For my first college spring break, I along with eleven other of my fellow meteorology students signed up for a course in Caribbean Meteorology.  Our trip took us to exciting and beautiful Barbados, a wonderful island nation rich in culture and island heritage. What's more, the weather was fantastic. Click on this photo if you wish to view the enlarged version of the Lyndon State College Meteorology Barbados group photo n JPG format.  I am located in the background with the yellow golf shirt on. Professor of Meteorology, Dr. Bruce F. Berryman, is standing at the far left of this photo. Dr. Berryman organized our trips and enjoyed a great time with us as we made our way around the island. Below are some of the links I think best show you some of the great things about the island as I experienced them. I hope to add more information there about the weather, which is really without exaggeration, PARADISE. JUST BRING THE SUNSCREEN! 


Caribbean Meteorological Institute-  A wonderful institution whose goal when established in 1967 was to train budding weather enthusiasts to become degreed, well educated meteorologists who could work and study in countries apart of the CMO. Check out their web site here.

 Angler's Apartments- Hello to Roger and Chandra if they ever see this page!  Thanks to their efforts and the other wonderful people at the Anglers, we enjoyed a memorable Caribbean vacation complete with island hospitality and wonderful cuisine. Check out their web site and learn more about the Anglers, the place to stay for a quiet, restful Barbados vacation.

OH MY! You may ask what a snowman is doing on a page about a tropical paradise!  Find out about my winter experience up at Lyndon State College by clicking on this guy! 

Updated July 27, 1997