Viagem ao Chile! Trip to Chile! Viaje a Chile!

Welcome to Braunstein's Home Page! In this page you'll find news and photos about my latest trip to Chile with my two friends (Marcellus & Juninho). I hope that you enjoy it! But before I will tell a short story about Chile.

It says that after the World was created by God, he still had a surplus os everything he had used to do this: Forests, deserts, mountains, lakes, ice, valleys and rivers. He gathered all those geographic features and put them on a slim strip of lanf in the south of the Earth. So Chile was formed! Chile is a singular place to Visit!

We had the oportunity to go to Chile in Feb'1997 (by bus). In this first step of our trip, the most beautiful place was the Andean Palteau. The geography is very desertic. The Aconcagua Mt.(6960mts) is the biggest mountain in all America!
For now, I will put here some photos of my Trip! Soon this page will have more information and news about...

Trip to Chile!

Andeau Plateau(Cordilheira dos Andes)

Me and my Friends Juninho & Marcellus( in Valdivia).

Chiloe Island(Ilha de Chiloe')

Rafting in Pucon

Rafting in Pucon.

Rafting in Pucon

Rafting in Pucon.

Top of VillaRica Volcano (no Topo do Vulcão VillaRica)

Climbing VillaRica Volcano

I Climbing VillaRica Volcano (Sou Eu!)

Osorno Volcano (Região dos Lagos)

Other View of VillaRica Volcano.

At the Top of VillaRica Volcano

Me and my Friend Juninho.

Foto de Valdivia. Barco em Castro . Escalando o Vulcão VillaRica. Igreja a caminho de Ancud. Senhora tricotando em Ancud.

Comming Soon! More photos about our trip!

There is more On-Line Information about Chile.

Oi! Você é o Visitante!

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