The World Hockey Association

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  • Many pages now have pictures (mostly B&W) of the uniforms. If you have one that is not pictured, please contact me. This goes for the new media guide section and program section as well.

  • The WHA's teams:

    At no time did all these teams play. Some are moves or various other incarnations of each other.

    Yearly Standings.

    The WHA All-Star games.

    WHA Classified section for buying and selling of WHA stuff.

    Pictures of the team's media guides.

    Pictures of various Game programs. Updated

    A picture of the AVCO World Trophy.

    Pictures of exhibition games between the WHA and NHL.

    A 1990's version of what might have been.

    WHA Merchandise links

    WHA (and non-WHA) links on the internet.

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