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Canadian-born Men Who Served with Minnesota Regiments Between 1861 and 1866

I will soon be expanding the list of Canadians who served in Minnesota regiments; many thanks to Geoff Rasmussen for passing along the information that will make this possible. The majority of the information contained in this site was derived from the Minnesota Adjutant General's Report, 1866 [MAGR]. Those names that have [SDGAR] as a source were members of a Grand Army of the Republic post in South Dakota. A few additional names have been secured from the website: Civil War and Spanish-American War Veterans in Meeker Co., MN (Rootsweb)--[MCWV].

  1. Abernathy, Robert--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  2. Ablar, Triffle--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  3. Ackerman, David I/J.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  4. Adams, Joseph--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  5. Allen, Andrew H.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  6. Allen, David H.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  7. Anderson, Malcom--Nova Scotia--First Haevy Artillery [MAGR]
  8. Andrews, Edwin--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  9. Andrus, Freeman--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  10. Ange, Fulgence--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  11. Anger, Peter--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  12. Aorell, Tordis--Canada--Second Light Artillery [MAGR]
  13. Applegarth, Henry W.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  14. Applegate, Reuben G.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  15. Applegate, William H.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  16. Archambeau, Zephrine--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  17. Archibald, Robert--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  18. Armstrong, William--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  19. Astrope, Henry--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  20. Atkinson, J. B.--Kingston Cove, Canada--First and Sixth Infantry, Second Cavalry [MCWV]
  21. Augas, David--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  22. Auge, James--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  23. Auger, Peter--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  24. Augi, Joseph K.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  25. Bagely, Murray--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  26. Bailey, Edward G.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  27. Bailey, John H.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  28. Bailey, Merrill A.--Canada--Sixth Infanty [MAGR]
  29. Bailey, Otis B.--Canada--Fourth and Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  30. Bailey, Robert M.--Canada--Eeleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  31. Baldwin, Alexander--Canada--Second Light Artillery [MAGR]
  32. Baldwin, George W/H.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  33. Baldwin, Jacob E.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  34. Baldwin, Joseph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  35. Barbeau, Peter--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  36. Barbour, Harris S.--New Brunswick--Cavalry [MAGR]
  37. Barker, Henry--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  38. Barlow, Stanley B.--Canada--Cavalry [MAGR]
  39. Barnum, George L.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  40. Barnum, Wheeler--Canada W.--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  41. Barra, Toussaint--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  42. Barrett, Hamilton E.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  43. Barrie, Onesime--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  44. Barry, Andrew--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  45. Bartlett, Benjamin S.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  46. Bartlett, Miron W.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  47. Bashford, Wilfred--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  48. Bastian, Joseph--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  49. Bauman, Franklin--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  50. Bayless, Charles M.--Canada--First Light Artillery [MAGR]
  51. Beal, Oliver F.--Canada E.--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  52. Beaudette, Joseph--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  53. Beaupre, James--Red River--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  54. Bebeau, Oliver--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  55. Bebo, Edward--Canada--Cavalry [MAGR]
  56. Bedal, Elias--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  57. Bedal, Isaac--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  58. Bedal, Sylvester--Canada W.--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  59. Beithome, Roch--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  60. Beledo, Peter--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  61. Belland, Edward--Canada E.--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  62. Benjamin, Etne--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  63. Benjamin, Perez--Nova Scotia--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  64. Bennett, J. G.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  65. Bennett, John--Canada E.--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  66. Benson, David--New Brunswick--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  67. Bernier, Peter--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  68. Bertham, Francis--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  69. Bertheaume, Rock--Canada--Cavalry [MAGR]
  70. Bertrand, Desere--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  71. Bertrand, Eli--Canada E.--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  72. Besondy, Charles--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  73. Beyergeant, Eli--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  74. Bingham, Horatio S.--Canada--First Infantry and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  75. Bird, Charles--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  76. Birdsall, Seth--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  77. Birdsel, John A.--Canada--Tenth Infantry (tr. from 46 ILL Inf.)[MAGR]
  78. Birdsell, James--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  79. Birdsell, William H.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  80. Bissett, George--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  81. Blackman, Zenas--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  82. Blake, Christopher--Canada--Second Independent Battery, Light Artillery [MAGR]
  83. Blake, George--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  84. Blake, John--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  85. Blakely, John M.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  86. Bohanon, Horace W.--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  87. Bolduc, Belanie--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  88. Bonin, Joseph--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  89. Bonjour, John--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  90. Bonojur, John--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  91. Boomhover, David--Canada East--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  92. Borbeau, Antoine--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  93. Borthwick, Aleck J.--Prince Edward Island--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  94. Borthwick, Robert C.--Prince edward Island--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  95. Bostean, Felix--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  96. Botteneau, Charles--British America--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  97. Botteneau, Peter--British America--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  98. Botsett, John--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  99. Boudin, John B.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  100. Bouldice, Joseph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  101. Bourdon, John--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  102. Boutsette, Edwin--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  103. Boutsette, Louis--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  104. Boutsiett, Louis--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  105. Bowman, Jacob--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  106. Bowman, William H.--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  107. Boyd, George--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  108. Boyd, George jr.--New Brunswick--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  109. Boyd, Jehial W.--Canada--First and Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  110. Boynton, David--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  111. Bozeman, John B.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  112. Bradley, Henry--Canada--Forth Infantry [MAGR]
  113. Bradley, William--Canada--Forth Infantry [MAGR]
  114. Brasson, Mitchell--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  115. Brennan, Thomas L.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  116. Breset, Christian--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  117. Brockway, Isaac D.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  118. Brooks, Israel--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  119. Brooks, John--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  120. Brouillette, Michael--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  121. Brown, Alvah--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  122. Brown, B. F. H.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  123. Brown, Edward--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  124. Brown, Henry H.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  125. Brown, Horace--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  126. Brunell, Edward--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  127. Brungelson, Andrew P.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  128. Bryant, Chandler A.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  129. Buck, Hiram A.--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  130. Buck, Philip A.--Canada--First Infantry and Battalion [MAGR]
  131. Bulle, Isadore--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  132. Bullis, David--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  133. Bullis, Timothy R.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  134. Bullock, Franklin H.--Canada East--Sixth Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  135. Burk, Owen--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  136. Burnell, Joseph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  137. Burns, Luke--New Brunswick--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  138. Bursan, William--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  139. Bush, Sylvester--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  140. Bush, William H.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  141. Bushard, John B.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion and Second Infantry [MAGR]
