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Canadians Who Served with Massachusetts Regiments During the Civil War

Beginning on September 20, 2002, I have begun to reconstruct this list using information derived from the Massachusetts Adjutant General's Report [MSSM]. The location provided, unless otherwise stated, is that of the soldier's stated place of residence and not birth. Information concerning men who served with the 57th Massachusetts Veteran Infantry was derived from the highly detailed roster in Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen; The Fifty-Seventh Massachusetts Veteran Volunteers [57MaInf] which is now unfortunately out of print. The number of Canadians who served with this regiment far exceeds the three that are listed in the Adjutant General's Report and suggests that all told there were probably several thousand Canadians who served with Massachusetts regiments during the war.

  1. Abanatha, William--Upper Canada--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  2. Ackley, James--born Cambridge, N.S.--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  3. Adams, George E.--Danville, Canada East--12th and 39th Infantry [MSSM]
  4. Adams, Henry--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  5. Adams, Jans H.--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  6. Adams, John--London, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  7. Addison, Charles H.--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  8. Agler, Nathaniel--St. John, N.B.--12th Infantry (also in US Navy)[MSSM]
  9. Aldrich, Loammi C.--Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  10. Alexander, Edward--Nova Scotia-- 22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  11. Alexander, John--Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  12. Allen, Charles J.--Halifax, N.S.--12th Infantry (also with 3rd NY Cav.) [MSSM]
  13. Allen, Erasmus--Shefford, Canada East--1st Light Artillery [MSSM]
  14. Allen, John--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  15. Amidon, Clement H.--Woodstock, N.S.--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  16. Anderson, Charles--Montreal, Canada-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  17. Anderson, John--Quebec, Canada--2nd Infantry (also in US Navy) [MSSM]
  18. Andrews, Thomas--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  19. Angle, Francis--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  20. Annick, John H.--Toronto, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  21. Annis, John--Nova Scotia--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  22. Atkinson, John--Danville, Canada East--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  23. Austin, Paul--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  24. Avery, Peter--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  25. Aytoun, James F.--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  26. Babo, Henry--Montreal, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  27. Bailey, Augustus--Amesbury, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  28. Bailey, James--Amesbury, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  29. Bailey, John--Nova Scotia--17th Infantry and 2nd He. Art. [MSSM]
  30. Bailey, William--Amesbury, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  31. Baker, Charles--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  32. Banfill, Richard H.--Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  33. Barclay, Thomas--Montreal, Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  34. Barge, Henry--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  35. Barkley, Thomas--St. John, N.B.--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  36. Barry, George--Halifax, N.S.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  37. Barry, John--St. John, N.B.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  38. Barton, Peter--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  39. Bassett, Joseph--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  40. Beals, Edward--Hamilton, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  41. Beaureauby, Feausont--Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  42. Beaver, Frank--Montreal, Canada--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  43. Bedreau, Alexander--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  44. Bell, John???--Halifax, N.S.--12th Infantry (also in US Navy) [MSSM]
  45. Bell, John--Toronto, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  46. Belmont, Charles H.--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  47. Beltreau, Gusta--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  48. Bennett, Octave--Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  49. Benois, Joseph--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  50. Benroy, Thomas--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  51. Bentley, George G.--Cornwallis, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  52. Berger, Charles--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  53. Bertrand, Moses--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  54. Bickford, Daniel--Stanbridge, Canada East--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  55. Billadeaux, Thomas--Canada East--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  56. Bird, Frank--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  57. Birmingham, John--New Brunswick--16th Infantry [MSSM]
  58. Birney, James--Nova Scotia--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  59. Bishop, Albert--Cape Breton, N.S.--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  60. Black, Robert--Kingston, Canada West --2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  61. Blanchard, Louis--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  62. Bonner, Godfrey--Canada--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  63. Booter, Anson--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  64. Boulen, William ??--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  65. Boulette, Fortuna--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  66. Bourdon, Augustus--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  67. Boyce, James--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  68. Boyce, Richard--Canada--22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  69. Boyd, Charles--Quebec, Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  70. Boyd, John--Montreal, Canada --21st Infantry [MSSM]
  71. Boyd, John--St. John, N.B.--7th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  72. Boyle, Owen--Halifax, N.S.--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  73. Boyle, Robert--Kingston, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  74. Bradeau, Alfred--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  75. Brady, James--Montreal, Canada--2nd and 33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  76. Brady, Patrick--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  77. Brazeau, Antoine--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  78. Breau, Peter--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  79. Brenan, Clark--Toronto, Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  80. Brennan, Edward--Halifax, N.S.--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  81. Breton, Lewis--Quebec, Canada--2nd and 33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  82. Brigham, Charles L.--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  83. Brill, Albert E.--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  84. Brotgers, Lewis--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  85. Brotherson, Andrew J.--Halifax, N.S.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  86. Brousseau, Antoine--Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  87. Brown, Abraham--Toronto, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  88. Brown, Albert--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  89. Brown, Charles H.--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  90. Brown, Charles R.--Yarmouth, N.S.--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  91. Brown, Frank--Nova Scotia--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  92. Brown, George--Canada--13th and 39th Infantry [MSSM]
