Yes, I am sure you know the trite phrase that I am referring to. And yes, for the sake of completion, we are still unable to do much about it! :-) Well, we continue our interesting talk about the weather in a more 21st century realm....and what other realm could that be but ON THE 'NET of course!

WHDH TV Meteorologist Todd Gross has created a forum for all those interested in chatting about the weather...and YOU can participate in the fun TOO!  It's as easy as getting this program.....

and then going to our #WEATHER talk channel!!! If you are looking at this page and surfing the Internet, then you can join in on our fun weather talk!

If you want to learn more about mIRC and the #Weather group, check out the following pages of these #Weather operators. They are in charge of managing the weather room and making sure that everything runs as smooth as a balmy breeze during our conferences.

Tara's Unofficial #Weather Homepage

The Official #Weather Homepage

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