  142. Byrnes, Pat H.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  143. Callitte, Samuel--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  144. Calouhoun, Archibald--Nova Scotia--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  145. Calvert, Robert A.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  146. Calvert, Samuel D.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  147. Cameron, Daniel--Nova Scotia--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  148. Camirand, Edward--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  149. Campbell, Charles--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  150. Campbell, Daniel--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  151. Campbell, George K.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  152. Campbell, Henry--New Brunswick--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  153. Canfield, Levi A.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  154. Cappistrant, L.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  155. Carel, Patrick--Canada W.--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  156. Cariveau(x), Felix--Canada--Second and Ninth Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  157. Cariveau, Francis A.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  158. Carle, John B.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  159. Carle, Louis--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  160. Carmezie, William--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  161. Caron, Octave--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  162. Carpenter, David--Canada E.--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  163. Carroll, Martin--Newfoundland-- Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  164. Carter, George A.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  165. Carter, Lyman--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  166. Carture, Felix--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  167. Case, Maxim--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  168. Casey, Michael--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  169. Caspistrant, Stanislaus--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  170. Caswell, Asahel V.--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  171. Caswell, William R.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  172. Chadwick, Joseph--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  173. Chadwick, Robert--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  174. Chambers, Robert--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  175. Champaux, David--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  176. Chandler. Joseph L.--Canada--First Heacy Artillery [MAGR]
  177. Chandler, Stephen N.--Canada E.--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  178. Chapman, Edwin O.--New Brunswick--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  179. Charron, Henry--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  180. Chase, Stephen W.--Nova Scotia--Eleventh Army [MAGR]
  181. Cheeney, John--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  182. Chosee/Chosey, Antoine--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  183. Chute, Levi --Nova Scotia--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  184. Chute, Zacharia--Nova Scotia--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  185. Clancy, Daniel--P.E.I.--First Infantry and Battalion [MAGR]
  186. Clark, Charles F.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  187. Clark, Levi--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  188. Clark, Samuel--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  189. Clark, Thomas--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  190. Clary, Edward--New Brunswick--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  191. Claude, Glande--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  192. Cleary, James--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  193. Cleaves, John--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  194. Clendening, Joseph--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  195. Clinch, Edward S.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  196. Cloutier, Bernard--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  197. Clow, Francis A.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  198. Clow, John E.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  199. Clow, Malcolm--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  200. Clow, Sherwin--Nova Scotia--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  201. Cochran, William--New Brunswick--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  202. Cochrane, James E.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  203. Colburn, Peter--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  204. Colby, George W.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  205. Colby, Rufus A.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  206. Colter, George--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  207. Colter, Joseph--New Brunswick--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  208. Colton, William--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  209. Columbus, Peter F.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  210. Comayer, Felix--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  211. Comayer, Joseph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  212. Comstock, Edgar B.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  213. Conklin, Lanson--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  214. Connelly, Alonzo P.--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  215. Cook, Alexander H.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  216. Cook, Rudolph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  217. Copley, Michael--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  218. Corcoran, James--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  219. Cormickel, David--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  220. Corrison, James--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  221. Cota, Joseph--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  222. Coulhart, William--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  223. Coulthard, David W.--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  224. Cox, Hugh A.--New Brunswick--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  225. Craig, Francis H.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  226. Craig, Henry--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  227. Craig, John E.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  228. Cramer, Douglas.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  229. Crammond, James--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  230. Crapeau, Francis H.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  231. Crapo, Joseph--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  232. Crappeau, Remi--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  233. Crevier, Petee--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  234. Crocker, George--Nova Scotia--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  235. Cronkite, James--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  236. Crosby, Atwood--Nova Scotia--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  237. Crosby, James--Nova Scotia--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  238. Crosby, Lemuel--Nova Scotia--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  239. Cruickshanks, Andrew--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  240. Cruickshanks, Ronald--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  241. Cundy, William E.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  242. Curry, John--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  243. Curtis, Charles C.--Canada E.--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  244. Curtis, George H.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  245. Curtis, Manly M.--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  246. Cutler, Chancellor--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  247. Dakin, Charles J.--Nova Scotia--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  248. Dalton, Michael--New Brunswick--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  249. Davis, Robert H.--New Brunswick--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  250. Davison, Charles E.--Nova Scotia--First Battalion [MAGR]
  251. Davison, James C.--Nova Scotia--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  252. Davy, Peter--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  253. Day, Elisha--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  254. Dayton, Aaron H. H.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  255. Dayton, Asa H.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  256. De Noyeau, Xavier--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  257. De Rosie, Basille--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  258. Dean, William J.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  259. Degarlais, Joel--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  260. Degray, James--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  261. Delaney, Andrew--Canada W.--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  262. Delaney, Jeremiah--Canada W. --Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  263. Delonis, Francis--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  264. Demars, Charles--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  265. Demars, Pierre--Canada E.--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  266. Demers, Joseph--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  267. Demers, Stephen--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  268. Denney, William J.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  269. Denny, Baruch--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  270. Denny, David--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  271. Densmore, John D.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  272. Deregon, Cesar--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  273. Derocher, John--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  274. Desjardins, Joseph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  275. Desmon, Jeremiah--New Brunswick--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  276. Desputo, Peter--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  277. Dezlar, Lewis--Canada W.--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  278. Dickerson, William C.--New Brunswick--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  279. Dickson, Charles--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  280. Dien, Godfield--Canada--Seond Infantry [MAGR]