  93. Brown, Henry--Toronto, Canada -- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  94. Brown, James--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  95. Brown, John--Fort Erie, Canada--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  96. Brown, John--Halifax, N.S.--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  97. Brown, Robert--Toronto, Canada-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  98. Brown, Thomas--Canada--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  99. Brown, Thomas--Canada West--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  100. Bryden, William--Nova Scotia--59th Infantry [MSSM]
  101. Buck, William--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  102. Bugard, John--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  103. Bullis, Jabez--born Farmersville, CW--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  104. Burden, John--Pictou, N.S.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  105. Buriel, Xavia--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  106. Burno, Charles--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  107. Burns, William--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  108. Burrill, William--Canada West--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  109. Burroughs, Nelson--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  110. Buschier, Peter--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  111. Bushe, Louis--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  112. Butler, Edwin--Liverpool, N.S.--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  113. Byron, William--Pembroke, Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  114. Byron, Zepheron--Pembroke, Canada --1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  115. Caffery, Daniel--New Brunswick--11th and 16th Infantry [MSSM]
  116. Caldwell, James--Nova Scotia--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  117. Callaghan, William J.--Montreal, Canada--6th Light Artillery and 3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  118. Callowell, Charles--Canada East--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  119. Cameron, Edward--St. John, N.B.--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  120. Campbell, Henry--Montreal, Canada-- 21st Infantry [MSSM]
  121. Campbell, Hugh--Cape Breton, N.S.--60th Infantry [MSSM]
  122. Canfield, John--St. John, N.B.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  123. Carbeau, Edward--St. Johns, Newfoundland--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  124. Carmichael, George H.--Pictou, N.S.--7th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  125. Carmody, Michael--Montreal, Canada--11th and 16th Infantry [MSSM]
  126. Carnale, John--Canada-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  127. Carney, William--Toronto, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  128. Carroll, John--St. John, N.B.--11th and 16th Infantry [MSSM]
  129. Carts, John--Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  130. Cassan, Henry--Montreal, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  131. Changyon, Joseph--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  132. Changyon, Levi--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  133. Changyon, William--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  134. Chaplin, Felix--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  135. Chapman, George--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  136. Chartier, Joseph--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  137. Chase, Albert--New Brunswick--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  138. Chase, Samuel--Nova Scotia--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  139. Chism, William--St. Stephan, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  140. Clair, Henry--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  141. Claress, Alphonso--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  142. Clark, Charles--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  143. Clark, Frank--Toronto, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  144. Clark, George--St. John, N.B.-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  145. Clark, James H.--Kingston, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  146. Clark, John--Canada--12th Infantry (also with 30th Wisc. Inf.) [MSSM]
  147. Clark, John--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  148. Clark, John S.--Brantford, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  149. Clarke, James--St. John, N.B.--2nd Light Artillery [MSSM]
  150. Classon, Henry--born Digby, NS--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  151. Clement, Charles--East Canada--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  152. Clinton, Henry--Canada-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  153. Coderre, Louis C.E.--born St. Hugues, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  154. Collins, Levi--Newfoundland--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  155. Collins, Thomas--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  156. Colt, John--Hamilton, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  157. Connell, Timothy--Montreal, Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  158. Conners, James--Nova Scotia--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  159. Connor, John--Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  160. Conover, George H.--St. John, N.B.--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  161. Cook, George--Halifax, N.S.--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  162. Cooper, George--Windsor, Canada--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  163. Cooper, James--Fairfax, N.S.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  164. Cooper, James--Fairfax, N.S.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  165. Cooper, William H.--Malden, Canada--55th Infantry [MSSM]
  166. Cote, David--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  167. Cousins, Henry--Prince Edward Island-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  168. Cox, William--Prince Edward Island--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  169. Craig, James--Toronto, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  170. Crane, Timothy F.--St. John, N.B.--3rd Cavalry (also 6th MA Inf.) [MSSM]
  171. Creamer, Daniel--St. John, N.B.--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  172. Cronin, John--St. John, N.B.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  173. Crowley, John W.--born Fredericton, NB--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  174. Culver, Charles--Canada--16th Infantry [MSSM]
  175. Cummings, Michael--Prince Edward Island--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  176. Curran, John--Halifax, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  177. Currie, James--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  178. Dagg, John--St. Pre, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  179. Daggett, Nathaniel--Grand Manan, N.B.--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  180. Dalglish, John J.--Canada East--26th Infantry [MSSM]
  181. Dalpe, Jean B.--Montreal, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  182. Daly, Peter J.--Nova Scotia--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  183. Danyon, Horace--born Sheffield, CW--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  184. Darling. William--Toronto, Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  185. Davis, John--born Ottawa, CW--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  186. Davis, Matthew--Toronto, Canada West --56th Infantry [MSSM]
  187. Day, Thomas--Paris, Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  188. Dean, Anthony--Canada--25th Infantry [MSSM]
  189. Dean, George--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  190. Deforrest, Henry--New Brunswick--11th and 16th Infantry [MSSM]
