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(Spring Summer autumn Winter, Bom Yeo-reum Ga-eul Kyeo-ul in Korean)

SSaW has been one of the most influential bands in the Korean music industry since the late 80s.
In 1986, KIM Jong-jin, Jeon Tae-gwan, PARK Seong-sik, and JANG Gi-ho formed a band named "Kim Hyeon-sik and the SSaW" with their mentor, the late Hyeonsik Kim.
Later in 1988, KIM Jongjin (vocal & guitar) and JEON Taegwan (drums) reformed the band, and released their first album under the name of "SSaW."
The impact of the first album had been enormous because the SSaW was the first commercialized fusion-jazz band in Korean pop music history (In my humble opinion, the SSaW should be called as a fusion-rock band). The original first LP album contains seven vocal tracks and three instrumetal tracks which is still considered as a highly irregular format. Altough the term "fusion-jazz" was unfamiliar for the most of Korean music listeners, and very few people were listening to Jazz at the time, the SSaW made its debut succesfully, and has opened a new era of Korean pop. Since then they have officially released 6 more albums and 1 live and 1 compilation album.

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Kim2 Kim1
Real Name - KIM Jong-jin (last name, first name)
Birthdate - December 19, 1962
Birthplace - Seoul, Korea
Blood Type - A

Jeon2 Jeon1
Real Name - JEON Tae-gwan (last name, first name)
Birthdate - May 16, 1962
Birthplace - Seoul, Korea
Blood Type - 0

(Album title, Release date, Recording company, Serial number)

SSaW1 Bom.Yeo-reum.Ga-eul.Kyeo-ul [Spring.Summer.autumn.Winter], 1988, Seorabeol Record, VIP-CD-024 (CD)

SSaW2 Bom.Yeo-reum.Ga-eul.Kyeo-ul 2, 1989, Seorabeol Record, Donga Corporation, VIP-CD-033 (CD)

SSaWlive Bom Yeo-reum Gae-ul Kyeo-ul Live(2 CDs), 1991, Seorabeol Record, Donga Corporation, VIP-CD-073 (CD)

SSaW3 Nong-dam, Geo-jit-mal geu-ri-go Jin-sil [Jokes, Lies, and the Truth], 1992, Seorabeol Record, Donga Corporation, VIPCD-100 (CD)

SSaW4 I Photograph to Remember, 1993, Donga Corporation, VIPCD-119 (CD)

SSaW5 Mystery, 1994, Donga Corporation, VIPCD-155

SSaW6 Banana Shake (enhanced CD), 1996, Donga Corporation, VIPCD-165

SB1a SB1b [1st jacket design, limited edition]
SBa SBb [2nd]
Best of the Best
[compilations, digitally remastered, 2 CDs: one for Instrumentals & the other for Songs], December 1997, Donga Corporation, VIP-20257 (songs), VIP-20258 (instrumental)
[Here are English translations for the titles of songs from the CDs. These are not definitive translations.]

1. Winter, always [New]
2. I really hate to leave you [1st album]
3. The way I go [1st]
4. People change [1st]
5. A dream of someone [2nd]
6. Spring summer autumn winter [2nd, Remake]
5. In my arms [2nd]
8. A seventeen and a twenty four [2nd]
9. Love you [2nd]
10. When I read my old dairy [3rd]
11. Kisses on your picture [3rd]
12. Outsider [3rd]
13. A story of my lost bycicle [4th]
14. About the soul [4th]
15. The beauty [5th]
16. 2:05 AM [5th]
17. Banana shake [6th]

1. Thinking of you (dedicated to SSaW, New)
2. Always happy people [1st album, Remake]
3. The street musician [1st]
4. December 31st [1st]
5. If my lovely song can clear your mind [2nd]
6. To the star-setting night, my dear [2nd]
7. There's still something in my heart [2nd]
8. Jokes, lies and the truth [3rd]
9. If I... [3rd]
10. I photograph to remember [4th]
11. The animal of reason and the animal of emotion [4th]
12. The prince of Persia [4th]
13. Gecko Funk (dedicated to Hiram Bullock) [5th]
14. On the wave of loneliness (dedicated to Taegwan Jeon) [5th]
15. Daddy Wes (dedicated to Wes Montgomery) [5th]
16. Mightnight guitar [6th]

SB2a Bom.Yeo-reum.Ga-eul.Kyeo-ul Best 1, April 1999, Donga Corporation, VIP-20251 [unauthorized compilation]

SB2b Bom.Yeo-reum.Ga-eul.Kyeo-ul Best 2, April 1999, Donga Corporation, VIP-20252 [unauthorized compilation]
SB2c Bom.Yeo-reum.Ga-eul.Kyeo-ul Best Instrumental, 1999, Donga Corporation, VIP-20253 [unauthorized compilation]
SSaW7 Bravo, My life!, 2001, Donga Music, VIPCD 043
SB3 BEST OF THE BEST BOM YEO-REUM GAEUL KYEO-UL SONGS, INSTRUMENTAL AND THEIR STORY, 2003, Sinara Music, Bom Yeo-reum Gaeul Kyeo-ul Entertainment, SSAWC-003 [Authorized reissue of Best of the Best]

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Han-jan-eui-Chu-eok [A shot of a memory]
from Bravo, My Life! Download

Bravo, My Life!
from Bravo, My Life! Download

Hwa-hae-yeon-ga [A make up song ]
from Bravo, My Life! Download

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KIM Jong-jin (left) and JEON Tae-gwan in the late 80s

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