before the hurricane & cash in on the opportunities the bulldozed property would offer, as evidenced in this recent article from the Gulf Coast News.

Only clear flight of stairs from what used to be the lobby, almost useless for upstairs lurking

Inside the lobby, endlessly littered with storm debris, looking towards the west beyond the demolished walls

We owe it to this page and to the Broadwater Resort to include the history of this place - Use the Link below. Below is a picture of the original Broadwater Hotel two weeks after Katrina. Compare to the scene below it of the same building in a year later, after the owners began the demolition process. (The name "President" was added to this building and some other hotels of the same ownership a few years ago when they were all incorperated into the 'President Casino Resort'.)

The original Broadwater resort opened on Biloxi's beachfront in the 1950's. This is what remains following the crushing storm surge from Hurricane Katrina
PROFIT is better than RESTORATION! The recently new owners of the Broadwater property elect to demolish one more historically significant building of the Biloxi beachfront

Below is what used to be a million-dollar view from one of the second floor suites, looking west over the pool area and the traffic on US 90. Heavy debris was still plentiful throughout the Broadwater building during this lurk in September 2006.

Brief Historical Sketch of the
Original Broadwater Hotel 1939-2006

It's All Gone by the end of October!
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in August,2005

Cancelled Playing Card from the resort's casino, found in the debris of the wrecked building

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