  191. De La, William--Kingston, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  192. Delany, Toussaint L.O.--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  193. Demarets, Alexander--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  194. Demers, Henry--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  195. Derex, Louis--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  196. Deuchini, Charles--Canada East--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  197. Dickson, Le Baron A.--St. John, N.B.--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  198. Donlan, Thomas--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  199. Donnell, Andrew--St. John, N.B.--29th Infantry [MSSM]
  200. Donohue, Daniel--Newcastle, N.B.--15th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  201. Donovan, Albert--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  202. Douglas, Charles H.--Toronto, Canada--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  203. Douglas, James--Canada West--16th Infantry [MSSM]
  204. Dow, Thomas A.--St. John, N.B.--19th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  205. Dowling, Thomas--St. John, N.B.--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  206. Doyle, Edward--Nova Scotia--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  207. Dubois, Edmond--Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  208. Dudley, Peter--Toronto, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  209. Dugolfe, Anthony--Quebec, Canada--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  210. Dumor, Mitchell--Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  211. Duncan, George--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  212. Duncan, Henry--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  213. Dupree, Joseph--Canada --56th Infantry [MSSM]
  214. Dushelm, Leon--Actonville, Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  215. Earls, Stinson--St. John, N.B.--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  216. Edgar, France--Halifax, N.S.--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  217. Elkins, William G.H.--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  218. Farrell, George--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  219. Farren, John--Canada--19th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  220. Ferguson, John--Lawrence, N.S.--5th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  221. Fillow, Theodore J.--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  222. Findley, James--Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  223. Fish, George--Canada--15th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  224. Flamsburg, Stephen--born Ottawa, CW--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  225. Flanigan, Michael--St. John, N.B.-- 22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  226. Flaviel, Robert--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  227. Fletcher, John--Chatham, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  228. Flynn, James--New Brunswick--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  229. Flynn, William--New Brunswick--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  230. Fogerty, Edward J.--born Halifax, NS--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  231. Foley, James--St. John, N.B.--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  232. Foley, Thomas--Quebec, Canada--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  233. Fontain, Simon--St. Justin, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  234. Forbes, Harry--Toronto, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  235. Ford, Cornelius--Halifax, N.S.--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  236. Ford, William--Hamilton, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  237. Forrest, Charles--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  238. Fortin, Joseph--born Cheneville, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  239. Foster, John--St. John, N.B.--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  240. Foster, Joseph--Canada West--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  241. Foster, William--Windsor, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  242. Fowler, James--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  243. Francis, John--Windsor, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  244. Freeman, George P.--Weymouth, N.S.--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  245. Freeman, James--Kingston, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  246. Freeman, James B.--born Pleasant River, NS--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  247. Fregeau, John--born St. Cesaire, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  248. French, George H.--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  249. Fry, Joseph--New Brunswick--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  250. Fulmer, Robert--Canada West--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  251. Fulton, Samuel--Pembroke, N.S.--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  252. Furgerson, Richard--Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  253. Garble, Theodore--Toronto, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  254. Garrison, Silas--Chatham, Canada West --54th Infantry [MSSM]
  255. Gaston, John--Halifax, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  256. Gates, James W.--New Brunswick--18th and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  257. Gendron, John--born Ste. Anne de Beaupre, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  258. Gengew, Lewis--Montreal, Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  259. Gentis, Asa--Canada--17th Infantry (also with 40th NY Inf.) [MSSM]
  260. George, Horace W.--Yarmouth, N.S.--6th and 15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  261. Gilbert, Delos--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  262. Gildea, Charles M.--born St. Catherines, CW--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  263. Gill, Henry L.--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  264. Gingrass, Sidney--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  265. Goarant, Doffels--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  266. Goddard, Charles--Canada--30th Infantry [MSSM]
  267. Goddard, Peter--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  268. Goette, Peter--born St. John's NF--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  269. Goff, Edward H.--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  270. Goodwin, Charles--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  271. Goodwin, John--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  272. Goosberry, John-St. Catherine, Canada --54th Infantry [MSSM]
  273. Gosler, Oliver--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  274. Goudey, Charles W.C.--Yarmouth, N.S.--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  275. Gould, Ernest L.--Canada--7th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  276. Grady, Thomas H.--Canada West--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  277. Graham, John--St. Johns, Canada East--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  278. Graham, Robert--Halifax, N.S.--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  279. Gravlin, James--Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  280. Gray, Benjamin R.--New Brunswick-- 22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  281. Gray, John--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  282. Green, Charles--Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  283. Green, John--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  284. Green, John--St. John, N.B.--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  285. Grenier, Godfrey--Santa Ross, Canada East --56th Infantry [MSSM]
  286. Grey, Joseph--New Canaan, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  287. Grey, Solomon--Woodstock, Canada--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  288. Griffin, Charles--St. John, Canada--16th Infantry [MSSM]
  289. Griffin, George H.--Canada--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  290. Grinnidge, Benjamin--Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  291. Griswold, Edward--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  292. Hackett, John--Stanstead, Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  293. Hager, William L.--Halifax, N.S.--25th Infantry [MSSM]