  281. Dingman, Henry--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  282. Disjaredin, Charles--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  283. Dissette, George T.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  284. Dixon, George A.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  285. Doble, Lorenze--Nova Scotia--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  286. Dolbec, Benjamin--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  287. Donaldson, Hugh S.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  288. Doner, Abram--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  289. Donnelly, Jeremiah--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  290. Donnelly, John--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  291. Dores, Jesse--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  292. Douglas, Carlos--Canada E.--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  293. Douly, Charles M.--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  294. Dowling, Edward--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  295. Downing, James--Nova Scotia--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  296. Draper, John--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  297. Drever, John--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  298. Drinkwine, Albert--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  299. Drought, Henry--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  300. Drysdale, James--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  301. Dubay, Clement--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  302. Dubay, Peter--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  303. Dubuoue, Nelson--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  304. Duffee, Joseph A.E.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  305. Duffrane, Oliver--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  306. Duford, Napoleon--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  307. Dugan, Thomas--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  308. Dugnan, Caesar--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  309. Dumas, Jerome--Canada E.--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  310. Dumpprope, David H.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  311. Duncanson, Joseph A.--Nova Scotia--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  312. Duncanson, Leander J.--Nova Scotia--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  313. Duncanson, Stephen--Nova Scotia--Nova Scotia Brackett's Battalion and Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  314. Dunn, George--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  315. Dunn, Gotfried--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  316. Dunn, James--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  317. Dupay, William H.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  318. Dupray, Joseph--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  319. Duprey, Charles--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  320. Durant, William--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  321. Dyke, John--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  322. Eagles, George W.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  323. Eagles, Robert C.--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  324. Easter, James--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  325. Eastman, John W.--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  326. Eby, Phiram--Canada--First Heavy artillery [MAGR]
  327. Eddy, Daniel--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  328. Ellemond, Zavier--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  329. Elletson, Albert--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  330. Elletson, Daniel--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  331. Ellis, John C.--Nova Scotia--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  332. Ellis, John W.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  333. Ells, Samuel--Nova Scotia--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  334. Ellsworth, John E.--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  335. Ellsworth, Thomas E.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  336. Elock, Simon--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  337. Emburg, Carmi--Canada E.--Eleveth Infantry [MAGR]
  338. Emburg, Samuel B.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  339. Emerson, James--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  340. Emmerson, David W.--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  341. Eroux, Joseph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  342. Everts, Edward--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  343. Ewing, William--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  344. Fadden, Abram--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  345. Fadden, Charles--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  346. Fadden, Eugene--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  347. Fadden, George--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  348. Fadden, James--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  349. Fahey, James--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  350. Faille, Leon--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  351. Fall, James--New Brunswick--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  352. Falls, Charles--Nova Scotia--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  353. Falls, James--P.E.I.--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  354. Farewell, Ouartus B.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  355. Farmer, James--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  356. Farnham, Albert--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  357. Farnham, James E.--Canada--Mounted Rangers and First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  358. Farnham, William M.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  359. Farrell, Anthony--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  360. Farrell, John--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  361. Farrell, Michael--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  362. Farrington, Marble F.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  363. Farwell, George G.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  364. Fay, Alvah--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  365. Fay, Milton C.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  366. Fay, Moses--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  367. Fay, Randall--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  368. Fay, William M.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  369. Fayette, Joseph--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  370. Fenton, Benjamin--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  371. Fessendon, L. N.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  372. Feterby, James S.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  373. Finklepaugh, Albert--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  374. Finnegan, John--New Brunswick--Bracksett's Battalion [MAGR]
  375. Flannigan, Thomas--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  376. Fleury, Joseph--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  377. Fomant, John--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  378. Fontain, Louis--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  379. Forbes, William Henry--Canada--?
  380. Forsyth, George--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  381. Forsythe, William--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  382. Foss, Edwin C.--Canada--Bracksett's Battalion [MAGR]
  383. Foss, James W.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  384. Frank, John A.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  385. Franklin, Benjamin--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  386. Franklin, James--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  387. Franklin, John H.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  388. Frazer, Henry--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  389. French, Columbia--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  390. French, George N.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  391. French, James H.--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  392. French, John E.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  393. French, William O.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  394. Frye, Daniel--Nova Scotia--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  395. Fuller, Myron L.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  396. Fulsom, Simeon P.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  397. Gagnon, Benjamin--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  398. Gagstetter, Martin--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  399. Gaheim, Samuel--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  400. Gallagher, William--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  401. Gallenger, Henry--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  402. Galloway, Archibald--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  403. Galloway, Stevens--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  404. Gannia, Joseph--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  405. Garand, Joseph--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  406. Garmache, Peter--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  407. Garriatsee, Thomas H.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  408. Garrett, Wilson C.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  409. Gayon, Marcel--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  410. Gerard, Frederick--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  411. Germain, George--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  412. Gibson, Frances--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  413. Gilbert, Charles H.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  414. Gilbert, Robert--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  415. Gilbraith, Joseph--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  416. Gillespie, James--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  417. Gillett, Jerome--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  418. Gillick, Lawrence--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  419. Girard, Pierre--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  420. Gleason, Samuel--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  421. Glenn, Alexander--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  422. Gognon, Joseph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  423. Gondreau, Seffrin--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  424. Goodbreau, Ambrose--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  425. Goodhue, Charles--Eaton, Canada East--Second Infantry [MAGR] [obit: PEI Examiner]
