Friends and their Web Links

Be it the great people I have met up at Lyndon State College or the very dedicated weather hobbyists that I have met online and at different functions around the area, all of the people below are great people to know!  

 Check out their sites and see what they are up to when it comes to watching the weather.

Dave Bruce, hailing from Billerica, MA, is in his third year at Lyndon State studying meteorology. Check out his weather discussion for New England and the region at Dave's New England Weather Homepage

A frequent participant and operator of the #Weather discussion group is Matthew Douglas, who is known to most as NEMAS . Learn more about Matt's voluntary efforts in weather to the community through his organization Northeast Media for Atmospheric Sciences, or N.E.M.A.S. Matt also keeps detailed weather records at his location in Milton, MA.

Another frequent participant and operator of the #Weather discussion group is Tom Martin, known as Paperlate to most. Paperlate's affinity for music is clear and if you are a fan of the music group Genesis or Yes, he is the one to turn to to share your musical enthusiasm. Check outMad Man Moon's Genesis Page

Mike Dente, a good friend of mine and a student at Lyndon State College, offers a nice selection of web pages to try out on the Michael Dente Weather Page

Chris Vaccaro, a good friend of mine at Lyndon State College and Vice President of our college AMS chapter, offers his selection of great weather links on Vaccaro's website.

Jeremy Davis, traveler extrordinaire and another friend of mine, can tell you all about Chelmsford, MA and his weather experiences.

Steve Chapron, another good friend of mine at Lyndon State, offers his views on Connecticut weather with the Farmington, CT Non-Forecast Weather Page (Steve is just a funny kind of guy..what can I say? I think you will enjoy his humor too). Check it out here!

Jeremy Gilchrist's West Islip, NY weather page offers not only live Java weather chat, but also some nifty photos of storms that Jeremy has observed. Check out his site for some great information, links, and information on his native Long Island weather.

Known as "Wiz" to folks on IRC, this resident of Perth Australia puts together a most informative profile on the weather happenings of Perth, Australia.

Updated September 27, 1998

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