  294. Hall, Charles--Toronto, Canada West--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  295. Hall, John--Quebec, Canada--2nd Infantry (also in US Navy) [MSSM]
  296. Hall, Thomas--Nova Scotia-- 22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  297. Hall, Thomas--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  298. Hammond, Charles H.--Wakefield, N.B.--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  299. Hanson, John--Canada--13th Infantry (also with US Navy) [MSSM]
  300. Hardy, Edward--Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  301. Hardy, Elmer--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  302. Hardy, Marshall G.--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  303. Harkin, Alexander--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  304. Harley, Cornelius--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  305. Harmon, William--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  306. Harrington, James--Frederickton, N.B.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  307. Harris, James--St. John, N.B.--1st Heavy Artillery and 19th Infantry [MSSM]
  308. Harris, John--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  309. Harris, William--Frederickton, N.B. --58th Infantry [MSSM]
  310. Harris, William D.--Hamilton, Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  311. Harrison, James M.--Canada--19th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  312. Harty, John G.--Guysboro, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  313. Haskins, Edward C.--Kingston, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  314. Heald, Matthias--Canada--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  315. Healey, Maurice--Sydney, N.S.--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  316. Henderson, John--St. John, N.B.--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  317. Henderson, William--Woodstock, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  318. Henry, William--Fort Erie, Canada--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  319. Henry, William E.--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  320. Herbert, William W.--Yarmouth, N.S.--55th Infantry [MSSM]
  321. Heron, Andrew H.--Canada--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  322. Heustis, Nathan C.--Yarmouth, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  323. Hill, Charles--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  324. Hill, John--Nova Scotia--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  325. Hill, Thomas G.--Halifax, N.S.--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  326. Hills, John--St. John, N.B.--17th Infantry and 2nd He. Art (as Hillis) [MSSM]
  327. Hisock, George--St. John, N.B.--13th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  328. Hitchcock, Austin--Canada--2nd Cavalry (also with 14th ME as Austin Foster) [MSSM]
  329. Hodge, Abram--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  330. Hodson, Henry--Halifax, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  331. Hooks, John--Canada--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  332. Houle, Joseph--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  333. Howard, Robert--Montreal, Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  334. Howard, William--Windsor, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  335. Hubbard, Charles--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  336. Hubbard, William--Stanstead, Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  337. Hughes, Thomas--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  338. Hughs, John--Nova Scotia--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  339. Ingram, Alfred W.--Ascott, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  340. Jackson, Moses--Galt, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  341. Jackson, William--Toronto, Canada--55th Infantry [MSSM]
  342. Jaham, Francis H.--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  343. Jeff, Michael--St. John, N.B.--16th Infantry [MSSM]
  344. Jeffery, James--Halifax, N.S.--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  345. Johnson, George--Pictou, N.S.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  346. Johnson, James--St. John, N.B.--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  347. Johnson, James A.--Canada--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  348. Johnson, John--Quebec, Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  349. Johnson, John--Canada--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  350. Johnson, John B.--Montreal, Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  351. Johnson, Joseph--Canada--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  352. Johnson, William--Hamilton, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  353. Johnston, Gustavus--Halifax, N.S.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  354. Johnston, Joseph T.--Nova Scotia--1st and 11th Infantry [MSSM]
  355. Jones, Henry--Halifax, N.S.--11th Infantry (also with 8th US Inf.) [MSSM]
  356. Jones, Thomas--Pictous, N.S.--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  357. Jordain, John--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  358. Joslin, Philamon C.--born St. Charles, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  359. Joy, Henry--St. John, N.B.--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  360. Kain, Charles--Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  361. Keef, John--Waterloo, Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  362. Keefe, Edward--St. John, N.B.--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  363. Kehoe, Daniel--St. John, N.B.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  364. Keith, Timothy--Annapolis, N.S.-- 23rd Infantry [MSSM]
  365. Kelley, John F.--Three Rivers, Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  366. Kelly, John--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  367. Kemble, James--Montreal, Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  368. Kenedy, James--Montreal, Canada-- 22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  369. Kennedy (Leddy), David--St. John, N.B.--16th Infantry [MSSM]
  370. Kenney, John--Canada-- 21st Infantry [MSSM]
  371. Kent, George--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  372. Kent, Horation J.--Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  373. Keogh, William--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  374. Keough, Thomas J.--St. John, N.B.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  375. Kerrigan, Daniel--Lindsey, Canada West--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  376. Kilbourn, Alonzo A.--Canada East--7th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  377. King, George--Montreal, Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  378. King, George--St. John, N.B. --58th Infantry [MSSM]
  379. King, John--Toronto, Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  380. King, Otto--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  381. King, Victor--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  382. Knapp, David--Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  383. Knight, Charles--Montreal--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  384. Knodell, Alexander--St. John, N.B.-- 24th Infantry [MSSM]
  385. Knodell, Robert--St. John, N.B.-- 24th Infantry [MSSM]
  386. Kyle, William--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  387. Labarn, Edward--Canada East-- 21st Infantry [MSSM]
  388. La Baslieus, Joseph--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  389. Labombard, Peter--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  390. Lackey, John--Kingston, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  391. Ladaux, Isaac--born Platford, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  392. Lajeuness, Amidie--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  393. Lake, Stephen--Windsor, Canada West--1st Light Artillery [MSSM]
  394. Lambert, John--Montreal, Canada--4th Light Artillery (also with US Navy) [MSSM]