  426. Goodhue, Daniel--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  427. Gormoch, Lewis--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  428. Gould, John W.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  429. Goyette, Joseph--Canada--Fourth and Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  430. Granger, Charles H.--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  431. Grant, Daniel--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  432. Green, Charles--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  433. Green, John G.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  434. Green, Nathan--New Brunswick--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  435. Grindell, John J.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  436. Grout, Arnold W.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  437. Grout, Lewis P.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  438. Grout, Orrin V.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  439. Grover, Stephen--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  440. Haley, Thomas--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  441. Hall, Bradford H.--Canada E.--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  442. Hall, Hollis--Canada E.--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  443. Hall, Loren P.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  444. Hall, Philo--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  445. Hall, William W.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  446. Halladay, Ira--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  447. Hallett, Solomon--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  448. Hamilton, Henry--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  449. Hamilton, Lorenzo G.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  450. Hamilton, William--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  451. Hanccock, Lewis W.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  452. Haney, Amos C.--New Brunswick--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  453. Hanney, Thomas--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  454. Harper, Arthur A.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  455. Harrington, John--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  456. Harris, Edson--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  457. Harris, Emerson--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  458. Harris, James--Nova Scotia--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  459. Harris, John A.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  460. Harris, Thomas A.--Canada W.--First Battalion [MAGR]
  461. Harris, Wilson--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  462. Harrison, Albert--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  463. Hart, John--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  464. Hart, Peter--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  465. Haskett, James L.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  466. Hasson, James--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  467. Haule, Mitchell--Canada E.--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  468. Havier, Paul--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  469. Hawley, Jesse B.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  470. Haycock, Abner M.--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  471. Hayer, Miles J.--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  472. Hayes, Samuel--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  473. Hayford, Alvin--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  474. Hayford, Edward--New Brunswick--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  475. Hays, Willaim--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  476. Heard, Samuel A.--Newport, Canada--19th Regular Minn. Vol. Militia [MCWV]
  477. Hemmingway, J.C.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  478. Hendricks, Patrick--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  479. Herald, James N.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  480. Herd, James--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  481. Herriman, William A.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  482. Hershey, Joseph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  483. Hetherington, Charles--Canada--First Heavy Artillery and Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  484. Hetherington, Fr. B.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  485. Hetherington, George J.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  486. Hewitt, Anthony--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  487. Hill, Elvin G.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  488. Hill, Henry S.--New Brunswick--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  489. Hill, Jonas R.--??????--First Infantry [MAGR]
  490. Hockstrasser, John D.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  491. Holehouse, George--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  492. Honeywell, Perry A.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  493. Hoople, David--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  494. Hoople, J.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  495. Hopkins, George E.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  496. Horton, Samuel H.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  497. Horton, Thomas E.D.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  498. Howard, John--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  499. Howison, Andrew D.--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  500. Huart, Michael--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  501. Hubbard, Culver--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  502. Hudson, Charles--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  503. Hudson Joshua--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  504. Huff, Gabriel B.--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  505. Hughes, John--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  506. Hukey, Daniel T.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  507. Hull, Aaron P.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  508. Hull, Cornelius--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  509. Hunt, Thomas Benjamin--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  510. Hunter, James--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  511. Hunter, William--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  512. Hutchinson, Frank T.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  513. Hutchinson, John--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  514. Hutchinson, Robert R.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  515. Hyatt, Alexander H.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion and First Infantry [MAGR]
  516. Hyatt, George C.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  517. Hyatt, Norman B.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  518. Ingraham, James--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  519. Irwin, Frederick--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  520. January, Louis--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  521. Jarvais, Charles--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  522. Jarvais, Frederick--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  523. Jarvais, Stephen--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  524. Jarvis, Francis--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  525. Jay, John J.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  526. Jennois, John--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  527. Jerome, Peter--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  528. Jewett, Charles H.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  529. Johns, Lewis--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  530. Johnson, Beers--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  531. Johnson, Charles--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  532. Johnson, Charles--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  533. Johnson, Edward--Norfolk, Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  534. Johnson, Francis--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  535. Johnson, George--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  536. Johnson, Isaac--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  537. Johnson, James--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  538. Johnson, Madder--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  539. Johnson, Thomas H.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  540. Joinvill, Baptiste--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  541. Jones, James H.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  542. Jourdain, Eustach--Red River--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  543. Kajume, John--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  544. Kearney, George W.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  545. Keefe, John--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  546. Keefe, Patrick--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  547. Keen, George H.--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  548. Kelly, Dennis--New Brunswick--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  549. Kemp, Lawrence--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  550. Kemp, Michael--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  551. Kennedy, John--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  552. Kermott, Edward P.--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  553. Kerr, James H.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  554. Kerrott, John F.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  555. Kertson, William--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  556. Kilmer, Francis--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  557. King, John--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  558. King, William--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  559. Kinghorn, George--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  560. Kinney, Newcomb--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  561. Knapp, Francis W.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  562. Knight, Austin--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  563. Knight, George W.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  564. Knights, John--Eaton, Canada--First and Third Infantry [MCWV]
  565. La Barge, Andrew jr.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  566. La Clare, Elzero--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  567. La Duke, Antoine--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  568. La Font, David--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  569. La Rue, Creniss--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  570. Label, Sele sr.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  571. Labelle, Ceril--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  572. Labonne, Amos--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  573. LaBorce, Aaron--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  574. Labree, Francis--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  575. Lafayette, Louis A.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  576. Lafeber, Adolph--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  577. Lafevre, Theophile--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  578. Lambert, Frank--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  579. Lambert, Peter--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  580. Lambert, Thomas--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  581. Lambert, Wesley--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  582. Lamires, Theodore--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  583. Lamson, Alexander--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  584. Lane, Leonidas M.--New Brunswick--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  585. Lang, James--Canada--Sharpshooters [MAGR]
  586. Lang, James B.--LaPrairie, Canada--First Infanty, Forest City Home Guards, Mounted Rifles [MCWV]
