Bv-206 Air-Mech-Strike in Afghanistan & Beyond...


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Table of Contents

Slide 1 Introduction

Slide 2 Bv-206 Air-Mech-Strike in Afghanistan

Slide 3 Air-Mech-Strike (AMS) Study Group

Slide 4 Air-Mech-Strike (AMS) Concept

Slide 5 Air-Mech-Strike (AMS) NATO Example

Slide 6 Meets U.S. Army Requirements

Slide 7 Bv-206S meets JV 2020 and Army Vision

Slide 8 Bv-206 vs. Bv-206S comparison

Slide 9 Bv-206S Overview

Slide 10 Bv-206S 120mm mortar carrier

Slide 11 Specifications for the Bv206S

Slide 12 Bv-206S Overview - Hägglunds Support

Slide 13 Hägglunds Bv-206S Budgetary Info (Upon request)

Slide 14 Hägglunds Bv-206S Delivery Plan

Slide 15 Hägglunds Bv-206S Summary

Slide 16 Hägglunds Bv-206S Summary

Slide 17 Contact Information


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NEWS UPDATE: German Mountain Division orders 75 x BV206S Ridgways

Germany Orders All Terrain Vehicles From BAE SYSTEMS' Hagglunds

Defense Daily International:

The German procurement agency announced last month it signed an order valued at approximately $44 million for 75 Bv206S all-terrain vehicles with BAE SYSTEMS' Land Systems Hagglunds. The Bv206S is an armored variant of the Bv206, with a load capacity of 1,550 kg, and can tow a 2,500 kg trailer. A unique hydraulic steering linkage connects the front and rear units, allowing greater flexibility and maneuverability. The vehicle can be air dropped and transported by various aircraft and helicopters. The German army now has 168 Bv206 vehicles. The new Bv206S armored vehicles will be used in the Germany army's Mountain Brigade. The order is part of Germany's requirement for some 200 vehicles. The first batch of 31 x Bv206S was ordered in 2002.