Hello - I'm Brandy Dewinter

Welcome to my second home.

Over time I've written a few stories and made a few sketches. I've had a website for quite a while, as such things are measured in cyberspace, and it's still available at http://www.reocities.com/b_dewinter.
Most of what I've done is there.

However, I filled up that site, and after a site I had shared with Tigger went down, I started this one for the newer stories.

When I first started reading and posting stories, modems were much slower and I was often frustrated by long downloads that would get interrupted part way through, losing the story or at least its ending.

I promised myself I would not contribute to that sort of frustration, so I always posted my stories by chapter to keep the downloads small.

Time marches on, and what would once have been considered a large download is minor today, so I have posted these stories as single html files. Since my newer stories all have embedded sketches, I didn't create a text-only version.

If you'd like to send me a note, my address is brandy_dew@hotmail.com

The Lady

The Story

The Background

Xora 3: Shell Game

This is the third story starring Federation Field Agent Xora with her symbiont partner Titania. The first two are at my original site. This story appears in some other archives as well.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

A young mob assassin is recruited to stop a terrorist plot - whether he wants to or not.

A story written with PJ Wright.

This story was available for a time at the site I shared with Tigger.

Dream Lover

Mutant powers, high school, and making fantasies real.

The spark for this story came from the Whateley universe. In order to recognize their creativity, I have used that setting rather than invent new names for an essentially similar setting. However, while I checked with those authors to ensure I did not diminish their concept or characters, this story is not by approved by those authors and not part of the canon for that universe.

It is only available here.

You can find the real Whateley stories at http://www.crystalhall.org.


Getting caught in freezing rain means you need dry clothes, right?

And if they're warm, and comfortable, and just happen to make you look really good . . .

This story is only available here. As time goes on, I may add additional illustrations. I have the ideas, just not the time to get them done.