  587. Langelee, Peter--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  588. Langley, Frank M.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  589. Langlois, Carmille--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  590. Lapier, William--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  591. Lapierre, William--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  592. Laplant, David--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  593. Laplount, J. B.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  594. Lappier, John--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  595. Lappo, Joseph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  596. LaRue, Joseph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  597. LaRue, Louis--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  598. Lathrop, Josiah--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  599. Latourelle, Benjamin--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  600. Latowell, Alex--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  601. Latowell, John W.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  602. Lattemore, Francis J.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  603. Lavalle, Peter--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  604. Lavelly, Emanuel--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  605. Lawrence, Asa C.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  606. Lawson, Alexander--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  607. Lebray, Thomas--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  608. Ledoux, Michael--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  609. Lee, Benson--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  610. Lee, Gardner W.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  611. Lee, Peter M.--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  612. Lefebve, Adeline--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  613. Lefebvre, Fabian--Canda--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  614. Leferier, Louis--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  615. Lefevre, Peter--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  616. Leford, Onesime--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  617. Legender, Joseph A.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  618. Legg, Gordon--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  619. Lemay, Ferdinand--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  620. Lemay, Flagan--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  621. Lemay, Joseph--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  622. Lemay, Louis--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  623. Lemay, Louis P.--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  624. Lemay, Matthias--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  625. Lemay, Napoleon--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  626. Lemay, Peter--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  627. Lemerce, Justice--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  628. Lereaux, Peter--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  629. Levicount, Spencer E.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  630. Levier, Manville--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  631. Libby, Asa--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  632. Lighthall, John--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  633. Lilly, John R--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  634. Little, Cyrus P.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  635. Livingston, Duncan--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  636. Livingston, Hugh--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  637. Loomis, Daniel A.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  638. Lord, David--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  639. Lossinger, Joseph--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  640. Loudiosh, John B.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  641. Louton, George--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  642. Lovely, Clements--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  643. Lowell, John--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  644. Lowthian, Nicholas I.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  645. Lucier, Medard--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  646. Lynch, Peter--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  647. Lyons, Edward M.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  648. Lyons, Hancour--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  649. Lyons, John--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  650. Mabee, Benjamin F.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  651. Madison, Joseph--Nova Scotia--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  652. Magee, George--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  653. Magill, John--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  654. Magill, John L.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  655. Maginnis, Ambrose C.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  656. Maillaux, Alfred--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  657. Malloy, Alfred--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  658. Malloy, John--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  659. Mandigo, Daniel L.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  660. Mandigo, Sylvester M.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  661. Manning, Michael D.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  662. Manning, Nelson H.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  663. Manuel, Ferdinand--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  664. Mara, Walter A.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  665. Marcott, Joseph--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  666. Marlett, John--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  667. Marlo, Louis--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  668. Marloux, Narcisse--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  669. Marrien, Louis L.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  670. Marshall, Luke--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  671. Martell, Nelson--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  672. Martell, Nelson--Canada--Sharpshooters [MAGR]
  673. Martendall, Leander--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  674. Martin, Edward--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  675. Martin, Terrence--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  676. Martineau, Gregorine--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  677. Mathews, William--New Brunswick--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  678. Mattin, John--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  679. Mattin, Thomas--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  680. Mavy, Thomas--New Brunswick--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  681. Maybee, Charles D.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  682. Mayze, John--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  683. McAchrim, August--Nova Scotia--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  684. McAllister, Henry A.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  685. McAlpin, John M.--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  686. McArthur, Daniel--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  687. McCall, John--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  688. McCall, Neal--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  689. McCarthy, Thomas--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  690. McCarty, Patrick--Ontario, Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  691. McCool, William--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  692. McCormick, Daniel W.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  693. McCormick, John--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  694. McCrary, Henry D.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  695. McCrimonon, John --Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  696. McDaniels, Robert C.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  697. McDermitt, Thomas--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  698. McDole, Daniel M.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  699. McDonald, Allen--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  700. McDonald, Andrew--Nova Scotia--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  701. McDonald, Charles [sr.]--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  702. McDonald, Charles jr.--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  703. McDonald, Cornelius F.--Nova Scotia--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  704. McDonald, Daniel--Nova Scotia--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  705. McDonald, James C.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  706. McDonald, John--Canada E.--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  707. McDonald, John--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  708. McDonald, John A.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  709. McDonnell, Allen--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  710. McDonnell, Allen--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  711. McDonnell, James--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  712. McDonnell, Michael--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  713. McDougal, Douglas A.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  714. McDougall, Duncan--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  715. McDougall, James--Nova Scotia--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  716. McDowell, James--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  717. McEachen, Anselm--P. E. I.--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  718. McEwan, Daniel--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  719. McEwan, John--??????--First Infantry [MAGR]
  720. McGee, Amos--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  721. McGee, George R.--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  722. McGill, Archibald--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  723. McKenzie, Benj.--Nova Scotia--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  724. McKenzie, William--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  725. McKeon, James--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  726. McKuen, John--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  727. McLean, David--?????--First Infantry [MAGR]
