Civil War Veterans Buried in Canada

Cameron, John Robson -- born in Perth, CW, he had moved to Michigan prior to the war. During the war he served with a Michigan regiment. After the war, he was employed in the newspaper industry, and at the time of his death was editor-in-chief of the Hamilton Spectator.

Cooke, William Winer -- born in Mount Pleasant, Canada West (near Brantford). He served with the 24th New York Cavalry during the latter years of the war. In 1866, he joined the 7th United States Cavalry under George Armstrong Custer, and was killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn. His remains were later retrieved and returned to Canada, and buried at the Hamilton City Cemetery.

Collins, Michael Steven [here] Broken link

Freed, Augustus Toplady -- born in Beamsville, UC. Served with a New York Militia regiment and then with the 27th Connecticut Infantry, participating in several major battles. After the war, among other things, he was the editor of the Hamilton Spectator.

Wallace, Octavius--Buried in St. Thomas, Ontario. [here]

Winer, William D. -- probably born in Hamilton shortly after 1830. He moved to Chicago and early in the war served as the surgeon for the 23rd Illinois Infantry. After his service, he remained in Chicago. He died in 1873? and was buried in the Hamilton City Cemetery.