  395. Lamer, Joseph--Montreal, Canada--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  396. Lamey, William--Nova Scotia--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  397. Landon, Daniel--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  398. Langley, Andrew A.--St. John, N.B.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  399. Langley, James--Toronto, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  400. Lannan, James--Montreal, Canada--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  401. Lapierre, Alfred--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  402. Lappelle, Cassimere--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  403. Laragola, Peter--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  404. Larivire, Damas--Canada East--4th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  405. Larkin, George--Montreal, Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  406. Larouche, John--Montreal, Canada--19thand 20th Infantry (as Lauriche) [MSSM]
  407. Lashua, Francis--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  408. Lauvariere, Lampson--Quebec, Canada--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  409. Lavigne, John--St. Jerome, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  410. Lavonta, David--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  411. Lawrence, Walter--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  412. Leach, Edmund C.--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  413. Le Clere, Louis--Sherbrooke, Canada East--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  414. Lee, John--Ottawa, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  415. Lee, John--Kingston, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  416. Lee, William--Coburg, Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  417. Leon, Alexander--St. Thomas, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  418. Leppire, John--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  419. Levering, Silas--Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  420. Leverton, Richard--Bellville, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  421. Lock, Levi--Compton, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  422. Louis, Frank--Canada--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  423. Love, John--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  424. Lucas, James A.--St. John, N.B.--10th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  425. Lucier, John--Canada--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  426. Lucier, Joseph--Canada-- 21st Infantry [MSSM]
  427. Luck, Lewis--Canada--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  428. Lynaugh, John--Canada-- 21st Infantry [MSSM]
  429. Lynch, John--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  430. Lynch, John--Canada--13th and 39th Infantry [MSSM]
  431. Mack, John--Prince Edward Island--19th and 20th Infantry (as Mach) [MSSM]
  432. Magoun, William--Warwick, Canada East--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  433. Magreevy, Nealy--St. John, N.B.--30th Infantry [MSSM]
  434. Maguire, William--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  435. Mallet, Masial--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  436. March, William W.--Canada--17th Infantry [MSSM]
  437. Marsden, James F.--Montreal, Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  438. Marshall, Henry E.--Sherbrooke, Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  439. Martin, Arthur--Montreal, Canada--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  440. Martin, James--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  441. Martin, John--New Brunswick--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  442. Mason, Daniel--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  443. Mason, George--Cornwall, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  444. Mason, Joseph--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  445. Mason, Joseph--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  446. Mason, Napoleon--Montreal, Canada--29th Infantry [MSSM]
  447. Mason, William--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  448. Mathe, Louis--Canada East--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  449. Matthews, Charles--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  450. Matthews, Charles--Canada--19th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  451. Matthews, William--Halifax, N.S.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  452. Mattieu, Alphonso--Montreal, Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  453. Mattuhn, Adolphus--Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  454. Mayo, Frank--born Trois Rivieres, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  455. Mayo, John--Montreal--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  456. McAllen, Robert--St. John, N.B.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  457. McAndrews, William J.--St. John, N.B.--23rd Infantry [MSSM]
  458. McAskill, Daniel J.--Sidney, N.S.--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  459. McBride, William--Canada--22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  460. McCann, Patrick--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  461. McCarley, Peter--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  462. McCarthy, John--Nova Scotia--29th Infantry [MSSM]
  463. McCartney, James--Chatham, Canada--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  464. McCartney, Thomas--Chatham, Canada --56th Infantry [MSSM]
  465. McCormick, Hugh--St. John, N.B.--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  466. McCuish, Hugh--Halifax, N.S.--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  467. McDermott, Thomas--St. John, N.B.--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  468. McDonald, Charles--Cape Breton, N.S.--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  469. McDonald, Daniel--born PEI--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  470. McDonald, Daniel L.--Nova Scotia--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  471. McDonald, Donald--Nova Scotia--30th Infantry [MSSM]
  472. McDonald, John--Nova Scotia--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  473. McDonald, John--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  474. McDonald, John--Pictou, N.S.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  475. McDonald, John--St. John, N.B.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  476. McDonald, John--New Brunswick--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  477. McDougal, Neil--Prince Edward Island--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  478. McDougal, William J.--Douglas, N.S.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  479. McDuncan, John--Canada--19th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  480. McFayden, Donald--Prine Edward Island--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  481. McGill, Charles L.--Yarmouth, N.S.--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  482. McGilvary, Alexander--Nova Scotia--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  483. McGinnis, John--St. John, N.B.--30th Infantry [MSSM]
  484. McGrath, John--St. John, N.B.--14th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  485. McGuire, Thomas--Freetown, N.B.--7th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  486. McKay, James--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  487. McKenzie, Henry--Prince Edward Island--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  488. McKenzie, Michael--St. John, N.B.--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  489. McKnight, John--Hamilton, Canada--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  490. McLaughlin, Israel--St. John, N.B.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  491. McLaughlin, Joseph--Nova Scotia--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  492. McLean, John--Paris, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  493. McLeod, Thomas--Montreal, Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  494. McMahon, John J.--Georgina, Canada West--2nd Light Artillery [MSSM]