  728. McLean, James C.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  729. McLean, John S.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  730. McLean, William--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  731. McLeary, James A.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  732. McLennan, Roderick--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  733. McLeod, Alexander--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  734. McLeod, August--P. E. I.--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  735. McLeod, James T--P. E. I.--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  736. McLeod, W. W.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  737. McLeod, William--Nova Scotia--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  738. McMahon, Michael--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  739. McManns, Edwin--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  740. McMartin, Peter--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  741. McMillan, Alexander--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  742. McMillan, Duncan--Nova Scotia--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  743. McMillen, Albert C.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  744. McMillen, John H.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  745. McMullen, Amom--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  746. McNally, John--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  747. McNutt, Gilbert--Nova Scotia--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  748. McNutt, Robert--Nova Scotia--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  749. McPherson, William--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  750. McRea, Kenneth--Nova Scotia--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  751. McWilliams, John--New Brunswick--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  752. Merical, John G.--Canada W.--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  753. Meservey, Alfred--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  754. Meyett, Joseph C.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  755. Miller, James K.--New Brunswick--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  756. Miller, Onesime--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  757. Miller, Philip--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  758. Miller, Robert A.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  759. Milligan, William A.--New Brunswick--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  760. Mills, Charles P.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  761. Mills, Hanson--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  762. Mills, Joseph--Nova Scotia--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  763. Milton, Thomas--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  764. Milton, William H.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  765. Miner, Joseph--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  766. Mirron, Joseph--Red River--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  767. Mitchell, Amos B.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  768. Mitchell, John--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  769. Mitchell, Joseph A.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  770. Molloy, Lawrence W.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  771. Monette, Oliver--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  772. Montour, Severe--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  773. Montoure, Joseph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  774. Moore, Andrew--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  775. Moran, Cornelius--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  776. Moran, John E.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  777. Morgan, William A.--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  778. Moriset, Nelson--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  779. Morrell, Alexander--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  780. Morrell, John N.--New Brunswick--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  781. Morrell, William--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  782. Morrill, Edwin R--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  783. Morris, Theodore--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  784. Morrison, John C.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  785. Morto, Alexander--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  786. Mott, Samuel--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  787. Mountain, Benj.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  788. Mountain, James H.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  789. Mullens, John B.--Nova Scotia--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  790. Mullins, Eusebius--Nova Scotia--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  791. Murphy, James A.--?????--First Infantry [MAGR]
  792. Murphy, James F.--Nova Scotia--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  793. Murray, George--Nova Scotia--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  794. Murray, James--Nova Scotia--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  795. Murray, Robert--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  796. Murray, Samuel--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  797. Nary, Edward--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  798. Neal, Orin--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  799. Neill, Levi--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  800. Neill, Wesley--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  801. Nell, Hiram--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  802. Nessell, Edward--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  803. Nickerson, D. R.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  804. Nix, William--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  805. Nolan, James--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  806. Nolan, Robert--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  807. Norton, Edmund--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  808. Nott, Edgar--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  809. O'Brien, Edward A.--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  810. Oburn, Joseph--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  811. Odett, Theofelt--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  812. Odillon, Benoit--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  813. Ogilvie, Wellesley--Nova Scotia--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  814. Olds, John--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  815. Oliver, Aaron P.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  816. Oliver, John B.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  817. Oliver, Robert B.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  818. O'Neil, James--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  819. O'Neill, John--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  820. Onesmine, Geneve--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  821. O'Rourke, Henry--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  822. Osborn, John--Canada E.--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  823. Ostram, Hiram M.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  824. Ouenett, Prudent--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  825. Ovane, John R.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  826. Page, Daniel--Nova Scotia--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  827. Palmeter, Nathan--Nova Scotia--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  828. Paouin, Joseph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  829. Parents, Louis--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  830. Parker, Charles H.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  831. Parker, John H.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  832. Parks, George--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  833. Parks, George L.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  834. Paro, John B--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  835. Parrant, Joseph--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  836. Parrent, Felix--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  837. Partlow, Ephraim--Canada E.--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  838. Pasco, Edward--Rustico, PEI--Second Infantry [MAGR] [obit: PEI Examiner]
  839. Patneaud, Michael--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  840. Patoilo, F.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  841. Patterson, James--?????--First Infantry [MAGR]
  842. Patterson, John--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  843. Patterson, Richard--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  844. Pattison, Murdock--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  845. Patton, James--Nova Scotia--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  846. Paul, Bruno--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  847. Paul, Charles--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  848. Paul, Xavier--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  849. Peat, Eneas S.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  850. Peaver, James--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  851. Peaver, Samuel--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  852. Peck, Elisha J.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  853. Peck, Nathaniel--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  854. Pelky, Mitchell--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  855. Pelta, Anthony--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  856. Peltier, Moses--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  857. Percival, Robert --P. E. I.--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  858. Perkins, Daniel A.--Canada--First Infantry and Battalion [MAGR]
  859. Perrin, John B.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  860. Perrisien, Theophilus--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  861. Perry, Robert J.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  862. Peterson, Victor--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  863. Pettis, William H.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  864. Phare, James--Nova Scotia--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  865. Phare, Thomas--Nova Scotia--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  866. Phelps, Albert T.--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  867. Phelps, Alvin--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  868. Phelps, George--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  869. Phelps, Orrin A.--Canada E.--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR] [MCWV]
  870. Philips, Christie--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  871. Phillips, Charles H.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  872. Pichette, Christmas--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  873. Pickle, Alonzo H.--Canada--First Infantry and Battalion [MAGR] [MOH] (1)
