This still incomplete list was compiled mainly from two sources: the Michigan in the Civil War by Don Harvey and Pvt Church's Canadians in the Civil War site. The latter provided the information on the men who later moved to South Dakota and were members of the Grand Army of the Republic (SDGAR) there.

Armstrong, William C. Enlisted 9th Infantry G London, Cn.
Bassett, Joseph Enlisted 1st Cavalry D Windsor, Canada
Beauregard, Joseph Enlisted 1st Light Art. B Canada
Belton, Robert A. Enlisted 2nd Infantry B Canada
Bickford, Andrew Enlisted 1st Cavalry H Canada
Birchall, Thomas Enlisted 5th Infantry B Canada
Blankman, George Enlisted 4th Infantry K Quebec, Canada
Boucher, Charles W. Enlisted 1st Infantry K Canada West
Burdick, James H. Pvt./Capt. 1st Lt. Art. G Canada SDGAR
Cotter, William Enlisted 1st Infantry A Canada West
Crow, Patrick Enlisted 1st Infantry A St. John, NB
Doyle, E. W. Private 2nd Infantry G Canada SDGAR
Ellis, David Enlisted 7th Infantry A Canada West
Evans, James Enlisted 8th Infantry C London, (Ont.)
Freeman, Lawrence Private 10th Infantry G Canada SDGAR
Gibbeau/Gisbbso, John Enlisted 1st Cavalry G Canada
Gilfillin, Joseph Private 16th Infantry E Canada SDGAR
Goldsmith, Gustave G. Private 1st Infantry ? Hamilton, Canada West London Free Press/New York Times
Gordon, Alexander Enlisted 1st Cavalry H Canada
Grant, Alexander Enlisted 1st Cavalry H Canada
Handy, Francis unknown 8th Infantry ? Chatham, Canada
Hubbell, James Sergeant 6th Cavalry C Canada SDGAR
Huff, John A. 5th Cavalry E Hollands Landing, UC
Hughs, William Enlisted 27th Infantry D Canada
Hull, Henry Enlisted 1st Light Art. A Dorchester, Canada
Kennedy R. D. Com.-Sgt. 6th He. Art. ? K Canada SDGAR
Lacombie, Peter Enlisted 5th Infantry F Montreal
Lamport, Edward Enlisted 5th Infantry C Canada West
Martin, Richard Enlisted 4th Infantry I Montreal, CE
McIlhardy, Samuel Enlisted 1st Cavalry H London, Canada
McKnight, George Enlisted 4th Infantry I Watertown, CW
McNeil, John Private 2nd Cavalry C Canada SDGAR
McNeil, George Private 2nd Cavalry F Canada SDGAR
Meyers, Friend W. Enlisted 2nd Cavalry I Canada
Miller, John Enlisted 4th Infantry K Montreal
Mooney, John Enlisted 4th Infantry I Canada West
Moran, James E. Enlisted 1st Infantry D Canada West
Nestor, John Enlisted 1st Cavalry H Canada
Newal, James Saddler 4th Cavalry M Ontario, Canada SDGAR
Nunnemaker, R. Corporal ? H Canada SDGAR
Ordish, Benjamin Enlisted 1st Light Art. H Canada
Pateneaud, Jeremiah Enlisted 5th Infantry F Canada
Rankin, Arthur M. 1st Lt. 1st Cavalry D Essex, Canada
Schram, C. Private 30th Infantry K Canada SDGAR
Schultze, Charles Enlisted 4th Infantry I Sandwich, CW
Sharp, Theodore Enlisted 5th Infantry F Canada
Tims, William Enlisted 6th Infantry I Canada
Wahlin, William Enlisted 2nd Cavalry K Middlesex, Canada
White, J. R. Private 25th Infantry B Canada SDGAR
Whitfield, N. C. Private 16th Infantry B Canada SDGAR
Wiltze, George B. Private 16th Infantry I Canada SDGAR
Witherspoon, J. J. Private 1st Infantry ? Dundas, Canada West True Banner and Wentworth Chronicle/New York Times