  495. McMann, Augustus--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  496. McMurray, James--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  497. McNabou, James--Shiptown, Canada East--6th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  498. McNamara, Cornelius--Nova Scotia--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  499. McNamara, John--Nova Scotia--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  500. McNeil, Angus--Ca[e Breton, N.S.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  501. McPhee, Donald--Prince Edward Island--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  502. McPherson, Samuel--Chatham, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  503. McSherry, John--born New Ireland, Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  504. McVay, Michael--Montreal, Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  505. Meatte, Jacob--born Canada West--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  506. Melville, Charles--Canada--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  507. Melvin, Albert--Liverpool, N.S.--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  508. Melvin, John--Kingston, Canada West--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  509. Mercier, Moses--Canada--10th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  510. Mernagh, Michael--Montreal, Canada--29th and 35th Infantry [MSSM]
  511. Meyett, Frank--Canada--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  512. Michael, George--St. John, N.B.--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  513. Mihay, William J.--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  514. Miller, Henry--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  515. Miller, Thomas--Quebec, Canada--30th Infantry [MSSM]
  516. Miller, William P.--Montreal, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  517. Mitchell, John--Kingston, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  518. Mitchell, John--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  519. Mitheuer, Edward--Canada East--31st Infantry [MSSM]
  520. Molleur, Moses R.--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  521. Monat, Antoine--Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  522. Monroe, Charles--Stanstead, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  523. Monroe, William H.--Brockville, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  524. Moore, Charles--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  525. Moore, Henry--Montreal, Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  526. Moore, John W.--Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  527. Moreton, David H.--Prince Edward Island--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  528. Morin, Joseph--Canada East--26th Infantry [MSSM]
  529. Morrill, Absalom--St, John, N.B.--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  530. Morrill, John--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  531. Morrow, William--St. John, N.B.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  532. Mortimer, Louis--Quebec, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  533. Mountain, Lewis--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  534. Mucheroe, Elijah--Whitehall, Canada-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  535. Muir, James--Quebec, Canada--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  536. Mulholland, James--St. John, N.B.--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  537. Mulligan, Michael--St. John, N.B.--19th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  538. Murphy, Henry--St. John, N.B.--10th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  539. Murphy, Jerry--Montreal--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  540. Murphy, Patrick--Quebec, Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  541. Murphy, James--Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  542. Murphy, John--Cornwall, Canada-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  543. Murphy, Michael--St. John, N.B.--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  544. Murray, Joseph--St. John,N.B.--16th Infantry (also with 2nd NH Inf. as Joseph Derwin) [MSSM]
  545. Myers, Randolph P.--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  546. Nangle, Thomas--Montreal--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  547. Neighland, Michael--Nova Scotia--17th Infantry and 2nd He. Art. [MSSM]
  548. Nelligan, John--Halifax, N.S.-- 24th Infantry [MSSM]
  549. Nelson, David--Barford, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  550. Nelson, James--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  551. Newman, Hiram E.--Montreal-- 21st Infantry [MSSM]
  552. Nichols, Benjamin R.--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  553. Niles, Albion S.--St. John, N.B.--11th Infantry (also in US Navy) [MSSM]
  554. Nolan, William--Montreal, Canada --20th Infantry [MSSM]
  555. O'Brien, John--Montreal, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  556. O'Brien, John--St. John, N.B.--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  557. O'Brien, Robert--Cornwallis, N.S.--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  558. O'Clair, Peter--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  559. O'Mara, Thomas--Canada West--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  560. O'Malley, Thomas--Broom, Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  561. O'Neal, John--St. John, N.B.--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  562. O'Neil, Samuel--Canada--24th and 34th Infantry [MSSM]
  563. Paneton, Francois--Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  564. Paris, Octave--Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  565. Parker, Charles--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  566. Paris, Frank--Quebec, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  567. Parnbern, Charles E.--Canada--17th Infantry [MSSM]
  568. Parsons, John G.--Canada--12th, 32nd and 39th Infantry [MSSM]
  569. Passage, Eugene--Lindsey, Canada West--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  570. Patnot, Joseph--Canada--29th and 35th Infantry [MSSM]
  571. Patterson, Robert--St. John, N.B.--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  572. Paul, Charles--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  573. Pellow, George E.--Winsor, N.S.--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  574. Perkins, William H.--Montreal, Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  575. Perland, John--Canada--25th Infantry [MSSM]
  576. Phillips, Caleb T.--Wakefield, N.B.--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  577. Piercy, Samuel G.--St. John, N.B.-- 24th Infantry [MSSM]
  578. Pike, James--New Brunswick--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  579. Pinckney, Alexander--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  580. Pitts, George W.--New Brunswick--15th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  581. Place, Alonzo H.--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  582. Plante, Wilfred--Canada--25th Infantry [MSSM]
  583. Poisson, Simeon--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  584. Poor, Thomas--Newfoundland--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  585. Poore, John--Kingston, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  586. Porter, James--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  587. Porter, John--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  588. Powers, James--Montreal, Canada-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  589. Price, David--Nova Scotia--25th Infantry [MSSM]
  590. Prifer, Robert--Halifax, N.S.--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  591. Prince, James--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  592. Purdy, Henry--Nova Scotia--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  593. Quinn, John--Clifton, Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  594. Quinn, William O.--Nova Scotia--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  595. Rabidaux, Francis--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  596. Randall, Brewer F.--Digby, N.S.--6th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  597. Reed, Andrew J.--Horton, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  598. Read, Henry--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  599. Reed, John--Toronto, Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  600. Reneaud, Elysee--St. Antonio, Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  601. Reno, Louis--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  602. Resdin, Samuel--Three Rivers--26th Infantry [MSSM]