  874. Pickle, John E.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  875. Piers, Charles--Nova Scotia--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  876. Pigeeon, Louis--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  877. Pillar, Charles--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  878. Pious, William C.--Nova Scotia--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  879. Pitheon, Franz--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  880. Plaisaner, Phillip--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  881. Plant, Calixa--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  882. Ploof, John W.--Canada--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  883. Plowman, George--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  884. Plowman, Henry--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  885. Pomroy, Joseph--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  886. Pope, John S.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  887. Porter, John J.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  888. Potwine, Rezo--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  889. Poulioette, Romain--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  890. Powers, John--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  891. Powers, Lemuel--Canada E.--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  892. Pratt, Elias W.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  893. Pratt, James--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  894. Preston, Calvin--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  895. Preston, Elias M.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  896. Preston, Florence--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  897. Preston, Hilbert W.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  898. Preston, Levi F.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  899. Preston, Samuel--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  900. Preston, Smith--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  901. Preston, William--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  902. Preston, William K.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  903. Preston, William M.--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  904. Pride, John W.--New Brunswick--First Battalion [MAGR]
  905. Prudhomme, Gaspard--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  906. Pryor, John--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  907. Pulic (Pulk?), William E.--Nova Scotia--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  908. Racicot, William--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  909. Railston, Robert B.--Quebec--Forest City Home Guards [MCWV]
  910. Rambeau, Ralph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  911. Ramoile, Edward--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  912. Raymond, Peter--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  913. Reade, Henry D.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  914. Reed, Andrew W.--Canada E.--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  915. Reed, Joseph W.--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  916. Reeves, Richard S.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  917. Reeves, Thomas H.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  918. Reiley, Thomas--New Brunswick--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  919. Renowles, Elwood--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  920. Renter, Azel C.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  921. Revord, John B.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  922. Rexford, Almus--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  923. Rexford, Edwin M.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  924. Richards, Joseph--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  925. Richards, Leon--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  926. Richardson, Henry--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  927. Richardson, James--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  928. Richardson, John--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  929. Richardson, Richmond--??????--First Infantry [MAGR]
  930. Richette, Oliver--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  931. Richmond, Cicero T.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  932. Richmond, Robert--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  933. Richmond, Seneca--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  934. Riley, Lawrence--New Brunswick--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  935. Robash, John--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  936. Robbeault, Peter--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  937. Robbins, Eleazer--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  938. Robegea, John--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  939. Roberge, Nelson--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  940. Roberton, Joseph--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  941. Roberts, John--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  942. Robinson, Heber--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  943. Robinson, John--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  944. Robinson, Magloire--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  945. Rockford, John--Canada East--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  946. Rodgers, David--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  947. Rodier, Pierre--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  948. Rollins, James--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR][SDGAR]
  949. Rollo, Thomas--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  950. Ronan, Mathew--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  951. Ronan, Patrick--Canada W.--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  952. Root, James--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  953. Rose, Archibald--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  954. Rose, Charles A.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  955. Rose, Jacob A.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  956. Ross, Daniel J.--Nova Scotia--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  957. Rowen, Thomas--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  958. Rowley, James D.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  959. Rufredge, Andrew--Canada W.--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  960. Rush, Jacob--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  961. Ruxford, Almos--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  962. Ryan, Jesse F.--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  963. Ryan, John--Canada E.--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  964. Rychman, Tobias N.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  965. Sadler, George--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  966. Sampson, Zepherin--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  967. Sancier, Joseph--Canada E.--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  968. Sanders, Benjamin F.--????--First Infantry and Battalion [MAGR]
  969. Sanders, Joseph H.--Nova Scotia--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  970. Sansoucy, Louis--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  971. Sargent, William G.--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  972. Sass, Albert--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  973. Sauce, Alexander--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  974. Schaffer, Henry--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  975. Schorrod, Charles--New Brunswick--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  976. Schweiger, David--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  977. Schweiger, James--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  978. Schweitzer, Michael--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  979. Scott, Joseph--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  980. Scott, Leonard--Canada West--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  981. Seeley, William E.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  982. Seelye, Henry E.--New Brunswick--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  983. Sempare, Joseph--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  984. Senecal, Julien--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  985. Shane, Alexander--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  986. Shannon, James--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  987. Sharp, James--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  988. Shavour, David--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  989. Shaw, Alexander--??????--First Infantry [MAGR]
  990. Shaw, Thomas--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  991. Shaw, Timothy--Canada E.--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  992. Shearier, William--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  993. Sherwood, Charles--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  994. Shoret, Augustin--Red River--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  995. Shotwell, James--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  996. Sinclair, Calon--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  997. Siscely, Jacob--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  998. Skeffington, Peter--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  999. Small, George M.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1000. Smith, Ambrose C.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1001. Smith, Andrew--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1002. Smith, Burton--Nova Scotia--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1003. Smith, George jr.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1004. Smith, James L.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  1005. Smith, John--New Brunswick--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  1006. Smith, John--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1007. Smith, John C.--Nova Scotia--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1008. Smith, John R.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1009. Smith, Joseph E.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1010. Smith, Lorenze--Nova Scotia--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  1011. Smith, Sidney I.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  1012. Smith, William--New Brunswick--First Battalion [MAGR]
  1013. Smith, William--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1014. Smith, William A.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1015. Smith, William Y.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1016. Snitsinger [Snitzer], Jabez--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  1017. Snure, Simeon--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1018. Soper, Philander W.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1019. Sparks, Joseph--New Brunswick--First Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  1020. Springsead, Henry G.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1021. St. Arnand, George--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1022. St. Arnand, Wilfred--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1023. St. Aubin, Fuffey--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  1024. St. Aubin, Tefley--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1025. St. Cyr, Joseph D.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1026. St. Germain, Napoleon--Canada--Hatch's and Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1027. St. Jean, Andrie--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1028. St. Martin, Emanuel--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1029. Stanley, George--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1030. Stanton, John--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1031. Stark, Adam--Canada W.--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1032. Stearns, Orange W.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1033. Sterritt, Simon P.--New Brunswick--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1034. Stevens, George W.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1035. Stewart, George E.--P. E. I.--First Infantry [MAGR]
