John Pitts


1776 - 1848

John Jr. was born May 18, 1776 in Warren County, North Carolina.  He was the 8th child and 4th son of John Pitts Beasley Sr. and Elizabeth Unknown.

He married Lucy Ellis, the daughter of John Ellis and Lucy Brouder, on November 26, 1800, in Warren County, North Carolina.  Lucy was born March 25, 1781 in North Carolina and died at the home of her son Barnabas on  Aug. 26, 1851 in Williamson County, Tenn.  The 1850 Williamson County, TN, census shows her at age 69 in the household of her son Barnabas and states that she could not read nor write.    John and Lucy had the following children:

           Nancy        b. 1801
           Wiley Ellis b. 1803
           John Pitts  b. 1805
           Mary Ann  b. 1809
           Barnabus   b. 1812
Littleberry b. 1817
           William     b. 1825

Around the year 1815, John and Lucy moved from their Warren County  home in Hawtree Creek, North Carolina to near the Leiper Forks community on the Bear Creek, Williamson County, Tennessee. Their last two children, Littleberry & William, were born at the new homestead.

John died November 5, 1848 at Bear Creek, Williamson, TN. and is buried at the Beasley Cemetery, in Bear Creek, Williamson, TN.   His last will and testament was signed and acknowledged by N. T. Robinson and S. Sparkman on Oct. 31, 1848, Williamson CO., TN, Clerk's Office

John P. Beasley Jr.

WILL: Will of John P. Beasley, Sr.,
Dec. 1848, Williamson Co., Tenn.
Will Records 9:202, Co. Clerk's Office,
Franklin, Tennessee.
                   John P. Beasley decd. Will, December Term 1848.

                        I John P. Beasley, Senior, do make & publish this my last will & testament in manner & form as follows,
  1st I will  that my body be decently buryed & the funeral charges paid by My executor.
  2d. I will that all my just debts be paid out of any money that I may die possessed of or that may be
raised from the sale of my perishable property.
  3rd I will that my wife Lucy Beasley have one third of my land during her natural life including the dwelling house & that she have one farm horse her choice, two cows & calves her choice, one sow & pigs, & six dwelling house & that she have one farm horse her choice, two cows & calves her choice, one sow & pigs, & six shotes also her choice, seven hundred weight of pork & forty barrels of corn, all my household & kitchen
furniture, five hundred sheaves of oats & five hundred bundles of fodder.  I also wish My executor to pay her one hundred dollars in money-
                   I next appoint my Son Barnabas Beasley trustee for my daughter  Nancy P. Peach, & give to him in trust for her, one horse worth forty five or fifty dollars
  4th. I will that the remainder of my estate consisting of money the proceeds of the Sale of my perishable property, & the money arising from the Sale of my land be equally divided among my children, that is to say Barnabas Beasley in trust for Nancy P. Peach, Wiley E. Beasley, John P. Beasley, Mary Ann Godwin, Barnabas Beasley, Littleberry Beasley & William Beasley

as to the Sale of my land I leave it discretionary with my heirs, they may divide it among themselves, or they may have my Executor to sell it & divide the proceeds thereof among themselves.
   5th. I will that after the death of my wife Lucy Beasley that the land given to her together with what perishable may be remaining in her hands be Sold by my executor, & when her debts & funeral charges are paid the remainder to be equally divided among the above named legatees in the Manner & form above named.
   6th. I will that if my said trustee Barnabas  Beasley may or should at any time think that the decreed land  do mind that it not best to Surrender the property or Money  that he have in trust for his Said Sister Nancy P. Peach to her  he may do so & take her weight for the same.
   7th. and lastly I appoint My Son Barnabas Beasley executor of this my last  will  & testament,
October 31st 1848.
          John P.Beasley

Signed & acknowledged in our presence this 31st day of October 1848.
N.T. Robinson,
S. Sparkman.
                        The last will & testament of Jno P. Beasley lat of this County deceased is produced in Court for Probate & the execution  thereof duly proved thus, Nicholas T. Robinson & S.Sparkman
                   Subscribing witnesses thereto being Sworn Say they became Such  in the presence of & at the request of the testator that they believed   Said testator was of Sound --- disposing mind & memory at the making & publication of said Will.