  603. Rice, James W.--Canada--11th and 16th Infantry [MSSM]
  604. Richardson, John--Quebec, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  605. Richardson, Joseph--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  606. Richell, Louis--born Trois Rivieres, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  607. Ricole, Joseph--Canada-- 21st, 36th and 56th Infantry (as Ricote) [MSSM]
  608. Riggs, Thomas Peter--Georgetown, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  609. Right, John--Rawdon, Canada East--1st and 9th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  610. Riley, George--Kingston, Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  611. Riley, John--Hamilton, Canada West--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  612. Riley, Thomas--Yarmouth, N.S.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  613. Ring, Lawrence--Halifax, N.S.--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  614. Ripley, Willard--born Halifax, NS--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  615. Roach, Henry--Nova Scotia--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  616. Roberts, Leon--Montreal, Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  617. Robinson, Charles--St. John, N.B.--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  618. Robinson, John--Halifax, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  619. Robison, Silas--St. Catherine, Canada West--55th Infantry [MSSM]
  620. Rochambeau, Louis--Quebec, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  621. Rockwell, George R.E.--Nova Scotia--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  622. Roe, Joseph--Canada East--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  623. Rollins, Charles W.--Stanstead, Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  624. Romain, Alexander--Newfoundland--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  625. Roots, Nelson--Montreal, Canada-- 22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  626. Roper, Henry W.--Nova Scotia--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  627. Ross, William--Toronto, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  628. Rouse, Elias S.--Chatham, Canada--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  629. Routnair, Charles--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  630. Rowe, Merwin--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  631. Rowe, Richard--New Brunswick--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  632. Rowell, Edmund--Stanstead, Canada--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  633. Russell, Charles--Frederickton, N.B.--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  634. Russell, Thomas--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  635. Russell, William H.--Richmond, N.B.--17th Infantry and 2nd He. Art. [MSSM]
  636. Ryan, Charles--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  637. Ryan, John--Halifax, N.S.--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  638. Sabourin, Charles--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  639. St. Antoine, Gilbert--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  640. St. Onge, Charles--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  641. Sampson, John J.--Fredericton, N.B.--11th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  642. Sampson, Joseph N.--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  643. Sanders, Lewis--Halifax, N.S.--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  644. Sandy, Gilbert--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  645. Sansoucy, Edward--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  646. Sargent, Joseph--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  647. Saunders, John--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  648. Saxe, Robert G.--Stanbridge, Canada--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  649. Scheck, Francis--Stratford, Canada West--30th Infantry [MSSM]
  650. Schmidt, Charles L.--St. Andrews, Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  651. Seaman, John J.--Nova Scotia--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  652. Seymour, George--New Brunswick--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  653. Seymour, Perry--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  654. Shamboo, Edward--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  655. Shannon, John--St. John, N.B.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  656. Sharp, Silas--Canada West--14th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  657. Shelton, William W.--Southampton, N.B.--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  658. Shepard, Thomas--Toronto, Canada--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  659. Sherwood, Charles--Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  660. Short, John--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  661. Shurn, Dennis--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  662. Sicore, Joseph--Montreal, Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  663. Silvers, William--Toronto, Canada--54th and 55th Infantry [MSSM]
  664. Silvey, Samuel--Gardsborough, N.S.--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  665. Simpson, Charles--New Brunswick--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  666. Skye, William--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  667. Slade, Henry--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  668. Smidt, John--Quebec, Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  669. Smith, Alonzo--Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  670. Smith, Betsey--Chatham, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  671. Smith, Byron--Cape Vincent, Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  672. Smith, Charles--Branford, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  673. Smith, Eli--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  674. Smith, George--Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  675. Smith, Henry--Canada--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  676. Smith, Hiram--Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  677. Smith, James--Montreal, Canada--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  678. Smith, James--Kingston, Canada West --19th Infantry [MSSM]
  679. Smith, James--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  680. Smith, James E.--St. John, N.B.--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  681. Smith, James H.--Toronto, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  682. Smith, John--St. Mary's, Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  683. Smith, John--Canada--2nd and 33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  684. Smith, Peter--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  685. Smith, Thomas--Cayuga, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  686. Smith, Warren--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  687. Smith, William--Halifax, N.S.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  688. Smith, William--Liverpool, N.S.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  689. Smith, William--New Brunswick--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  690. Smith, William--Quebec, Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  691. Smithers, James--St. John, N.B.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  692. Snow, John--born Montreal, CE--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  693. Sparrow, Nathaniel--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  694. Spaulding, Joseph--Woodstock, N.B.--2nd Light Artillery [MSSM]
  695. Spaulding, Wilfred--Woodstock, N.B.--2nd Light Artillery [MSSM]