  1036. Stewart, Joseph--P. E. I.--Seventh or Eighth Infantry [MAGR] [obit: PEI Examiner]
  1037. Stone, Azro--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1038. Stone, Simon--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1039. Stone, William B.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1040. Streeter, William--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1041. Stringer, William--P. E. I.--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1042. Strong, John H.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1043. Sturgeon, Robert jr.--Canada--Brackett's Battalion [MAGR]
  1044. Styles, James E.--New Brunswick--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1045. Swenour, Louis--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1046. Tabor, Charles W.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1047. Tabor, James--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1048. Talbot, Edward R. R.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1049. Tallion, Joseph L.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1050. Taylor, Benj. T.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1051. Taylor, George W.--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1052. Taylor, John--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1053. Taylor, Mathew F.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  1054. Teeter, Moses J.--Canada--First Infantry [MAGR]
  1055. Tennison, Reuben----Nova Scotia--First Battalion [MAGR]
  1056. Tennison, William--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1057. Therien, Joseph--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1058. Thomas, Jesse P.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1059. Thomas, Louis--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1060. Thompson, David--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  1061. Thompson, George G.--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  1062. Thompson, Wesley--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1063. Thornton, James M.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1064. Tibault, Francis--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1065. Tirroux, John B.--Canada--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  1066. Todd, Samuel--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1067. Tourville, Joseph--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1068. Trett, George--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1069. Tromley, Philip--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1070. Trotecheaud, Jean B.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1071. Trudel, Francis--Canada E.--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1072. Tucker, Gilbert R.--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1073. Tuey, Jabez--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1074. Turner, George--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1075. Turpin, Francis--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1076. Turpin, Joseph--Red River--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1077. Tyson, George W.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1078. Vadner, Joseph jr.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1079. Vadner, Peter--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  1080. Vail, James C.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1081. van Bunker, Oliver--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1082. Vanossa, Joseph--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1083. Varco, George W.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1084. Vaughan, Horatio--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1085. Victor, Paul.--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1086. Vinson, Levi--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1087. Voligny, Horace--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1088. Wade, David O.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1089. Waggener, Oscar--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  1090. Wagner, John H.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1091. Wait, John--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1092. Wait, Simeon--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1093. Waldron, Henry--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1094. Wallace, Andrew J.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1095. Wallace, Edwin P.--Canada E.--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1096. Walsh, Edward--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1097. Walsh, George H.--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1098. Walsh, Joseph--New Brunswick--First Infantry and Battalion [MAGR]
  1099. Walsh, Thomas--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1100. Walsh, William--New Brunswick--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1101. Walters, Solomon--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1102. Walton, William--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1103. Ward, Chester C.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1104. Ward, James E.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1105. Ward, Norman--New Brunswick--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1106. Warrant, John--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1107. Warvant, Benj.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1108. Watson, Charles H.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1109. Way, Daniel E.--Canada East--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1110. Weach, James--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1111. Weagent, William H.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1112. Weaver, Elijah--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  1113. Weaver, George D.--New Brunswick--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1114. Weaver, James E.--New Brunswick--First Infantry and Battalion [MAGR]
  1115. Weaver, Josiah--New Brunswick--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1116. Weaver, Simeon [Simon]--New Brunswick--First Sharpshooters and First Battalion [MAGR]
  1117. Welch, Arad--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1118. Welch, Martin--New Brunswick--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  1119. Welch, Samuel D.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1120. Wells, George--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1121. Wells, Rufus P.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1122. Welsh, Henry P.--New Brunswick--First Infantry [MAGR]
  1123. Wenthworth, George--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1124. West, Jed--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1125. West, John F.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1126. Westover, Alexander--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1127. Wheeler, John A.--Canada E.--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1128. Wheeler, Julius F.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1129. Wheeler, Peter G.--Canada--Second Infantry and First Battalion [MAGR]
  1130. Wheeler, William C.--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1131. Wheelock, Abraham W.--Nova Scotia--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1132. Whitcomb, Jonas--Canada--Mounted Rangers and Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1133. Whitcomb, Milo S.--Canada--First and Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1134. White, George W.--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1135. White, James B.--Nova Scotia--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  1136. White, Joseph--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1137. White, Joseph--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1138. White, Lemuel--Nova Scotia--Mounted Rangers and Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1139. Whitney, Douglas--New Brunswick--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1140. Wickerman, William T.--Canada--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1141. Wickwire, Michael S.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1142. Wickwire, Philander--Canada--First Battalion [MAGR]
  1143. Wiggins, David W.--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1144. Wilcox, Adial--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1145. Wilcox, Jamer (?) jr.--Canada--Mounted Rangers [MAGR]
  1146. Wiley, Thomas--Canada--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1147. Williams, George N.--Canada--Eighth Infantry [MAGR]
  1148. Williams, Parshall--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1149. Williamson, James--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1150. Willie, Charles C.--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1151. Wilsie, Hiram J.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1152. Wilson, George--Canada--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1153. Wilson, William--New Brunswick--Second Infantry [MAGR]
  1154. Wiltse, Abram--Canada--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1155. Wing, Ormiston C.--Canada--Fourth Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  1156. Winslow, William E.--Canada--Fifth Infantry and First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1157. Winter, Austin W.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1158. Winter, Lewis--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1159. Winter, Walter L.--New Brunswick--Fourth Infantry [MAGR]
  1160. Wood, Alexander--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR] [SDGAR]
  1161. Wood, Claudius D.--Canada E.--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1162. Wood, Frank--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1163. Wood, Stephen--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1164. Woodcock, James A.--New Brunswick--Ninth Infantry [MAGR]
  1165. Woodworth, Jason L.--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]
  1166. Woolery, Reuben--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1167. Worden, William J.--Canada--Seventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1168. Yelle, Nazarine--Canada--Sixth Infantry [MAGR]
  1169. York, Joseph--Canada E.--Second Cavalry [MAGR]
  1170. Young, Ambrose--Canada E.--Second Independent Light Artillery [MAGR]
  1171. Young, Edward N.--Canada--First Heavy Artillery [MAGR]
  1172. Young, Henry--Canada--Eleventh Infantry [MAGR]
  1173. Young, James--Canada--Fifth Infantry [MAGR]
  1174. Young, Otis S.--Canada--Third Infantry [MAGR]
  1175. Young, Solomon--Canada E.--Tenth Infantry [MAGR]
  1176. Young, Timothy--Canada--Hatch's Independent Battalion [MAGR]

1. Alonzo Pickle was a Private with the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment, Company K. He mustered in with the unit August 14, 1862 at the age of 19. Because he was a later recruit, his term of service did not end in April 1864, and was among 70 who were in this position. Along with 58 men who re-enlisted and 89 new recruits, Pickle became a member of the 1st Battalion Minnesota Infantry. (See John Quinn Imholte's The First Volunteers: History of the First Minnesota Volunteer Regiment 1861-1865) As a member of the 1st Battalion, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He received the Medal of Honor for his conduct during the engagement at Deep Bottom, Va. on August 14, 1864. 1