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By Dr. Sher Badshah

Hepatitis is an infectious disease of the liver which called ZIARAY in pushto.
This can be spread or transfer from one person to another by transfusion of blood, repeated use of syringes, needles, unsterilized instruments and other means. Here we have to focus on the syringes and unsterilized instruments.
In buner the Dental services was only available at D.H.Q. Hospital Daggar, and civil hospital Pir baba until 1994. there was no private dental surgeon in practice. A large number of Quacks( those who are practicing dentistry but are not the real doctors) was in action throughout buner until 1994. Some of these have never gone to school in their life and were playing with the health of innocent people. Even still they are in practice in the same manner today. These people which called quack are 100% responsible for the spread of hepatitis and other infections like AIDS, T.B. How they are responsible, lets me explain in detail.
Sterilization is the process, by which all kind of bacteria can be killed and the instruments in use for any surgery can be cleaned of these germs. These quacks even donít know the meaning of sterilization or bacteria. The best method of sterilization is called autoclaving, which can killed all type of bacteria and can cleaned the instruments completely. Unfortunatly  the autoclave is even not available in D.H.Q. hospital Daggar.
In the government hospitals only the boiling method of sterilization is available, which canít cleaned the surgical instruments 100%, and also the hand piece(drill machine) more frequently used canít be sterilized by boiling. It means the hand pieces in the government hospital have never been sterilized once in their life.
The Quacks not doing any sterilization are spreading this infection among the resident of buner, if only one patient having hepatitis in his life attended the clinic of any Quack, then all the patients visiting that clinic would be infected with hepatitis surely. Now a days the Dental Surgeons available throughout buner , but still these Quacks are practicing openly in the main markets like swari,jowar, pirbaba, tourwarsk.
In the last I will request the people of buner, that they should not purchase the hepatitis, a horrible disease by visiting these non-doctors for their dental problem.