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PPP, PML members join JUI(F)

From Abdur Rahman Abid/Wednesday September 15, 2004
BUNER: Ghani Akbar and Manzar Hussain of Chamla along with their families and friends have parted way with the PPP and the PML, and have joined the Jamiat Ulemai-i-Islam (F).
Talking to media men here at Daggar on Tuesday, they said that they dedicated their lives for the mission of the great leader, ZA Bhutto, and Hayat Khan Sherpao even during the dictatorial regime of Ziaul Haq.
They said that Sherpao was far from the ideological politics of the party, and thus they along with their families and friends had decided to part way with the PPP and joined hand with the JUI (F) to struggle against the West's imperialism.
Meanwhile, another prominent figure, Dawa Khan of Chamla, announced to join the JUI (F) along with his family members, relatives, and friends.
Gujar leader demands ministry for Sher Akbar Khan
The divisional chief of the Gujar Qaumi Tehrik and leader of the Buner chapter of the PPP (S), Haji Salar Gujar, has demanded of the party head, Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, to induct the party's MNA Sher Akbar Khan, advocate, in the federal cabinet, otherwise, he threatened of tendering resignation along with the other leaders and workers of the party.
Expressing his views, Salar Gujar, flanked by dozens others, told media men at Daggar on Tuesday that the masses had voted in favour of Sher Akbar Khan and MPA Haji Jamshed Khan for the solution of their longstanding problems.
Instead of assigning him ministry, Sherpao totally bypassed Sher Akber and handed over the ministry to Aneesa Zaib, said Salar.