  696. Spicer, Alexander--Canada--15th and 20th Infantry [MSSM]
  697. Spicer, James--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  698. Spinney, James W.--New Brunswick--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  699. Squires, William--Huntington, Canada East--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  700. Stanley, Thomas--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  701. Steel, Henry H.--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  702. Stevens, James--Brandford, Canada West--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  703. Stewart, Charles--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  704. Stewart, Charles--Montreal, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  705. Stewart, John--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  706. Stone, Joseph--Canada--58th Infantry [MSSM]
  707. Stone, Joseph C.--Colebrook, Canada--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  708. Storey, William J.--St. John, N.B.--14th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  709. Stowe, Henry A.--Prince Edward Island--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  710. Strickland, William--Canada--12th, 32nd and 39th Infantry [MSSM]
  711. Stuart, Daniel--St. John, N.B.--3rd Heavy Artillery (also with 82nd OH Inf.) [MSSM]
  712. Sullivan, James--New Brunswick--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  713. Sullivan, James--Toronto, Canada --33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  714. Supree, Joseph--Canada East--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  715. Sweeney, William--New Brunswick--3rd Cavalry [MSSM]
  716. Syancyear, Joseph A.--born Canada East--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  717. Tallman, Thomas--Montreal, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  718. Taylor, Charles--Kingston, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  719. Taylor, Wallace--St. Marys, N.S.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  720. Thomas, James--Toronto, Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  721. Thomas, Jeremiah--London, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  722. Thompson, Charles--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  723. Thompson, Edward--Nova Scotia--12th, 32nd and 39th Infantry [MSSM]
  724. Thompson, James--Halifax, N.S.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  725. Thompson, John--Canada--13th Infantry [MSSM]
  726. Thompson, Richard--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  727. Thorn, Henry--Montreal, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  728. Tippett, William--St. John, N.B.--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  729. Tobin, George--Prince Edward's Island--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  730. Torrance, Moses--Melbourne, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  731. Trembly, Cyprian--St. John, N.B.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  732. Trudeau, George--Montreal, Canada--1st Cavalry (also with 22nd NY) [MSSM]
  733. Trudelle, Robert--Canada--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  734. Twohy, John R.--Canada East--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  735. Underhill, John--Quebec, Canada--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  736. Vance, Henry--Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  737. Vance, James--Canada East--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  738. Vichroy, John--Toronto, Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  739. Voloie, Jospeh--Canada--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  740. Vorce, Nelson F.--Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  741. Walker, John--Windsor, Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  742. Walton, Charles--St. John, N.B.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  743. Walton, Henry--New Brunswick--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  744. Walsh, John--Montreal, Canada--24th and 34th Infantry [MSSM]
  745. Watkins, John--St. John, N.B.--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  746. Watson, John--Prince Edward Island--56th Infantry [MSSM]
  747. Watson, John--Nova Scotia--3rd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  748. Watt, Calvin C.--St. Andrews, N.B.--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  749. Waugh, Robert W.--Canada West--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  750. Webber, Wallace--Canada--15th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  751. Weeks, John--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  752. Weir, John--Granby, Canada--26th Infantry [MSSM]
  753. Welsh, George--Montreal, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  754. Welsh, James--St. John, N.B.--11th Infantry (also in US Navy) [MSSM]
  755. Wetmore, Butler J.--Halifax, N.S.--7th Light Artillery and 6th Infantry [MSSM]
  756. West, Charles--Nova Scotia--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  757. White, Charles F.--Hamilton, Canada West--31st Infantry [MSSM]
  758. White, John--Brantford, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  759. White, Joseph--Montreal, Canada--15th Infantry [MSSM]
  760. White, Joseph--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  761. White, William--Montreal, Canada--33rd Infantry [MSSM]
  762. White, William J.--Toronto, Canada West--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  763. Whiting, George W.--St. John, N.B.--12th Infantry (also with Signal Corp) [MSSM]
  764. Willett, Alfred--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  765. Willey, George A.--Canada East--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  766. William, James--St. John, N.B.--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  767. Williams, Edward--Bradford, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  768. Williams, George--Montreal, Canada-- 22nd Infantry [MSSM]
  769. Williams, John--Brockville, Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  770. Williams, John--St. John, N.B.-- 22nd and 32nd Infantry [MSSM]
  771. Williams, John--Montreal, Canada--4th Cavalry [MSSM]
  772. Williams, John--Canada West--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  773. Williamson, William--Halifax, N.S.--5th Cavalry [MSSM]
  774. Willis, Franklin--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  775. Willson, John--St. Stephens, N.B.--9th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  776. Wilmot, Benjamin--Canada--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  777. Wilson, Frank--Toronto, Canada--11th Infantry [MSSM]
  778. Wilson, George--Brockville, Canada West--2nd Infantry [MSSM]
  779. Wilson, James--Stanstead, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  780. Wilson, James--Toronto, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  781. Wilson, John--Montreal--18th Infantry [MSSM]
  782. Wilson, John--Canada--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  783. Wilson, Peter B.--Toronto, Canada West--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  784. Wilson, William--Halifax, N.S.--19th Infantry [MSSM]
  785. Windel, John--Cape Breton, N.S.--24th Infantry [MSSM]
  786. Wing, Joseph--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  787. Winton, William--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  788. Witt, Ainsley--Nova Scotia--1st Cavalry [MSSM]
  789. Wolffraine, William--Canada--2nd Cavalry [MSSM]
  790. Wood, John--Canada--1st Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  791. Woodbury, Henry A.--Canada--2nd Heavy Artillery [MSSM]
  792. Woods, John--Acton, Canada East--12th Light Artillery [MSSM]
  793. Wray, James--Toronto, Canada--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  794. Wright, George--Canada--12th Infantry [MSSM]
  795. Wright, Peter--Montreal--1st Infantry [MSSM]
  796. Writer, Orion E.--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  797. York, Henry--St. John, N.B.--20th Infantry [MSSM]
  798. Young, Joseph--born Canada--57th Infantry [57MaInf]
  799. Younger, Thomas--Chatham, Canada West--54th Infantry [MSSM]
  800. Yuill, John--Londonderry, N.S.--30th Infantry [MSSM]